Friday, 2 January 2015

Islam Rising = Neocons happy

A prominent NeoCon Think Tank has published a report which details the increasing Islamification of Britain in a month by month account of last year. It seems to be everywhere on the webs at the moment but here's a few snippets:

*In January, an analysis of census data showed that nearly 10% of the babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim. The percentage of Muslims among children under five is almost twice as high as in the general population. By way of comparison, fewer than one in 200 people over the age of 85 are Muslim, an indication of the extent to which the birth rate is changing the religious demographic in Britain.

*In Catherine-de-Barnes, a tiny village in western central England, local residents objected to plans for a large, Muslim-only cemetery, which will include space for 4,000 followers of Islam to be buried, and 75 parking spaces for visitors. The village has a population of just 613, which means the cemetery could eventually hold six-and-a-half times as many people as Catherine-de-Barnes itself.

*In February, official statistics showed that net immigration to the United Kingdom surged to 212,000 in the year ending September 2013, a significant increase from 154,000 in the previous year. The new immigration data cast doubt on a pledge by Prime Minister David Cameron to get net migration—the difference between the number of people entering Britain and those leaving—down to the "tens of thousands" before the general election in May 2015.
Separately, data released by the National Crime Agency showed a 155% rise in British children groomed by sex gangs during 2013.

*In October, a 75-year-old retiree was arrested for "racism" after saying "I'm not Muslim" when he was asked to remove his shoes at security at Stansted Airport. Paul Griffith was charged with causing "racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress."
In October, a taxi company in Rochdale, a town tainted by a child sex-grooming scandal perpetrated by Muslim gangs, began offering customers "white" or "local" drivers on demand. The move came after two local drivers of Pakistani origin were jailed for their part in the rape and trafficking of young white girls.

There's nothing wrong with this data, indeed, though depressing it's also very informative. The organization behind it is called ''The Gatestone Institute'' and it is headed by Uber Hawk John Bolton and a host of other Zio War Lords:

  • The Viscountess Bearsted
  • Baroness Caroline Cox
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • The Lord Finkelstein OBE
  • Jack Fowler
  • Robert Immerman
  • Lawrence Kadish
  • Ingeborg Rennert
  • Rebecca Sugar
  • Merryl Tisch

Many on the Right in Europe will immediately think ''Who cares? these people aren't trying to kill us!!'' and that maybe true but they aren't trying to save us either. For every White girl raped and for every bomb plot foiled the anger of Europeans against the Multicult in general and Islam in particular increases, this anger is then directed into foreign policy and Israel. A look at the founding principles of the Gatestone Institute confirms that these people, just like the Counter Jihad movement they created, are not in the least bit concerned about the erasing of the European ethnic identity as we can see from their founding principles:

  • Institutions of Democracy and the Rule of Law;
 We have no Democracy, at no time have the people of Europe been asked if they wanted Islam or any other foreign body within our lands, if we had the answer would have been a resounding NO! If the Gatestone Institute is serious then why not raise this as an issue?

  • Human Rights
Human Rights can only exist if there is a higher power to grant those Rights, in the absence of God, or some alien species, Human Rights are then granted by a ''One World Government'' or at least a Supranational body. Human Rights as opposed to group ethnic Rights also implies that humans are identity-less drones, a view which the World Government would whole heartedly support.

  • A military capable of ensuring peace at home and in the free world
If the military is disallowed from protecting the people of the Nation who created it then there isn't any real freedom.

  • Ensuring the public stay informed of threats to our individual liberty, sovereignty and free speech.
Once again, we are not merely individuals we are groups. The heavy Jewish presence in the Gatestone Institute is testimony to this. Europeans who point out we are a group or groups and need protection as such, are likely to lose their free speech instantly and the group who are over represented in the Gatestone organization will be the first to remove it.  

The fact is the Washington Hawks and Neoconservatives don't give a damn about English girls in Burnley being enslaved and raped and butchered, indeed, if Englishmen were finally to rise up and demand full control over their land and the expulsion of ALL invaders organizations such as the Gatestone Institute would be the first to charge up the Drones and F-16's. The EDL came perilously close to going full Nationalist which is why they pulled the plug on the movement. The sustenance we who genuinely care about our people can take from this massive fraud is that they have erected a mass sign saying ''Racial Nationalism that way>''. 

Far from being the sane Anti Leftists so many believe them to be, the Anti Islam element in Washington is merely another tentacle of Zion, ''Perfecting the World'' by reducing ethnic Europe to a brown soup, grovelling before liberalistic values they have invented while whipping up the masses into a seething frenzy against the Muslim horde they actually want in the West.

 It's good for Israel.

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