Friday, 9 January 2015

BBC Question Time and the Paris Terror

The legendarily unbiased and non Politically Correct BBC Question Time, the BBC's ''Flagship'' focused, for about ten minutes, on the Paris Terror attacks. Finally the great issues of the day could be uncompromisingly addressed head on and we could get to the bottom of the concerns and worries of the Nation.

 The first question was asked by a light skinned African or some sort of half caste, it was the big one, thankfully.
 Can we ensure a Paris style terror attack never happens here?

 No! was the answer of the Conservative David Davis, according to Davis even countries with far less freedom, such as Russia, suffer from Muslim terrorists. The claim that Russia  is less free than Britain is highly dubious, in Russia kids aren't put on a data base for saying ''Darkie'' and people aren't arrested for calling police horses ''Gay''. But yes it is true, if you are part of a radical feminist movement funded by a Zionist Billionaire and you piss on a church altar you may well get your head battered. After Davis had finished the camera, with surprising speed as if it knew where to go, focused on a chubby Paki who looked hurt and vulnerable '' I'm a British Muslim and I just wish the Muslim community would condemn these attack, it's not who we are'' he whimpered to rapturous applause.

 Next up was journalist Julia Hartley Brewer who wanted to wear a Mohammed T shirt but didn't because she was scared of being beheaded. This is the general line coming from conservative types, the way to beat the Muslims is to risk your life by pissing them off, the more of us they kill the more we will piss them off until...I don't know, until we are all dead I suppose because deporting them isn't up for discussion under any circumstances. Indeed, freedom of association simply isn't a Right the British Natives can even contemplate, we must under all circumstances share our living space with people who want to kill us.

 The camera then moved onto a young woman in the audience, she had that look that White women have when they have been brainwashed by Cultural Marxism, a docile but slightly rattish appearance on what should have been the face of a fine English rose. Anyway, she said something about how the moves to take passports away from Jihadists was hypocritical when we are now shouting so loud about Free Speech. Not even the Liberal establishment could make head or tail of it and she was promptly ignored.

 Vince Gable (ethnicity?) then stepped up to bat and right from the off came down good and hard on ....the Far Right! Gable also correctly pointed out that we don't really have Free Speech anyway, neither does France and that that's a good thing. Gable seemed to run out of Far Right Hate groups and was reduced to citing the Oklahoma Bomber after he got PEGIDA and Breivik out of the way.

 After the Labour representative stopped waffling about how Diverse (Non White) Leicester was Dimbleby cited the BBC guidelines that expressly state ''The Prophet Mohammed must not be represented in any way shape or form''.

 The Paris issue was wrapped up by an African asking how easily Britain could catch terrorists and an Englishman saying we should treat ''Islamists'' just like we treat Christian Fundamentalists and Fascists. Obviously ''Fascists'' being people who oppose having Muslims who want to kill us in our country in the first place, it's more of the ''Lets just express our freedom until they tire of killing us'' line.

 So this pigswill is pretty much all the White People of Britain can expect from the BBC, which is itself run by Danny Cohen, a Jew who has on numerous occasions expressed concern that there are too many White British people on British television. Presumably, if these people aren't locked up, this programme will one day feature Africans and Pakistanis discussing Voltaire and Democratic values with Christian Africans telling Muslim Bangladeshis they must abide by the mores and norms of a dead European civilization. Far more likely is that the Nation will become a balkanized lunatic asylum.

 But don't point that out, your Freedom Speech doesn't go that far, it would be ''Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theatre''

                                                Danny Cohen, a face you can trust

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