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Orangeism: Absurd and Magnificent

Last weekend hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom and Commonwealth celebrated the 325th anniversary of protestant British monarch King William of Orange's victory over the Catholic pretender to the throne, King James, at the Battle of the Boyne on the 12th of July 1690.  A victory which ensured the primacy of the Protestant religion and enlightenment, principles such as freedom of thought and expression,  throughout the United Kingdom and the English speaking world. If that battle had been lost, the world would be a very different place today. All of the former British colonies would most likely be Roman Catholic. The founding fathers of the United States would be highly unlikely to have established a new nation founded enlightenment principles if that intellectual heritage had been destroyed in the mother country 70 years before.  It is a momentous date in world history, and one which merits celebration and solemn commemoration. I have illustrated this article with photos which I took at the 12th of July celebrations in Southport, England in 2011. These celebrations are very small compared to those which take place in Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

The Union Flag proudly paraded through the streets of England

Of course, there is an element of absurdity in waving banners and banging drums to celebrate a 325 year old military victory as if it happened last week. There is also an element of triumphalism which regrettably serves to damage relations between 21st century white Protestants and 21st century white Catholics at a time when we should be finding common cause against a greater enemy. How fortunate we would be if white Roman Catholics were the greatest threat facing us today. However, in these days when patriotism and pride in our culture is in steep decline, there is something truly magnificent about the pride with which these people celebrate their culture and heritage. It is a spirit which the vast majority of British people would do well to recapture.  

A white British girl bearing the Holy Bible 

One cannot overstate the degree of personal sacrifice undertaken by the overwhelmingly working class people who keep these traditions alive. Our pro "multicultural" government does nothing to support this native culture. Flute band members in particular spend a large portion of their income on their instruments, uniforms, and travelling the county to attend parades. Celebrating their culture, history and heritage takes up the majority of their free time.  Theirs is dedicated patriotism of a type that is rarely seen today, and one which most of us would do well to emulate. 

Of course, the media establishment, who are horrified that white people might take any pride in their history, heritage and race, caricatures these proud patriots as eccentrics verging on lunatics. Any depictions of loyalist parades one might see in the mainstream media would have you believe that they are the preserve of thugs and hooligans. As you can see from the photos attached to this article, they are nothing of the sort. They are full of decent, respectable people enjoying a fun day out for all the family,  listening to patriotic tunes and waving the union jack. There is something very wrong with an establishment that sees beautiful white children carrying the crown and bible behind the union flag, and the laying of wreathes at the cenotaph followed by a church service, as the the embodiment of evil.   The recent campaign of defamation against Southern American "rednecks" who take pride in their culture and heritage through the confederate flag is greatly reminiscent of the media's demonisation of any display of British patriotism. 

A white British girl bearing a replica of the British crown

Beyond the colourful parades, there are broader lessons which we can learn from the religious and ethnic divisions in Northern Ireland and the West of Scotland.  These divisions are ethnic as well as religious because the vast majority of protestants in Northern Ireland are ethnically Scottish/British and the vast majority of Catholics in the West of Scotland are ethnically Irish, having been transplanted by the Plantation of Ulster and the Irish Potato Famine respectively. If overwhelmingly similar white Christians cannot live in harmony after several centuries and numerous national wars in which they fought on the same side, is there any realistic chance that a multiracial, multifaith nation made up of vastly different peoples such as Africans and Muslims will be living together harmoniously even several centuries from now? History tells us that the odds are not good at all. 

"The Twelfth" 

Some people in the broader pro-white movement take the peculiar position of being nationalist whilst having nothing but disdain for their nation, its totems and emblems, whether that be the monarchy or the US flag or whatever.  Like the orange parades, at first glance these emblems can seem rather silly. However, one cannot overstate the importance of symbols, particularly ancient ones, in uniting a people and rallying them to a common cause.

Another point we should consider is the need to build a coalition of people who are broadly on our side. Men who passionately love their country and spend much of their lives celebrating preventing Britain from falling to catholicism and "Rome Rule" are hardly likely to wish to see their country fall to Islam or African colonisation. As someone who knows many orangemen and loyalists, I can state with certainty that virtually all of them are extremely right wing. These natural allies are exactly the sort of people we need to nudge from their slightly outdated anti catholicism towards defending their people against more current threats, and they come with the added bonus of existing highly effective political and campaign structures and a paramilitary wing. 

There are those among us who would reject such people as being insufficiently ideologically pure because they have been known to fly the odd Israeli flag. They do this to antagonise the pro Palestinian Irish republicans rather than through any great love of Jews. If we reject everyone who has ever said or done anything we disagree with our movement will consist of one man and his dog boring people in the corner of the saloon bar. 

We can only succeed by building the largest coalition of patriotic people who are proud of their race possible. Orangemen, military types, right wing Tories, UKIPers, football hooligans and EDL types, the American God, guns and flag brigade. We need them all. 

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