Friday, 13 February 2015

The Telegraph on Muslim Demographics: More Liberalism Is The Answer!

Last week saw the publication of yet more evidence that the Muslim situation is spiraling out of control, a new set of stats revealed the Muslim demographic onslaught had gathered pace and there are at least 4.7 Million Muslims in Britain, 8.1% of school children are Muslim and that will double within another few years, then double again, and again. To most of us here, out in the 'Badlands'' of political attitudes and analysis this will come as no surprise, we've been saying it for years but what is always of interest are the lies and double think peddled by the Liberal pundits who brought this apocalypse on us. The task of the intelligentsia is now, to a large degree, to act as an emergency Fire Brigade, they are on standby 24/7, always at the ready to douse out the flames of the latest Islamic related horror story.

  The Liberal media deals with another story of enrichment
    The Telegraph's Jamie Kirkup is one of the duller, nondescript of these Liberal Firemen. He is a dry number cruncher, not for Jamie the hysterical preaching of more amusing Liberals. Jamie whittles everything down to numbers and percentages. In his article ''Worried about Muslims in Britain? Here's the Answer'' Jamie reels off statistic after statistic, bashing the calculator trying to make sense of the numbers which reveal Muslims are hugely unemployed, sick, uneducated and prone to crime.

Predictably Kirkup advocates ''integration'' as the panacea to Muslim issues, given that immigration shows no sign of slowing down and given the population of Pakistan is over 180 Million, topped off with the booming Muslim birth rate already in the UK, what Kirkup is advocating is the eradication of the Native British. Obviously he won't see it like that, humans are just a set of values, but what values? Kirkup isn't smart enough to understand his programming, but he does reveal it:

But comparing Muslims with other Britons, it concluded that “much of the difference on socio-moral opinions was due to socio-economic disadvantage and high religiosity, both factors which predict social conservatism among all Britons and not just Muslims.”

 This isn't true, Conservative voters are the richest in the country, what he really means is working class Whites who have not been through the University mind cleansing of Neo Marxist indoctrination, it's clever way of slipping the idea that Muslims are merely just another bunch of troublesome non Liberals. The solution to the Muslim Question, then, is to turn them into Liberals, to atomize them and reduce them to consumerist robots, Kirkup finishes with :

'' Really, turn more Muslims into fully paid-up members of the Waitrose-shopping, Audi-driving, Boden-wearing middle-classes and their values will take care of themselves.''

In actual fact it is Kirkup's values which are threatened because they only belong to Liberals such as himself, they are not the default setting of humanity and though Muslims may enjoy the trinkets that the West has to offer they are beholden to something far more powerful and dangerous, faith, tradition and the supremacy of their religious convictions. The ''Higher Education'' scam isn't going to work either because the Neo Marxist program is an entirely Anti White, Anti European enterprise. Muslims see it for what it is, weakness. A Muslim in ''Uni'' will get told that the host culture is oppressive and evil and too White and all the rest, this only serves to reinforce his identity, and eventually force his ideals onto the Liberal thinking that allowed him into the West in the first place.

It is doubtful that anyone took Kirkup's article seriously, or at least the 87% of readers who answered the poll didn't. It's all so pitifully detached from reality you could get the impression these people will be relieved when they are finally removed from the public sphere.

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