Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Elections in Greece, New Dawn?

On the 25th of this month elections will be held in Greece and in preperation of this Golden Dawn have released a campaign video, despite the entire leadership being jailed without trial for a year:

It's interesting that the emphasis of Golden Dawn's campaign video is not, as is the Nationalist norm, of showing vast hordes of Africans and Asians swarming across the border and Muslims praying in their thousands. Golden Dawn seem to be aiming right for the heart of the Globalist tyranny, the Money Power. A Nationalist movement which plays this line could truly be a force to be reckoned with, but it will have to be Anti Immigrant enough to appeal to the working class while sophisticated enough to explain to the middle classes that Financial enslavement, usury and Globalism are responsible for multiculturalism in the first place.
 This gives a genuine promise of freedom and not just a nip and tuck to the immigration stats. It would be a rejection of the whole system, root and branch, and is a positive image Nationalism can give instead of the relentless doom and gloom.

 Currently on 6% of the National vote, up from nothing a few years back, Golden Dawn could see themselves as ''King Maker'' in a hung Parliament.

SYRIZA is a rag bag muddle of Far Left parties and, needless to say, they aren't very happy about the dire state of Greek finances either, but pressure is coming from Germany that a SYRIZA government which tries to play funny buggers with the money the Germans loaned the Greeks on behalf of Merchants in New York will not be tolerated and, once again, the word ''Grexit'' is being thrown around. A closer look at who and what constitute SYRIZA is simply mind boggling.

      SYRIZA ''A hive of scum and villainy''

A strong showing for Golden Dawn would be great news indeed because it would help break the glass ceiling which is suppressing European Nationalism at the moment, Golden Dawn could well be the mighty Trireme allowing other Nationalist, Pro European movements to sail along in its wake.

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