Monday, 10 August 2015

Kids Company And The Parasite Class

It's always fascinating when a story breaks in which the wheels and cogs and springs of the Liberal machine are exposed, the Kids Company debacle allows us a valuable glimpse into the mentality of the Liberal establishment. The obese Iranian immigrant, Camilla Batmanghelidji, long ago figured out how to play the game, she could have been just another unsightly foreigner angling to shaft the Native British, but by wearing ridiculous garb and mouthing endless Liberal platitudes she became ''flamboyant'' and because the Liberal establishment loves nothing more than an outsider telling them how to behave, they grovelled before her.
Ostensibly, Kids Company was a children's charity, but both we, the natives, and the Liberal class know that phrases such as ''inner city youth'' or ''vulnerable young'' or ''marginalized kids'' are euphemisms for black, criminal, gang, third world, non white, immigrant. Even the definition of a ''child'' is stretched to incredulity, one child was 24 year old Daniel Barnes who was given, not loaned, but given, £3000 for a removal van. A dinduess helpfully explains where much of the £150,000,000 which Camilla swindled, £37,000,000 out of the tax payer, went to :

 ''We would queue up and write our names down and get an envelope with £ was weed heaven on a Friday, you could smell it coming down the landings''
And Camilla didn't do too badly out of the scam herself, she acquired a personal chauffeur,  the chauffeur, who was an Albanian immigrant, earned £40,000 a year and had Kids Company send his daughter to a private school to the tune of £28,000 a year. The only reason any of this was possible was because the Liberal intelligentsia threw money at Camilla with wild abandon, the pop group Coldplay gave Camilla £8,000,000!  
Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, along with Jewish actress Gwyneth Paltrow and ''artist'' Damian Hirst and just about every other Liberal luvvie helped keep the money train chugging away. Camilla herself had Prime Minister David Cameron on speed dial, so when the number crunchers in Whitehall began to wince at the appalling expense of it all they could  easily be overruled. In any case, the  Jewish Minister for Government policy, Oliver Letwin, openly admitted that they were scared to let Camilla sink because Kids Company was a ''poster child'' for the ''Big Society'' project and he personally ensured the cash kept flowing. Eventually the rot could not be hidden any longer and a BBC reporter started to ask questions, questions which sent Alan Yentob, the Jewish ''Creative Director'' of the BBC and the Kids Company Chairman, into a frenzy. Though not even fellow Jews and BBC bosses Danny Cohen and James Harding to could stop the toxic truth from slipping out. 

 And so this, then, this is what constitutes our cultural elite in Modern Britain. A swarm of dopey pop stars, artists who make a mockery of the term, cretinous celebrities, moderate Muslims, flamboyant foreigners, a controlled press, all topped with  Jewish capos in strategic positions of control and all united in their profound contempt for the native people of these islands.

 Far away from the exclusive Coldplay gigs and the Chelsea fundraisers and Liberal Networking, up in a grim and long forgotten northern Town, thousands of underage white girls have been raped and tortured by the brown babies the Liberal elite adore. JK Rowling hasn't sent any signed copies of Harry Potter to the victims, Gwyneth Paltrow isn't turning up with Boris Johnson to sip on champagne while listening to ''Urban Poetry'' because the whole thing has been buried. The councilors and the child protection agencies and the police simply didn't want to know. Astounded the local white British ask ''How could this happen?, what the hell is going on?'' 

The answer to that is that the intellectual, economic, political and cultural life of their Nation is occupied by a vast Liberal parasite which despises them. Its hatred drips out of the London intelligentsia and oozes its way along bureaucratic pathways and into local government and law enforcement. When the weak willed dullard working for local council looks upwards, toward his or her ''betters'' in society, he sees the London Liberal set, that is where careers are made and that is where the trendy new ethics are largely emanating from. And why cause trouble? the mortgage has to be paid and £40,000 a year for ticking boxes is a nice little number. It doesn't take long for everyone to get the message, working class white girls are the new kulaks,  non whites are protected and fawned over.

 And so while girls with names such as Teonnie and Zaketa pick up their envelopes of cash for the Friday night weed session, girls called Tracey and Emma are being horrifically violated in decidedly untrendy towns with names such as Burnley and Hull and Rochdale.  And the Liberals in London congratulate themselves on their own moral righteousness and dedication to ''equality''.

 Damn them all to hell.   

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