Saturday, 2 May 2015

I'm Voting UKIP

After the collapse of the USSR Neo Con war hawk types such as Mark Steyn were fond of quipping '' We have slain the Dragon, now we face a multitude of vipers'' referring to the existence of groups and people who annoyed Washington based  Jews. Here in Britain we are witnessing something similar, the ''LibLabCon'' triumvirate is slowly dying and we too are witnessing its corpse spawning all manner of Liberal Leftist freaks and villains. This time last year it was UKIP vs LibLabCon, now it is UKIP vs LibLabConSNPGrePla! The standard Tory response to the rise of UKIP was ''Vote UKIP, get Labour'' but because the Conservatives and Labour

are nigh on indistinguishable the moderate rebels of Middle England merely shrugged their shoulders. Now, however, it can be said ''Vote UKIP and get Labour/SNP'' which is to say, vote UKIP and get a Marxist Jew and an Anti English dwarf.
This could be enough of a scare to have the gentle dissidents of UKIP scuttling back to Cameron, who is himself a Zionist in the pockets of Global Inc. The Lib faction of LibLabCon, meanwhile,  have utterly whored themselves by hardly even bothering to release a manifesto at all, instead they will see who gains power and then adopt their strategy based on that.
The Liberal Democrats could well be totally ruined and finished this election, an ideal scenario would be the Greens, run by a ghastly Goblin creature, Natalie Bennett, breaking the back of the Liberals and removing their ''King Maker'' position within LibLabCon. A good surge in the North of England by UKIP could deprive Labour of enough working class white votes to give us a Tory/UKIP coalition. The online betting syndicate ''Paddy Power'' who have money to lose depending on how this goes, have produced a table which explains this rather complicated state of affairs:

The question is, of course, why should we support UKIP at all? many in the reactionary Right/ White Nationalist movement will wail that Nigel is not ''Naming the Jew'' on Question Time or he does not explicitly oppose White Genocide, therefore UKIP is of no use. The fact is groups who do name the Jew amount to three men and a mangy dog sitting in a pub in Barnsley. We can whine about it, but that is how it is. What UKIP in Government will give us is a weakened enemy, the historical mission of UKIP is to slip into a position of power and do as much damage to the enemy as possible, Farage :"If I was in a position of power, I would take away a lot of their funding, a lot of their influence. I think in the modern world the BBC having this vast budget and this huge power over broadcasting is frankly an anachronism." The BBC which is Jewish run but paid for through an enforced tax upon the British people is a major arm of Cultural Marxist power in Britain, its demise is to be most enthusiastically welcomed
Then there's the EU, Farage is pushing for a referendum this year! on Britain's membership if he is in Government. This is not to be sniffed at, the EU is the most powerful arm of Globalism operating in Europe, if a country such as Britain were to leave our brothers and sisters on the continent would see it for the prison camp it is and begin to ask for their own referendum. Then there is the great many Politically Incorrect ''gaffs'' and statements we can expect from the newly prominent ''Kippers'' which will send the Liberal Left apoplectic. Indeed, even a strong showing for UKIP would send the Cultural Marxist drones into an unprecedented frenzy of hatred and rock their confidence while galvanizing and revitalizing the confidence of White Britain. 

 These are dark days, we are running out of time and we need a victory. Vote UKIP!

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