Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Vote Green And Ride Into The Apocalypse

A few years ago a common meme to be found in Nationalist and Dissident Right circles was the idea of ''Worse is Better''. The theory was that because the system is inherently Anti White, corrupt and entirely hostile to our well being and the future of our children it needed to be crashed and burned. The problem, was that a reasonably competent political party such as the Conservative Party or the Republican Party would handle the debt and general rot better, and therefore give the system extra life which would be worse, in the long run, for Whites. Unfortunately  the proponents of that idea underestimated the ability of the Merchants and Money Lenders to funnel debt from one source to another, cream off some interest here to fund a program there.

 Happily, then, this theory can be put to the test again because here in Britain The Green Party are enjoying a ''surge''and they are totally insane. According to the Guardian the Greens are currently sitting on 10% of the National vote and their membership is rising faster than UKIP's, about 10,000 people a day are signing up to the Green agenda. Their support is coming primarily from Southern England and presumably consists of ex Liberal Democrat voters, sad that their party sold their soul to the evil Conservatives. Among a great many other baffling and bizarre ideas the Greens have is to abolish the British Army and our weapons industry and turn the weapons industry into Windmill producers and the Military training areas into Nature parks. Everyone in the Nation would get an extra £70 a week, no matter how rich, and for no good reason whatsoever.It's just nice.

 On the face of it there's much to like about it, they stand up to Globalism and Multinationals, they aim to tax the Money Masters ''until the pipsqueak''. However, a closer look at some of their policies is enough to make any Nationalist fill his pants. For example:

MG203 Richer regions and communities do not have the right to use migration controls to protect their privileges from others in the long term.

MG205 Migration policies should not discriminate directly on grounds of race, colour, religion, political belief, disability, sex or sexual orientation. Preference should not be given to those with resources or desirable skills.

MG417 We will undertake a thorough review of UK Immigration Practices and the UK Immigration Service to ensure that racist features are removed and immigration officers receive sufficient suitable training. We will encourage greater ethnic minority participation in the Immigration Service.

MG300 We will work to achieve greater equity between the UK and non-Western countries. In step with this, we will progressively reduce UK immigration controls.

 And then further:

''CJ350 In a just society everyone should be protected from crimes motivated by hatred and discrimination based on ethnicity, colour, gender, trans, sexual orientation, religion, social origin, age, disability including learning difficulties or any other prejudice. A comprehensive strategy will be adopted to tackle, significantly reduce and ultimately end hate crime. This will combine appropriate legislation, police and community resourcing and initiatives, and sentencing. Its effectiveness will be monitored and adjusted as necessary, in consultation with relevant non-government and civil society organisations and the equalities commissions.''

''CJ351 We will bring to an end the disproportionate targeting of ethnic minorities through stop and search''

The Green Party is doing everything it can to push for a Cultural Marxist agenda, except with lakes and woodlands in place of factories and Walmart. As always the rules are created to attack and disable White people and the Greens have excelled here, too. Despite their manifesto harbouring an ocean of Anti Racist, Anti Sexist, Anti Cripplist, Anti Gayist poison, the Greens are not going to make it illegal for a Muslim to openly support ISIS or Al Queda.

 ''In particular, those accused of supporting terrorist acts should have normal rights against arbitrary arrest or imprisonment. It should not be a crime simply to belong to an organisation or have sympathy with its aims, though it should be a crime to aid and abet criminal acts or deliberately fund such acts.''

 Browsing through their ideas and manifesto my heart jumped, suddenly I saw a chance for us to flock to the Greens and support the lentil revolution:

''IP220 Development has frequently meant either the attempted eradication of indigenous peoples or colonial assimilation. Their lands have generally been taken from them - a process which continues today. Trans-nationals and governments of North and South have been guilty of many assaults on the rights of indigenous peoples.''

''IP221 To win the rights for the indigenous or native people which they themselves claim.''

 There we have it, they support genuine diversity, they are going to stand up to Z.O.G and the Globalist Elite and demand that Europeans be protected in their habitat, hooray! 
 Except, not really:
''NY100 Over the last decades, British nationality law has been used to restrict the number of Black people having the right to live in the UK while maximising the opportunities for white non-residents with British ancestors to retain this right. The Green Party believes that such nationality laws must be reformed.''

                                               Taking care of Nature

In Liberal wonderland only Blacks and Browns sitting in their own filth and eating ants with twigs can be classed as ''indigenous'' Whites are being slated for extinction because we developed civilization and fire and the wheel. This then is the Green master plan, they aim to save the world by importing people who can't sustain or develop a technological society more advanced than poking sticks and hand printing on caves. And Middle England are supporting them, why?

 It would be nice to think that Middle England is voting for lunatics and idiots who want them dead because they will break the system and then a new Pro White politics can enter the fray and save us, but if we are honest its because we know great many of our people are mad. A large swath of Southern England have seen the reports of gang rapes and groomings, seen the Muslims rioting and killing, seen their numbers drop off a cliff in their cities and have come to the conclusion ''Not enough, we need to die faster and make our children's lives far worse, it isn't enough, more!''

                                              The Green Future

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