Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Trials Of Henry Bolton

 Rock legend Meatloaf once poignantly sang:
 I would do anything for love, but I won't do that!
UKIP leader Henry Bolton dumped his long time wife and the mother of his kids by text, just before Christmas, in order to jump ship for Jo Marney, a fellow UKIPer and glamour model half his age, he would do that, no problem. 
 However, when it was revealed via a leaked Facebook conversation that Jo ''wouldn't with a Negro'' it was too much for Bolton, she had to go, that's simply not the Cuckservative way.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Napoleon (1927); A Nietzschean Film

On my recent appearance on Millennial Woes' Christmas extravaganza I mentioned that I'd be happy to help out any new bloggers by posting their material here. I didn't expect much of a response and I didn't get one, however, one blogger called ''The Shandy'' contacted me asking if I might be interested in his exploration of the themes in a classic of French cinema........

Crack!– the starting pistol fires. Gance caused much consternation among his cast by firing a live revolver past Albert Dieudonn√©’s ear to begin each shoot. That intensity is a microcosm of the Faustian dynamism that characterises Gance’s epic. To take the shoot literally, in ironic fatalism, in triumphant mania– such was Gance’s attitude in the middle stages of the twenties.

In 1919 Gance released J’accuse…! a scathing and fatalistic critique of the first world war– a brother war, an absurdist war, a war of European capitulation– and so it is interesting that, almost a decade later, he would create its thematic counterpoise– perhaps even its resolution: a celebration of the heroism of militarism shorn of the fetishism of war. Militarism and warmongering are distinct, and it was the tradition of enlightened militarism, which Napoleon inherited from Frederick the Great, that Gance was celebrating; the sublimity of war before industrial death.

After the artistic success of J’accuse…! and other works in the early 1920s, Gance won the freedom to create a biography of the greatest European: Napoleon. Originally Gance had intended to create a six part biography spanning a Wagnerian forty hours of film. The film itself is an extraordinary vision, smothered in the crib in some ways. Due to production problems, the Wall Street Crash, and a somewhat tepid response to his film from the mass ranks of bourgeoisie, only part one of Napoleon (1927) was released. The film still runs for about six hours with intermissions, which grants it the status of epic despite its incompleteness.

Gance’s influence in European cinema was monumental, inspiring not only much of French New Wave cinema but the greats of NAZI and Soviet cinema, and classic Hollywood directors like Kubrick. Gance believed that the camera should be liberated, so that the audience were no longer mere spectators– producing extraordinary scenes where he runs around with the camera, straps it to a horse and lets it gallop off, swings it from high wires, dives into the sea with it to see “what one wave looks like to another” and so on. This visceral artistic attitude, particularly in relation to the subject of Napoleon is similar to that of Thomas Carlyle. The harshness and biblical severity of Carlyle’s prose– broken, with extensive uses of the dash– create a living text. When we read Carlyle’s French Revolution we feel as though we are a part of it. Gance’s cinematic representation of the French Revolution was Carlyle’s text transliterated into film. When Napoleon is escaping Corsica– alone, on a dingy, using the tricolour as a sail– and the scene cuts between the seas and the purge of the Girondins, we are no longer mere spectators– the two eccentric artists above grab us by the collar and hurl us into the tumult of the revolutionary vortex.

Gance’s quasi-demonic energy, frenetic cutting, and intense close shots were first explored in his 1924 film, La Roue, which prefigured much of the techniques later adopted by Eisenstein in Battleship Potemkin (1925). The scenes of the French revolution in Napoleon so influenced Eisenstein’s October (1928), that in the year following the its release he– along with Pudovkin, Aleksandrov, and the rest of them– travelled to Paris to personally thank Gance for teaching them everything they knew.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Death Of Peter Sutherland

My first full YouTube video. Theberton and I have created a whole new YouTube channel with the imaginative title of ''Morgoth's Review''. I will of course continue blogging here but there will also be an official YouTube channel bolted onto the blog.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Oh My Lorde!

