Sunday, 22 February 2015

Black Privilege And The Two Race Stories Of The Week

Reading  The Guardian  article by David Olusoga, who is a ''Black Historian'' you can't help but get the impression Leftists and Blacks are genuinely happy about the Chelsea fans who stopped a black man boarding a train and shouting at him, like finding a comfortable old pair of slippers, racism that they can feel comfortable with and which they need to define themselves  has returned. Olusoga's article, and presumably his entire career, is based around a narrative of Britain, white people, finding salvation through being accepting and ''tolerant'' of black people. This is progress, this is improvement over what we had, Olusoga never explains why white people are morally obliged to respect blacks or seek to accommodate them in their countries at vast effort and struggle.  Why, if living together is such an ordeal and something which is always to be improved upon, why bother? why don't black people simply go back to Africa and be free, thereby leaving whites to stew in their racism?
 The Chelsea race story was sprayed all over the MSM and the Prime Minister made a statement, investigations are underway, the men are being fired and hounded across the land. Meanwhile, in a far less reported case, Olusoga's African brethren were trying to force a white mother out of her house by sending her death threats and smearing their own shit across her door. In his article Olusoga writes: Like most racist incidents, it was as much about humiliation as intimidation.''

Olusoga then continues :What makes it an almost uniquely powerful incident, however, is not the violence or the palpable menace but the open and repeated admission of racism, delivered through the turgid medium of the chant “We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it.”

Olusoga then tells us that what was truly shocking about the Chelsea fans was that they were openly racist and that in today's society barely anyone will admit to being racist, this isn't surprising when people such as Olusoga have been given life long careers dedicated to hounding white people but as we can see, his own fellow Africans do not even have the faintest idea of  what ''racism'' is. It's a nice gig, spend your life trying to correct another racial group who never wanted you around them in the first place while not even trying to analyse and understand the dumb brute IQ 67 behaviour of your own people. This is Black Privilege. Olusoga isn't content with forcing his own Post PC  power and privilege onto Britain, however, Eastern Europe will have to be forced to accept Africans who will wipe their excrement on white mother's doors as well, he writes: ''many of us, myself included, have grown used to tut-tutting at other, less-enlightened European nations, particularly those in the east.''

A Leftist would argue that it isn't fair to compare a progressive black such as Olusoga with his own Africans because he's a European in a Civic sense and as Olusoga tells us in his appalling Guardian piece ''we have come a long way'' but that Civic idealism was never agreed upon, indeed, the idea ''we'' should be defined by our ''tolerance'' toward black activists and black history was imposed on us in the same manner Sammie Sunter is having Africans force her out of her home.

In both cases it is brute power that stinks of shit.

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