Monday, 5 January 2015

Captain America vs Alex Jones New World Order Conspiracy

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the lesser lights of Marvels seemingly endless barrage of Superhero movies, rumour has it Captain America is to become Black, presumably to compliment the female Thor, or Thorina. But for now Captain America is very White, and more, he's a World War 2 vet who was frozen for 70 years and thawed out for the CGI summer blockbuster franchise. Time hasn't been kind to Captain America, his boss is Black hard man Samuel L Jackson, his girl is ancient, his president is also Black and his partner is a hot babe with a nose which suggests she might not be as European as the Cap himself.

 Captain America works for the secretive and inter-governmental SHEILD (Strategic Homeland Intervention,Enforcement and Logistics Division) which seems to class all of planet Earth as ''Homeland''. While on a top secret mission with partner Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) the pair discover that all is not right with SHEILD and that the organization has plans to act as a World Police. When Captain America confronts boss Samuel L Jackson with this revelation Jackson is largely supportive of the terrifying weaponry of SHEILD, which includes flying Aircraft carriers, being used to this end. To his credit Captain America reacts with mild discomfort to the idea that his employers are now acting as a hammer to bash humanity into shape and zap anyone they see as a threat, he goes rogue with Black Widow and the two proceed to uncover what is exactly going on.

 As it turns out there genuinely is a plot to rule the World by a secret cabal, it infiltrated SHEILD long ago, about 70 years ago to be precise, yeah, you guessed it, the NWO that aims to rule over humanity is a Nazi plot. Indeed, they were there all along, since the end of World War 2 a Nazi genius has been orchestrating the New World Order plan from  70 year old computers.

                                                           Marvel meets Alex Jones

 So in the end a conspiracy theory held by an entire subculture is so controversial, so dangerous to air in public, so ruthlessly suppressed by the all powerful NWO that a major Hollywood studio can use the largest movie franchise on Earth to expose it? Really? The Plot of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is pretty much what Alex Jones peddles every day, similar theories abound that the EU is actually a Nazi plot, as is the UN. When one looks at what is actually going on in the West today it seems so ludicrous that the idea National Socialists are pulling the strings isn't even worth getting into. Who exactly has an  interest in this misdirection is another matter.

 Marvel Studios has one Avi Arad as Chairman, Founder and CEO, Avi was born in Israel and is an Israeli-American citizen, his parents were ''Holocaust Survivors'', of course. Marvel itself is owned by The Walt Disney Company, the total assets of Disney amount to $84 Billion! the company employs 180,000 people around the Globe and controls a great deal of what people view as ''entertainment'' . The CEO of Disney is Bob Iger who is also Jewish, he succeeded Michael Eisner, who is also Jewish and also a ''Holocaust Survivor''. In 2012 Iger was awarded an ''Ambassador of Humanity''award by Steven Spielberg (yes he is too)for his work on Spielberg's Shoah Foundation, Spielberg is worth $3 Billion and is also a major player within Hollywood. So obviously if there is a New World Order these guys aren't in on at all.

 The tragedy of Captain America is that he is a man out of time, he has no place, no belonging and no people or family, you have to wonder what his motivation actually is in fighting the Nazis, they certainly should speak to him more than the lost souls of multiculturalism and Liberalism that he is fighting for now. But that wouldn't be in the interests of Arad, Iger, Eisner and Spielberg.

 The point of Captain America :The Winter Soldier is to inculcate in Whites that they may not be happy with what is happening in the World, but that they do belong  to it, and they are honour bound to protect it at the cost of themselves. It is the true New World Order saying ''Ok you're getting pissed, but don't dream of going Nazi on us!''

 The ''Us'' of course, being the people who created Captain America in the first place.

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