The most commonly discussed topic within Nationalist circles is not, as is commonly believed, the ''JQ'' but rather the ''WQ''. The women's question is the rather daunting realization  (#NotAll) white women can have their maternal instincts triggered as soon as they see a greasy brown kid in a dirty tracksuit. We can show them the stats, we can explain the lies, explain the demographic apocalypse, point out the direct connection to terrorism and mass rapes, and yet and artfully shot photo of little Abdul sitting on a pile of rubble with tears streaming down his face makes everything you've explained null and void. 
 And before you can say ''sweetheart he's not 9 he's got a beard and grey hair!'' the borders have been thrown open and you've got ''diversity bollards'' and S.A.S Sniper units on rooftops overseeing the new years eve fireworks display.

 It's a problem because white women are the only group we oppress who we can't deport, however, it's nice to know we're not the only ones who have to deal with the WQ, enter pop singer Lorde....

Friday, 29 December 2017

My Appearance On Millenniyule

For anyone who missed it here's the video of my appearance on this year's Millenniyule.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to wish all my readers a happy new year, a thank you to all the people who've donated and a happy new year to all the people in the comments who cause me no end of headaches.

Thank you for all your support, happy new year.

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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Trading Places

I recently spent a pleasant couple of hours watching an old (1983) Christmas themed film called ''Trading Places'' starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy and directed by John Landis (yep, he's Jewish). What I found interesting about Trading Places is that it's essentially two films rolled into one, or rather, there's two different levels, perspectives, from which to view the movie. The first is as the film was intended to be seen, a very witty and, by today's standards, politically incorrect film with likable characters and a tight plot. The second way of viewing Trading Places is as a Jewish canon ball being fired upon White Anglo Saxon Protestant America and their cultural mores, traditions and centres of power.

 So the plot revolves around a pair of geriatric stock exchange giants ''The Duke Brothers'', Randolph and Mortimer, who have a disagreement over the Nature vs Nurture argument. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Skeptic Gatekeeper Falls

I've had a few people contact me to ask if I'll be blogging about the current collapse of the YouTube Skeptic community, to be honest I hadn't intended to as it seems like that's all the political internet is talking about, and has been talking about for weeks. A comprehensive background on the drama can be found on Millennial Woes channel in his recent discussion with Jean Francois Gariepy here 

 However, I have blogged relatively frequently about the YouTube Skeptic community and it'd be amiss of me not to comment now. Before I began the blog I wasn't even aware of this ''community'' on YouTube with very large audiences. I became aware of them by people posting links to their videos in the comments here. When I began to watch their ''content'' I began to realize the draw of this material, it pandered to European discontent but left Europeans ''safe'' by not offering a fundamental change or challenge to how the West was, the way it was, or how we arrived here, there were no solutions, only more pain for our people, however, they did get to feel somewhat morally superior to racists and Muslims and feminists.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Going It Alone

I've decided to stop hosting SS Britannia here at Morgoth's Review and feel a brief post is in order to clarify why. At present SS Britannia amounts to 40% of the content posted at this blog and I find that a bit too much, especially when all SS Britannia podcasts can be found at Radio Aryan. Having almost half the content of the blog come from elsewhere puts me in the rather odd situation of attaching myself to views and opinions with which I might not actually agree or endorse. One possible result of this is that the blog violates a code or law which results in the entire blog being shut down, for something which I didn't write and didn't agree with.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Lexicon Of Globalism

I was recently looking something up on Google and noticed that when you type certain words into its search engine you're sometimes provided with additional information on that word, its root, whether it is a verb or a noun and so on. But what caught my eye is that for some words Google as added a little graph which details how frequently that word has been used over the last 200 years. I'm going to assume that these statistics are being pulled from Google's vast library of books, sites and articles. 

 What I find fascinating about this tool is that it's essentially a reflection of what is occupying people's minds over time, just to pick a neutral example here's the frequency of the word ''Horse''.

We can see that over time fewer people were using the word ''horse'' because the role of the horse in society was being gradually diminished by the advent of the car. There's a slight uptick in our present era, probably due to horse riding as a hobby.

 However, it seems to me that if there's a dramatic increase in the usage of a word it's a sign that there's a revolution, or great invention, or a wider agenda being forced through. So with that in mind let us punch in some more topical phrases and words starting with ''Globalism''.