Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Steinlager - Boxer.

As we've been talking about TV advertising I thought I would link to this New Zealand commercial for Steinlager beer from a few years ago. What might a media that was not enslaved by Cultural Marxism and staffed by brainwashed SJW eunuchs look like?

I don't think that could have been made in the US or UK, it would be unthinkable! But why not? After all there was solid minority representation. We have what appears to be healthy white father and son relationship, no ineffectual white doofus types on display here and the implied defeat of the 'other'. No sign of The Agenda™ at all. The music works too. Whats not to like?

Know Who You Are - fighting words! Did some subversives manage to get a message out?

Steinlager - I endorse this product.

(I've linked to a little watched version of this video because it would be interesting to monitor if it's likes, views and comments go up much based on a link from here)

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