Saturday, 3 January 2015

PEGIDA : New Dawn or False Hope?

The German Anti Islam movement seems to be genuinely gaining some traction, just before Christmas a march in Dresden attracted 17,000 people, just for context, that's more than 3 times the size of the largest ever EDL demo. Merkel has predictably wailed about the shocking racism of it all but the movement shows no signs of slowing down. In a recent poll 1/3 Germans said they would attend a PEGIDA demonstration.

 The movement has also released a Manifesto of sorts, here is a brief summary:

  • The protection of Germany's Judeo-Christian culture
  • Tolerance toward assimilated and politically moderate Muslims
  • That war refugees should be welcomed in Germany
  • The current facilities for the housing of immigrants are inadequate and partly inhumane
  • Wants a fairer distribution of immigrants amongst EU nations
  • German immigration policy should be modelled on that of Australia and Switzerland
  • Foreigners should integrate into German society
  • Criminal immigrants and refugees should be promptly expelled
  • People should be free to determine their own sexuality 
Two of the organisation's tenets however run contrary to mainstream German political belief;
  • Islamism is a misogynist and violent ideology
  • Constraints on political speech imposed by gender mainstreaming or political correctness should be loosened

According to Wikipedia '' Josef Schuster, chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, voiced his opposition to the group, saying that the possibility of an Islamic conquest of Germany would be as "absurd" as a resurrection of the Nazi regime.'' So much for the Judeo-Christian culture!

It's depressing but whether it be PEGIDA, UKIP, The Swedish Democrats or Front National this drippy civic Nationalism is as far as we can go in Northern Europe right now. This wouldn't be too bad if it was still 1991 and we were still 95% of the population in our countries, but it isn't, and we are running out of time.

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