Monday, 9 February 2015

Escaping Into Fantasy And Science Fiction ? Not For Long

I was recently struck by an article at Breitbart on a new front opening in the ''cultural war''. This time it is the turn of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers to be lashed into politically correct conformity and, as always, their reputations will be ruined if they fail to comply. Resistance is Futile. The kerfuffle is centred on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Oscars known as ''The Hugo Awards'' and attempts by social justice attack drones to oust the non conformist and support the Liberal replacements. A quick glance at the most recent winners of the Hugo prize reveals they are getting their way. In 2014 the Best Novel prize went to ''Ancillary Justice'' written by Ann Leckie. The novel depicts a space Empire in which identity can transcend physical bodies and be moved into separate bodies, or ''physical constructs''. All individuals within that collective are referred to as ''she''or ''her''. The best short story was written by a Chinaman called John Chu, it's called ''The Water That Falls On You From Nowhere'' and depicts a world where telling lies results in a shower or rainstorm opening above your head, depending on how serious the lie is. Needless to say this is problematic for a Gay Chinese man fighting homophobia and repressing his sexuality. I wonder how it ends...

Science Fiction which features Asimov and Star Trek as prominent members within its canon has never really been without a strong streak of Liberal, egalitarian thought. The depiction of the future being a mix of space communism and multi-species harmony has long attracted Liberal, Jewish interest.
 Fantasy is a different matter, the Nordic archetypes and clear racial antagonism, hierarchical societies based on tradition and a longing for a mythical Europe of warriors and fair maidens has long chaffed at our Left leaning Thought Police's dreadlocks. When Lord of The Rings appeared on American university campuses in the 60's hippies were taken with its trippy, fantastical setting. However, as the demonization of White identity and dominance gathered pace it was dropped like a urine stained wand. A story of White people fighting great hordes of dark skinned savages who were controlled by a jewelry obsessed master was too much, Lord of The Rings was dumped as ''White Supremacist'' Hate Literature.

It isn't difficult to understand the appeal of fictional worlds and universes to the atomized and dislocated White male. His living space over run by hostile aliens, his women turned into feminist consumer robots and everything his ancestors created and held dear dissected and deconstructed, cheapened and slandered. Instead of watching the latest Muslim terror plot unfold or the beginnings of yet another Black riot chimp-out extravaganza he can simply roll over and plug into the Game Of Thrones box set or the Skyrim Legendary Edition and be transported to a world where life makes sense, where the hero wins the heart of fair maiden and the warrior restores justice. Where, despite it all, good prevails in the end.

 Now, however, the spawn of Marx are removing even this mild form of escapism. You have to wonder why, in Star Trek the boredom and tedium of life in space are somewhat offset by the ''Holodeck''. The members of the crew disappear into a holographic world where their needs and wants can be sated, just like the marginalized White guy of today.

 If disallowed from any escape at all, if even his fantasy life of battleships and wizards, dragons and androids are taken away, or made useless through obvious and idiotic Liberal preaching, then perhaps these White men will look more closely to the real world and see, and understand, that there is a war here too. And that he has a role to play.

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