Friday, 7 August 2015

Deconstructing "Equality"

The left like to appropriate virtuous sounding words under cover of which to advance their nefarious schemes. One such word is "equality". The left, academia and mainstream media throw this word around as if human equality is a law of nature, understood and accepted by all. They behave as if Moses had descended from Mount Sinai with the commandment of human equality cast in stone. In fact, the Bible makes virtually no mention of equality as we would understand the term today. The Bible is quite clear in its support for traditional gender roles, distinct races and nations, and social hierarchy.

The notion of human equality first entered the public consciousness during the French and American  revolutions in the late 18th Century. The Preamble to the American Declaration of Independence famously declares that "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal...that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights...among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". The rallying cry of the French revolution was "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite". It is noteworthy that many of the leading figures in the French and American revolutions were Freemasons. Equality among masonic brothers is a central tenet of Freemasonry. It is quite possible that this may be where the French and American revolutionaries drew their egalitarian inspiration from. However, the masonic notion of equality only applies to members of the craft. It is not intended to apply to non masons or humanity as a whole.

George Washington in his Masonic Regalia

Similarly, the founding fathers of America clearly intended that their promises of equality were only to apply to those who they considered to be their brothers and equals. Namely, property owning white men. Most of the founding fathers owned slaves and all of them would have thought you mad if you were to suggest that women or negroes were to be regarded as equals. To suggest that the United States was established for the purpose of furthering the cause of universal human equality is to ignore all of the known facts.

Even the great socialist hero, Karl Marx, did not believe that the races were equal. The quote below could have come from the Fuhrer himself. Indeed, there does not seem to be any single or ancient genesis of the ideal of universal human equality. It appears to be a 20th and 21st century phenomenon which has grown out of Cultural Marxism and Blank Slate Theory for the sole objective destroying the moral fibre of the white, western world. 

It took particular hold in the post WWII environment when any discussion of racial differences was absolutely verboten.Since then, it has spread like a rot from treating women as equals, to treating the dark races as equals, to treating the disabled as equals, to treating homosexuals as equals, to treating transgenders as equals. There will soon me no degree of  physical or mental infirmity or moral depravity which we are permitted to disapprove of or discriminate against. This only serves to weaken our society.

If notions of equality were restricted to things  like equality of respect and dignity, or equality of opportunity and equality before the law, they would be harmless enough. However the left have decided to take things one step further and attempt to enforce equality of outcome. Although, for some seemingly unfathomable reason, the outcomes remain doggedly unequal between the races. 

This, combined with the evidence of IQ Scores,  rates of criminality, etc,  might cause the simple minded person to believe that the races were not in fact equal in any meaningful sense. However, the left cannot imagine that there might be any good reason why thoroughbred racehorses should win more races than donkeys so, luckily for us simple minded folks, they have been busily inventing more and more convoluted means of explaining away these disparate outcomes such as  Stereotype Threat and White Privilege.

The drive for racial equality in the US began with banning direct discrimination of the "no blacks need apply" kind and permitting blacks to attend white schools. Astonishingly, despite having had equal opportunity for several decades, blacks continued to lag considerably behind their white peers.  This caused the champions of racial equality to become even more determined in their efforts and instigate anti white discrimination in education in the form of affirmative action. North Carolina State University (whose equal opportunities dept  is, remarkably, 100% black) says that:-

"Without affirmative action, it is likely that our nation’s premier colleges and universities would be mostly occupied by white men and Asian American students, who tend to score higher on
standardized tests than women and other minorities". 

It seems that we might not be quite so equal after all, at least when it comes to passing tests. Attached below is a table setting out the grades which are required to get into US medical schools, broken down by race. Black and Hispanic students are admitted with much lower grades than white and Asian students. Attend a non white doctor at your peril. 

Not content with having the academic bar lowered for less intelligent black and Hispanic students, and blatantly discriminating against brighter white and Asian students in the process,  the equality commissars have taken it upon themselves to demand lower entry standards for most jobs, trades, and professions in order to help the dindu masses into the sort of gainful employment that most of them are hell bent on avoiding. This cunning wheeze is known as the disparate impact rule which prevents employers from implementing perfectly fair and neutral hiring criteria, such as requiring a certain score on a test or a certain level of achievement at school or college, if it means that minority groups are less likely to be able to meet that standard than white people or men.

Disparate impact has been used to lower the fitness requirements for the American armed forces to enable more women to pass. It has been used to reduce the entry standards for just about any job you can think of to a low enough level that black people might hope to meet them. Competence and efficiency be damned.  The Obama administration has even lowered the entry standards to become an air traffic controller  for the express purpose of attracting more black applicants. I'm sure it will be a great comfort to know that the control tower is a diverse and inclusive workplace  as you are plummeting towards a fiery death.

However, even after standards have been reduced to the lowest possible level, blacks still fail to make the grade. The minimum IQ required to join the US military is 85. People with an IQ below this level aren't fit to safely handle a knife and fork never mind a firearm. Even this rock bottom standard rules out 44% of blacks, 34% of Hispanics and 13% of whites.

Ironically, nothing has done more to demonstrate the intellectual inferiority of the dark races than the drive to make them equal. In  decades gone by we may have felt that their under performance was due to the fact that they were hard done by or hadn't had a fair chance. Now, they are the beneficiaries of every material advantage available. Entry qualifications are lowered just for them, white people are positively discriminated against, and still they cannot make the grade. The only advantage that white people can still be said to hold is that which lies within their DNA, and the facts would strongly suggest that this is the advantage that makes all the difference. The inability to make blacks the equal of whites, after decades and trillions of dollars of trying, is unequivocal proof that they are not equal and it is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that they ever can be.

The myth of universal equality is one of the most harmful theories in human history, not least because it led to tens of millions of deaths under communism. Blacks are brought up to believe that they are just as good as whites and grow angry and frustrated as it becomes apparent that they are not. Despite all of the advantages they are given, they blame their failure on "racism" and the white man holding them down. This causes them to lash out in violent and anti social behaviour. They would be much happier, and we would all be much better off, if we could accept and state the obvious truth of racial inequality and attempt to find blacks a role in keeping with their abilities.Farm labouring, janitorial work, that kind of thing. In fact, it seems that the wise men who founded America knew better how to provide blacks with a useful and productive life befitting their talents than we do today.

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