Monday, 19 January 2015

The Guardian vs Cultural Marxism

It is a sign that ideas originating out on the fringes of the ''Right'' are slowly working their way into the general discourse when The Guardian attempts to refute the concept of ''Cultural Marxism''. The Guardian is itself the mainstay of Politically Correct thought and attitudes in Britain so ideas and memes which expose its entire philosophical outlook as a Jewish scam are not going to be welcome, to say the least. The guy they've given the task of slaying this new Far Right demon is called Jason Wilson, who I'd never heard of, but who is  ''focused on the intersection between new media technologies and politics. He is a visiting fellow at Swinburne University's Institute for Social Research'' that is to say, he's a Cultural Marxist.

 Wilson's piece ''Cultural Marxism:a uniting Theory for Right Wingers who Love to Play the Victim'' features Anders Breivik as the central photo, so we can be pretty sure where this is headed before we start.

 After a brief outline of the Frankfurt School, The new critique of Marx, the flight to America and the push into the College Campus Wilson gets started :

 ''The whole story is transparently barmy. If humanities faculties are really geared to brainwashing students into accepting the postulates of far-left ideology, the composition of western parliaments and presidencies and the roaring success of corporate capitalism suggests they’re doing an astoundingly bad job. Anyone who takes a cool look at the last three decades of politics will think it bizarre that anyone could interpret whumph of an all-powerful left.''

 The last three decades of Politics have chopped the indigenous demographic down in most European Countries from 95% to around 80% today, and falling like a stone with under 18's of European blood being about 65%. This was done through the teeth of public opposition and all attempts to stop the flow were slammed by the very brainwashed Leftists the author mentions. We have gay rights, human rights, transgender rights, Muslim rights and black rights. This was possible because ''corporate capitalism'' was fully onboard and indeed, if one looks back, funding much of the deconstruction and ethnic replacement. It is a synthesis of Marx and Capitalism. Globalism. Leftist drones can't admit that their treasured views are actually in bed with the Money Power because the only way left open to them would be to step out of the Left/Right paradigm and embrace something else, which they can't do because they will have to leave behind the smug superiority and childish morality.

''The theory of cultural Marxism is also blatantly antisemitic, drawing on the idea of Jews as a fifth column bringing down western civilisation from within, a racist trope that has a longer history than Marxism. Like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the theory was fabricated to order, for a special purpose: the institution and perpetuation of culture war''

 The cultural war was obviously launched by Jews, because they were the people who constituted pretty much all of the ideological brain work in the entire Marxist pantheon. Wilson doesn't address why is this so, he can't because he is a cultural Marxist and therefore disallowed from seeing anyone with ethnic drive except Whites, and that is, of course, uniquely evil. We can start to get a feeling for the fatal flaws in the Gentile Leftist mind, this is particularly ironic when they are discussing the ideology that is blinding them, Wilson can't understand Cultural Marxism precisely because he's a Cultural Marxist(!)

''The fairytale of cultural Marxism provided a post-communist adversary located specifically in the cultural realm – academics, Hollywood, journalists, civil rights activists and feminists.''

As already noted, Wilson can't compute that all of the institutions he cites are massively over represented by Jews. But the very ideologically theory he calls a ''Fairy Tale'' prevents him, psychologically, from seeing what is obviously true. Worst of all Wilson then moves on to describe what the effects of this fairy tale have been:

''It allows those smarting from a loss of privilege to be offered the shroud of victimhood, by pointing to a shadowy, omnipresent, quasi-foreign elite who are attempting to destroy all that is good in the world. It offers an explanation for the decline of families, small towns, patriarchal authority, and unchallenged white power:''

According to Wilson these changes have occurred because of capitalism, and only because of capitalism. This, then, begs the question of what the Left have been doing for the last 50 years? according to the Left they have not succeeded in doing anything at all. But the notion that a White man can write sneeringly in a National Left Wing Daily about the loss of power of his own ethnic group isn't in any way natural, it is the work of what Wilson calls a ''quasi-foreign elite''. That quasi foreign elite are also represented, massively, in the capitalist hierarchy.

 Capitalism + Marxism= Multiracialist Globalism=Tikkun Olam

 Wilson is of course an idiot Leftist, but he is mirrored by people on the centre Right who also fail to grasp the nature of the world they live in. The fact that articles are being written attacking ideas which are the topics of Nationalism and the dissident Right means we are getting through to the centre Right to a certain degree. The Left are simply lost. The analogy of the Matrix is rather over done but Wilson is a nigh on perfect specimen of a totally Blue Pilled drone, he is defined by his mental prison and he scoffs at people breaking free.

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