Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Rightmove - Find Your Happy

Time for another look at anti-white media aka The Agenda

This time it's a TV advert for Rightmove, a minor classic of the genre. It's the full 30 second version, shorter edited versions using the same material were also shown.


As usual the real message of the advert is quite unequivocal. Whiteness is associated with weakness, isolation, with being marginalised. Blackness (or non-whiteness) with health, fertility and success. It's common for whites to be shown as old i.e. too old to breed and too old to fight. While young white women are paired off with non-whites, young white men are marginalised by comparison.

0:02 An elderly white couple [weakness, vulnerability] no indication of ever having had children.


0:04 The direct assault. Pregnant white girl with the black father of her child. No escaping that message plus we know it's number two. [implies he isn't one of those otherwise extremely rare absentee, deadbeat black fathers] Also note they are pawing at each other while she rubs her fertility goddess style belly just in case anyone missed the message. Finally note he is pictured legs apart [sexual confidence]


0:08 Back to the washed up oldsters.

0:09 Attractive white blonde girl, single and unhappy [isolation].


Immediately contrasted with...

0:11 The mixed couple again [implies blondie needs a man like that]

0:12 White male, clearly single and obviously the comic relief. In fact he is a worthless, stupid SJW anarchist type that we are invited to regard with utter contempt, what with his stupid hair and beard. In contrast to black superman our SJW pal isn't even shown below the waist, there is nothing there [eunuch]


Cut back to...

0:14 Blondie laughing (at SJW fool) [implies he is not mate material]

0:15 SJW fool.

0:16 Back to mixed couple, still pawing at each other.

So 0:11 - 0:16 the white singles and their non-relationship were bookmarked by the fertile, successful mixed couple. 

0:18 Blondie will be having the girls round [implies no men] 

0:20 Elderly white couple again. 

0:21 Blondie "If anyone wants to stay..." [a man]

Cut back to remind us who won't be staying.... 

0:23 SJW fool [it won't be him] 

0:25 The mixed couple, another visual assault. She is now standing up with her head cut off at the top of the screen rubbing her belly, reduced to nothing more than a headless, walking vehicle for his black seed.

To recap. Everything we need to know, everything they want us to feel is on the screen. The emotional impact is in the image, the words used are secondary.

What did the average viewer learn from this? Whiteness is weakness. Black men are desirable and fertile. Single white women need a black man (not a white man). White men are a joke. And some nonsense or other about buying property.

Update: It's been pointed out to me that 'hippy' is an unfairly pejorative term. Hence the changes above.

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