Wednesday, 25 February 2015

ISIS And The European Chess Board

2015 Is certainly off to a rollicking start and it's worth taking a brief look at the state of play in our vibrant Multicultopia.

The Daily Mail Reports that ISIS are preparing to send at least 500,000 immigrants across the Mediterranean as a form of psychological warfare directed against Europeans. This comes shortly after they ritually slaughtered 21 Egyptian Christians on the African side of the Mediterranean, presumably this too was symbolic because in the footage released with the mass throat slitting frenzy they declared they would also ''Conquer Rome''. Shortly before he went the same way as most other Middle Eastern dictators  the Jewish Neo Cons turned on, Gaddafi had an agreement with Italy to patrol and police immigration across the sea and into Europe. ISIS, of course, plan on smuggling themselves into Europe so we can expect many more random killing sprees and ratcheting up of tension. But ISIS are wrong, in my view, that another half Million non Whites will cause shock and outrage because modern Europeans seem to have an nigh on infinite capacity for enduring humiliation and suffering at the hands of the Third World. It's hard not to laugh at the irony in ISIS' master plan of swamping Europe with the dreck of the Third World. A good chunk of Europeans will welcome and support, protect and nurture ISIS's version of a biological WMD, and besides, there is another group who are working day and night to silence the remaining, sane, White people....

 Meanwhile European Jewry is seemingly undergoing another Shoah, or at least that's what you may  belief through the hundreds of stories they have printed, for themselves, in the media. Perfectly timed to collide with the 70 Year Anniversary Holopalooza is a massive wave of propaganda, polls  have been taken, opinions tested, a few Jews have been killed by Muslims. Anti Semitism is back, bigger and badder than ever before. Discussion has been plastered across the MSM of Jews such as Maureen Lipton threatening to quit the UK, to avoid the incoming Shoah. Netanyahu has helpfully reminded Jews that they do, in fact, have their own country and they are always welcome there. It's hard not to get the impression that Jews are being led away from Europe, that the Tribal Elders see the storm signs in the clouds and are herding the children indoors to safety and out of danger.
 Helpfully, then, the departing and supposedly persecuted Jews are seeking to lumber  Europeans with more Hate Speech laws a new ''Group Libel'' law and protection for Muslims, Jews, Christians (there for appearances sake) Gypsies, LGBT and pretty much everybody except Europeans themselves.

 This is the present state of Europe just two months into 2015, one group prepares to invade the continent while another group is busy evacuating their people and rewriting laws that prevent Europeans fighting back against the first group. Thanks Jews.

 In this three way triangular ethnic warfare the Muslims use Kalashnikovs, Semtex and machetes, the Jews financial and political power and a handful of Europeans have reacted with a slightly rough looking blade of grass. It is a wrestling match in which Jews hold down the Europeans and the Muslims rape them. Even the manner in which we react is problematic, concentrate on the Muslim problem and you find yourself in a camp controlled by Jews who carefully monitor your arguments just in case you go full Nationalist and turn on the Jewish string pullers. On the other hand any political or movement leader to directly challenge Jewish power and try and expose the tribe would be instantly destroyed by the MSM, we can complain about it but there's not much we can actually do about it except pave the way, to change the discourse to ''unplug'' the masses and then watch as the eternal ones increasingly expose themselves, as they are now starting to do.

 I pondered this recently while watching a nature documentary on icebergs. A ''Moulin'' is a hole in an iceberg through which water flows, over time the the water erodes the foundations of the iceberg and, though the massive structure of ice seems static and solid, it will collapse because the unseen flaws have compromised its structure. This is the role we must play.

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