Monday, 17 August 2015

An Encounter With The Anti Fascists

The lowest tier of the Globalist scam of imposing ''Communo-Capitalism'' onto humanity, starting with The West, is not inhabited by blacks or Muslims, they are gaining from the project. The lowest of the low, the most lost and soulless, the Orcs to the Judaic Sorcerer, are the white people who think of themselves as ''Anti Fascists'' or ''Anti Racists''. Over the last weekend in the aftermath of the ''White Man March'' in Liverpool, Nationalists, that is to say, white people who do not want to become a dispossessed minority, entered into heated debate with the Anti Fa at the Liverpool Echo newspaper. I thought I would post a selection of the exchanges in order that we might analyse the mentality of people who are desperate for their own group to disappear, though reading through the comments one can see that not all of these ''Anti Fascists'' are actually white but rather non whites using the insanity of suicidal whites to piggy back their own ethno-centric agenda into political discourse.

 The general tone is one of absolute hatred of white people, and as soon as their arguments are put to the test they revert to wrapping themselves up in Liberal cliche:

Again and again we see the Liberal mind is immune to facts and logic, when all else fails they will simply revert to calling the opponent ''racist'', like wrapping themselves in a comfort blanket.

Or rejecting the argument out of hand
It's interesting to note that for people who claim to oppose racism they are more than happy to have non whites who are blatantly anti white in their ranks.

Despite their hippy pretensions  the anti racist is totalitarian and genocidal.

And a pitiless liar

Non whites can never be blamed for anything, the Liberal mind removes any agency from them and spins it right back to blaming whites, even mass child rape.

And then of course there is the inevitable race mixer who has a personal stake in the anti white narrative
The painful truth for the outright Marxist is that he is himself  merely a tool of his oppressors, the reason they hate Nationalists is because their world view is founded on an utterly baseless assumption of the ''Brotherhood of Man'' so within this anyone who rejects the Brotherhood of Man ideal is a ''class traitor''. So Marxisms old and new have converged to create a monster in the Anti White Cultural Marxist.

The more I argued with them the more I learned their dialectic. At first they calculated on the stupidity of their adversary. Then, when they could find no other way out, they played stupid themselves. ...Whenever you attacked one of the apostles, your hand closed around slimy matter which immediately separated and slipped through the fingers and the next moment reconstituted itself. If you struck such an annihilating blow that, observed by the audience, he had no choice but to agree with you, and thus you thought you had taken one step forward, the next day your amazement would be great. The Jew knew nothing at all about yesterday and repeated his same old twaddle as though nothing had happened; if you angrily challenged him on this, he could not remember a thing other than he had demonstrated the correctness of his assertions on the previous day. 
Many times I stood there astonished. 
I didn't know what to be more amazed at: their verbal agility or their art in lying. 

Gradually, I began to hate them. 
Adolf Hitler

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