Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Multiculturalism As The White Holocaust

In trying to come to terms with the severity of the demographic crisis facing European people today it is almost impossible for the informed mind not to come to the conclusion that we are facing a deliberate and planned genocide through racial replacement, loss of territory and race mixing, all of which are promoted by our elites, media and academics, a massive proportion of whom are Jews, or owned by Jewish money. One of the reasons Jews have become so powerful is because of the Holocaust narrative they have relentlessly pushed upon our people, it is a tool that serves multiple functions, all of them benefit Jews to the cost of our people. With such a powerful tool potentially helping us in our cause it would be unwise to overlook the advantages possible, already the memes ''Diversity = White Genocide'' and ''Anti Racist = Anti White'' have made tentative steps toward breaking into the public conscience. However, a far more thorough and deeper effort could be made toward turning the fact of our genocide into a major benefit in actualizing it within our people mentally and binding us together through the process of reversing it and ensuring nothing like it ever happens again. Various terms have been used by the Nationalist, New Right such as White Genocide or The Great Replacement, I'm not arguing here to use the term ''White Holocaust'' but to investigate the methods used by the Jews and see if we can adopt them to be used in our present struggle, to co-opt and undermine  the Jewish Holocaust myth. 

The Here and Now.

At present White people are forced to sit back and watch as year by year they are replaced in their towns and cities. Each day brings a new story, a new obscenity, a new demand, a new revelation of rapes and government cover up. Our children dwindle in the school yards and our women fear ending up in an immigrant area by mistake and being brutalized. The press tell us blatant lies and the few brave souls who speak out are publicly destroyed, ritually slaughtered. The political parties offer absolutely nothing and many of us are starting to understand that there is no end in sight. But the people can't understand why, to say it in the wrong company or write it on the wrong forum will see you ostracized. If we can explain that this is our own genocide, that the ''elite'' are phasing us out for reasons of high finance and ideology and, in the case of Jews, racial supremacy, we will be on the road to awareness, at least. This is where we find ourselves now.

Binding The Group

The Jewish people were the most ethno-centric people on earth even before they managed to perpetuate their narrative of attempted genocide at the hands German National Socialists. The purpose of the Holocaust mythology is not just to guilt trip Europeans but to further bind and strengthen the ties that hold Jews together as a people. All European people, today, are being targeted as a group but, because of the Liberal hegemony, they tend to see themselves as individuals with personal interests, but not group interests. The creation of a White Genocide, or ''This is our Holocaust'' narrative will bind Europeans to an awareness that, though they hold no animosity toward another group, they are nevertheless being attacked as one. A White person may go to the corner shop owned by Pakistanis and be on friendly terms, they may have a Black colleague, but the difference is the White belongs to a group who are being destroyed, and further, the Black and the Pakistani are the means of that destruction. Naturally, then, Whites will seek common cause with each other, and Whites who are indifferent will be shunned, or treat as idiotic.

The Iconography of Genocide

The Jewish Holocaust myth is instantly recognizable by a distinctive set of iconic images, grainy black and white footage, masses of Germans marching, striped pajamas and shaven heads. The era of White Genocide is also producing its own imagery, there are already images which begin to reflect on White dispossession which are working their way into the psyche of the general populace:

And people.

Such images and phrases, and many more like them will be burned into the minds of our people as symbols of the age when they almost lost everything. They will form a rogues gallery of the people who tried to destroy them along with the quotes and leaked documents of ''rubbing our faces in diversity''. Having established a foundational basis for a new White identity and then using that identity to push back and regain some modicum of control over our destiny, the next task will be to gain power within the MSM. We must look to exploring every facet of our enemies motives and desires, movies should be made, books written, statues erected to our people lost. In due course the raped English girls, for example, could be honoured with a 300 ft statue in Rotherham much like the gigantic ''Motherland Calls'' statue in Russia.

                                                        ''Dedicated to Girl B, Rochdale''

We Are Not Jews

The purpose of going full throttle into spreading the truth of an epochal Genocidal event taking place in which we are the victims is not to end up wandering around with a begging bowl, or to guilt trip other ethnic and racial groups, as Jewry does. It is to bind our people together, to sound an emergency alarm and then fight back as a people under sustained, life threatening attack. If final victory is achieved it should be, and will be, celebrated as a momentous and heroic outcome, a triumph of good over evil. The Jewish Holocaust myth will be made irrelevant, the truth or fallacy of it unimportant, because we have had our own attempted Genocide, and the Jews were at the heart of it. Furthermore, the pernicious mind warping of Cultural Marxism, also part of the Jewish assault, will be dissolved in the minds of our people. The worst and sickest of our own will be resettled with the Third Worlders, the plotters and leaders will face a Nuremberg style trial.

 With all of the correct elements in place we will then move on to remake our destiny, and we will say ''Never Again'' as we do so. 

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