Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Scourge of "Entitled"

Over the last couple of years the word "entitled", a close cousin of "white privilege", has increasingly been used by politicians and the media on both sides of the Atlantic to demean and belittle the reasonable aspirations and expectations of our young people. Or, more specifically, to belittle and demean the reasonable aspirations of young white people.

A few decades ago, before globalisation  and mass third world immigration had fully made their mark, it was considered a matter of obvious common sense that if children worked hard at school and in employment, and did everything that society required of them, they were entitled to expect a standard of living equal to or greater than that of their parents. This has been the aspiration of every human society since time immemorial, but no longer.

We were told that globalisation and mass immigration would deliver unprecedented levels of opportunity and prosperity. That may be true for the fabled 1%, but for the majority of us, particularly the young, the reality is very different. Opportunities for the young are shrinking, just as the pool of people seeking to exploit them is expanding exponentially. The free education their parents had is gone. The secure jobs and retirement benefits their parents had are gone. The affordable housing their parents had is gone. The nation is drowning under debts that they did not run up, but will be expected to repay.   The economic prospects of young school leavers and graduates who have done all that we have asked of them, and all that previous generations have done, are grimmer than they have ever been. Their prospects of being able to afford to buy a home, found a family, save for retirement and try obtain some degree of  enjoyment out of life are bleak. Their birthright has been sold from under them.

How do our leaders and opinion formers respond to this generational calamity? They castigate and slander the young as entitled, selfish, spoiled brats for daring to expect any quality of life beyond indentured servitude. The "entitled" narrative is a classic example of the left's manipulation of language to make wickedness sound virtuous and vice versa. It is another small part of the globalists' relentless campaign to remove national and ethnic distinctions in order to create an interchangeable brown slurry of humanity.

Do you think your child is entitled to expect a higher standard of living than the child of a Chinese peasant or Sri Lankan sweat shop worker? Stop being entitled. Do you think that your child is entitled to expect a better standard of living than a Mexican maid or Guatamalan fruit picker? Stop being entitled. The "entitled" narrative has, at a stroke, reduced first world children to the level of third world children in terms of their expectations and life chances.

Of course, the "entitled" narrative is primarily directed at white people. Achieving equality requires the handicapping of white children.  Black and brown children have their self esteem pumped up to bursting point and are encouraged to reach for the stars, even when this is patently beyond their abilities. Unrealistically raising the aspirations of coloured children beyond their intellectual capacity is another cruelty, but that is a subject for another time.

Why have we, as a society, decided that our own children are worth no more than the children of the third world? Why have we decided that our children have no more right to inherit the wealth of the great civilisation their forefathers have built than people whose forebears spent the last thousand years snoozing under shady trees to escape the midday sun in far off lands and who have no connection with our civilsation whatsoever?

We have not decided that at all, but that is the narrative that is now being fed to us as if it was a done deal. Do not accept it. Do not accept the scourge of "entitled".

Gentleman Jim Crow

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