Saturday, 27 June 2015

Four Headlines In One Day

Yesterday at work I heard the reports on the radio of the latest Islamic bloodletting frenzy, the news is reported in small chunks of compressed information which typically last for about 1 minute. Over the course of the day I couldn't help but notice that the Liberal Agenda was responsible or complicit in pretty much every news item and that the various reports of death and gloom were all related. At one point the headlines were as follows....

Europeans have become so childlike, so naive, that they actually think lounging around on a beach in Northern Africa, in a Muslim country, surrounded by ISIS and a populace which despises them is a relaxing way to spend a week or two off from wage drudgery and paying taxes.

Our Globalist Masters speed up the work of White Genocide, on a day when the, soon to be ethnically cleansed, Europeans are watching the news and seeing their own people sprayed with bullets and beheaded.

Just in case any Whites get any bright ideas about actually opposing this hell, we are reminded why it is evil for us to do so. If white people stand up for their own interests they are Nazis, and as we all know, the Nazis are evil, and so by implication you are evil if you are white and want a living space free of  African and Muslim barbarism.

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