Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Diversity Fail: Racial Segregation Within The England Team

There are few places within the cultural sphere which have been bashed as hard and relentlessly with the Politically Correct diversity hammer as football. A sport which has as its core demographic able bodied white men, mainly of working class background and therefore not likely to go through the University mind heist, makes the High Priests of Globalism Inc very nervous. After all, these are the people the elites are busy abolishing and if their project went wrong these would be the people who strung the elite up or shot them.The Anti Racism campaign within English football is so hysterical it is fair to say that the football itself is not much more than a sport attached to an Anti Racism campaign.

A footballer can see a job which pays £100,000 a week! disappear for merely mouthing something on the pitch which could be construed as ''racist''by the lip readers the FA employs to keep watch.The white men who play for the England squad have been psychologically bombarded and cowed to such as degree that they will likely be  among the least racially aware people on earth, and yet, as The Daily Mail reports, not all is well on planet Multi-Racialism. In pictures taken while the players were off guard we see that even here, within the ranks of our raceless idols, nature will find a way.

The point here is not that these young white men (or the blacks) are race realists or racially aware, they would be mortified by the suggestion, but at a subconscious level their brains are making them seek the company of their own kind, and not ''The Other''. This is heartening to see, after undergoing a lifetime of every form of Politically Correct mind bending the elites can muster, with all of their vast resources deployed and all of their threats sharpened. They simply cannot override natures way of keeping these men fundamentally ethno-centric. Nature truly is our greatest ally.  

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