Friday, 14 August 2015

Post Capitalism: The Shallowness Of The Left

Left Wing economics guru, Paul Mason, has a new book out called ''Post Capitalism: A Guide To Our Future''. In the video below Mason outlines his vision.

And so according to Paul Mason the present financial system will fade away, slowly drifting off into its dotage and not minding one bit that its power and influence, which has been centuries in the making, will be for nothing. The serfs will win out in the end because they have apps that bypass Google and robots and automatons to do their jobs, all that is left is to suppress monopolies and walk off into the sunny, luscious, pastures of absolute equality, the brotherhood of man will finally get there. As one reviewer in The Independent put it :

  As for the one per cent, they would be poorer – but also happier because their money does not bring them happiness. His brutality there is coated in saccharine.

It's always fascinating to note how naive the Left are on core issues, Mason seems to think that wars and revolutions are by-products of the Global Financial system and not an inherent part of its power over ''humanity''. The fact that the money power has enslaved vast tracts of humanity with debt, that is to say usury, is to the Leftist just another negative of ''The System'' and not its entire purpose, to ask ''why?'' and ''who?'' would force the Left down into rabbit warrens they fear to tread. The Left is itself a creation of the Money Power and that is why so many of its core values are completely on board with Globalism, as Mason admits, even after his Utopian vision comes into practice the Globalist superstructures would remain largely intact. So however this plays out we will still have the IMF, EU, UN and a whole host of dubious international laws and institutions to govern over us plebs. Needless to say, mass immigration will continue apace as will the Islamification and resultant ethnic strife. Low birth rates, are an issue for the Left only because of the inability of ageing populations to repay the Money Power, not because it is tragic to see peoples and ethnic groups disappear from the face of the earth. Earlier this year the German birth rate was reported to be the lowest in the world, to the thinking Leftist, this can be offset by immigration and automation. The Hamburg Institute for Economics put it thus:

 A study says Germany's birth rate has slumped to the lowest in the world, prompting fears labour market shortages will damage the economy.Germany has dropped below Japan to have not just the lowest birth rate across Europe but also globally, according to the report by Germany-based analysts.Its authors warned of the effects of a shrinking working-age population.They said women's participation in the workforce would be key to the country's economic future.
 "Without strong labour markets, Germany cannot maintain its economic edge in the long run," he added.

But this begs the question, what is the economy for? For the Money Power it is about milking humanity dry and blending humanity together to create an even more subservient cattle class. For the Left is it to raise, or lower, living standards depending on what their ideal level of ''equality'' is at that time. Both are insidiously materialistic, if not down right malicious,  both are empty at their core .  In the 1930's The German birth rate soared because Germany had been taken out of the Global Financial racket and all the resources of the German people, in Germany and on German land, were redirected to serve the interests of the Germans as a people. Not as a servile mass of debt slaves and not as disposable lab rats on the road to the egalitarian utopia, just as Germans. And for this the Money Power had half the world declare war upon them, Mason's expectation that Global Finance will go quietly off into the night is extraordinarily naive. 

 Having said all of that, if what passes for the ''Thinking Left'' is looking toward a new system which is not entirely dependent on Zio Banking and usury then, in these troubled times, might we not steal it and racialize it ?

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