Thursday, 5 February 2015

How To Beat The Ban

The topic of conversation in the comments frequently turns to bans out on the MSM and this almost always involves the Disqus system. Just to make sure our side aren't being ''Shut Down'' and locked out of getting our message across I thought I would make a brief post outlining what the side of Right and Good have to do to get back into the debate.

 On being banned you will see this:

Yep the hasbara and SJW's have shut you down and the Libertarians have made a mockery of their core ideals. But what next?

Your next step is to dump your account having saved your passwords and mail.
Your next task is to get yourself a new email, the one above can be found here:
 This is a randomly generated mail and once you log out the account will be locked, it's good for a thread crawling with hasbara and insecure types because you need no passwords it's ready to paste straight into the Disqus system.
This one:
Is also pretty straight forward needing just a few details and far less hassle than Gmail or the fancy stuff. Log into the mails every so often and be warned, you will be stopped abusing their system after using about 5 mail addresses in too short a time.

Now armed with your new Email address you are ready to return to the fray and re-enter the battle:

This will cover most bans but the dreaded IP is always a possibility. There are numerous ways to get around that too. Here are two that I know of
 Hot spot shield is a bit of an old war horse, it kicks the crap out of your system and the free download will see ads pop up all over the place, it's slow and cumbersome but once up and running it will never let you down.
Mask my IP doesn't take up much space and it's easier to install, the best thing about it is it can be switched on and off in a second. I recommend you switch it off as soon as you leave the thread as it seems to scramble or your irritate your search engine.

 Please use the comments for any other ideas and tactics, and enjoy the fight.

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