Monday, 23 February 2015

Anti White Advertising HSBC - Pink Ladies

I've noticed this HSBC ad a few times recently:

The Drum says this:

This touching tale revolves around HSBC's Advance account; suggesting the bank understands that every young person's financial journey is in part dependent on factors they can't anticipate. These factors can be good, or they can be bad... the key thing is that HSBC want us to know they see their customers as human beings. Love the young woman's expression at the end

J Walter Thompson, the ad agency concerned, say this:

The TV spot at the heart of the campaign, “Pink Ladies”, tells the story of one such support network making the dreams of a young hairdresser come true.

Those are typical of the bland,  disingenuous drivel written about the advert - because none of them touch on it's glaring racial dynamics i.e. the most bloody obvious, in-your-face thing about it.

It's pretty straightforward - humble, hard working, young, talented non-white girl is bankrolled by lovely old white ladies. The message is clear - nice white people are morally obliged to finance their own dispossession. The white ladies are, as stated, old. Too old to breed and there is no sign of their own families, all that's left to them is to transfer their resources to their racial betters, their replacements.

When I first saw it I assumed the hairdressers depicted were Asian - Chinese, Korean but this is where I think HSBC/JWT might have been a wee bit sneaky. The ad is set well into the north of North America, to be precise it's Canada, note the spelling of 'colour'.


So while we 'see' Asians and the much-loved Agenda payload is delivered, a potential cop-out is perhaps to hand? Maybe the women are Eskimo/Inuit (whatever the hell term we are supposed to use this month). See, they aren't immigrants you racist, they're indigenous! Even noticing such things is racist *eye roll*. Of course at no time is their ethnicity actually stated so the question doesn't arise. And woe betide someone questioning whether anyone with that ethnic background has ever shown any interest in, or talent for, fashion design.

To reiterate; The Agenda was served up as usual.

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