Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Agenda™ and Anti-White Media

I'm always referring to The Agenda™ and one of these days I'm going to have to nail it down to forge a robust, repeatable definition. Mostly it's anti-white media.

I may as well start with this heartwarming little film from 2010, so it's not new or even widely known now but it does show some key bits of The Agenda™ and turns the dial up to 11. It caused a bit of a stir at the time. And it must have damaged the 10:10 campaign, a nice bit of blow-back, so it's not all bad news. The controversy at the time was the violence against children (Climate Deniers) but that looks pretty incidental compared to the real attack it's actually carrying out.

 I'll just go through it.

Scene 1: Classroom 

0:03 Establishes white boy sitting alone at the front. We'll be back to him in a moment.

0:08 Establishes two white boys sitting together

0:09 The white boy mentioned above is alone [isolated] bored [unsympathetic]

  0:14 White girl sitting with a non-white boy. [implied relationship]

0:23 Black boy asks sensible question. [diligence]. He's sitting with a white girl [implied relationship]. White girl in front turns to look at him [implies his higher value]

0:26 Teacher says "Getting your dad to insulate the loft" [implies he lives with his dad]

0:36 Only a white girl can think of anything positive [implied female wisdom]

0:46 Miss calls for a show of hands, who is going to do the right thing? Only white girls and black boys apparently [implied female/non-white wisdom]

0:49 Black boy sitting with white girl [implied relationship]

0:51 White girl sitting alone [isolated] disinterested [unsympathetic] less attractive [low value]

0:52 White boy sitting alone [isolated] disinterested [unsympathetic]

And then execution for them.

Scene 2: Office

Who is a hero of the revolution?

1:29 White girl and white man [implied relationship], we know she had some brilliant ideas! [implied female wisdom] but the man she clearly paired with is older [implied weakness] wearing glasses [implied weakness] somewhat short [implied weakness]

1:39 Attractive White girl [high value] and Asian man [implied relationship] have their hands up [implied female/non-white wisdom] He is looking around [policing others/implied authority]

Who's a reactionary wrecker...

1:45 Less attractive white girl [low value] dismissive [unsympathetic]

1:47 White man stands slightly apart [isolated] dismissive [unsympathetic]

1:47 Overweight white man [implied weakness] slightly apart [isolation] somewhat dismissive [unsympathetic]

1:50 Blink and you'll miss him in the crowd. Overweight white man [implied weakness]

And execution again.

Scenes 3 & 4: Football training and stuff.

From now on in it's just being played for laughs, the impact is over....

In short being white, especially male, is associated with weakness, failure, lack of compassion and stupidity and that's all part of The Agenda™. What is seen is the single most important part of the message. There's no denying what's in the pictures, it's right there on the screen.

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