Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Left Wing Virtual Reality

Recently giving my new Twitter account a run in I happened across prominent Leftist Owen Jones and couldn't resist tweaking his nose a little to see how he'd react, hoping for a lively debate. As far as gentile Leftists go, you'd have to try hard indeed to find a Lefty with a better pedigree than Jones:

  He describes himself as a "4th generation socialist"; his grandfather was involved with the Communist Party and his parents met as members of the Trotskyist Militant tendency.[4]
Here is our, very brief, discussion. 

I'm forever fascinated by the Left Wing brain, it's highly likely that as soon as Jones saw the word ''Jew'' in a reply his heart flipped, then there was the realisation that Jews were mentioned in less than flattering terms, and then, finally, that his core Leftist beliefs, his very identity, was being brought into question. And so he ran for it, in effect Jones was saying ''Stop it, this is not right.....I'm scared''. There were numerous options open to Jones, he could have denied that Jewish bankers and the Globalist Establishment were on board with his ideals, he could have argued that this was not a bad thing, he could have replied that it didn't matter. But there's a problem with that, for a Leftist.

 In the Star Trek series the crew are able to take a break from spreading Liberalism across the universe by spending time in a ''Holo-Deck'', a room where the ship's computer can generate any scenario or place, historical event or training program. The crew member can play out the role of cowboy or private detective or admiral of a 17th century warship. Obviously, if somebody wandered into the scenario and started pointing out the algorithms and programs which enable the illusion they would be less than welcome. This is basically the psychological situation of Leftists such as Owen Jones when confronted with uncomfortable truths. The reason Jewish bankers such as Jacob Schiff funded the Bolshevik Revolution was because their fellow Jews, who were in Russia and Bolsheviks, could use vague slogans and inspiring language to massacre the Russian upper class and then plunder Russia, which they did. The equally Jewish ''New Left'' or Cultural Marxism, which Jones is a famous advocate of, is equally useful to Global Finance because it facilitates the break down of the West, and European civilization, and race, which then allows Global Finance to see the people living there as units of production and consumption, rather than as distinct groups with ties and kinship. The reality of Jones is that he is a lower level henchman of this system, a willing dupe, but in his ''Holo-Deck'' reality he's a strident advocate of ''Equality'' and ''Diversity'' fighting the mighty for the oppressed and downtrodden. It's a different version of playing at being a cowboy or sailor. The irony is that Marxists used to refer to ''False Consciousness'' as being the state, not of themselves, but the proletariat masses who rejected their dogma.
 Paul Verhoeven's 1990 Classic ''Total Recall'' played around with  ''False consciousness'' too. This time Arnold Schwarzenegger is frustrated by his lowly and tedious life as a construction worker and has a brain implant which, arguably, transforms him into a super spy investigating a conspiracy on Mars. The plot is rather ambiguous as to what the real reality is, but we need not worry about that here.
I'll say it again, don't red pill me
In one stand out scene a suited man appears to talk Arnie out of his fantasy, he points out that the reality he is in he requested when he entered the Total Recall program, explaining the logical fallacies and paradoxes which exist within the fake narrative. Arnie shoots him dead rather than accept he's living in a virtual reality. 
 This is what we try to do with Leftists, it's why they come over as insane. It's why, when you point to the wiring of the Holo-Deck or the multiple plot holes in their narrative, they merely shut you down. For example, if the West is run by a racist White Patriarchy then why does it allow Leftists lucrative positions  on TV panels and to write in the most prominent media outlets, dedicating their well paid careers  to destroying that very White Patriarchy? If White Privilege exists then why aren't Whites using it to stop Non Whites outnumbering them in their own lands? Again, to ask these basic questions is to threaten to pull the plug out of the Holo-Deck computer.

It feels nice in their reality, as heroes of the oppressed and sidelined they get to feel good and morally absolved of the supposed crimes of their people. Trying to talk them down, or challenging their role play, is an assault on their very being. 
 The question is, what can we do about it? and the answer is nothing much in regards to lost Leftists, but we can reach so many people the Leftist Social Justice Warriors are left to remain in their fantasy, but removed from public, and placed in a padded cell, with a straight jacket and mouth gag. 
Tell me again how Muslims enrich us
Obviously, this would be easier if they did not have the very system they ostensibly oppose protecting them.

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