Wednesday, 19 August 2015

David Duke Destroys Kosher Conspiracy King Alex Jones

For the inquiring mind trying to understand the world around them, its horrors and injustices, its Thought Crimes and taboos, it's elites and what precisely their agenda is and who they are, the road to enlightenment is beset with blind alleys and dead ends. Alex Jones purpose is to redirect the ire of his predominantly European audience away from the true power and instead into a never ending maze of Illuminati, Knights Templar, Ancient bloodlines and Chemtrails gibberish. The most important issue for Jones is that Jewish power in politics, finance and the media is never discussed, that was until yesterday, when he debated David Duke and was eviscerated. So much so that Jones Jewish boss had to grab the microphone in a failed attempt at stopping the real truth leaking out from the ''InfoWars'' broadcast.

The question being asked now is ''Why did Jones allow that to happen?''. Personally I don't think he had a choice. Jones has been steadily losing credibility as the White Nationalist or New Right or Reactionary Right (whatever) has been spreading its message further and further. It's possible Jones thought he could make a fool of Duke and put the Jewish Question back into the box, if this was his intention it was a catastrophic failure. 

 You can also see David Duke's recent interview with Red Ice Creations here.

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