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The Agenda™: Great British Bake Off Edition

 A massive win this week for multicultural propaganda as one of the BBC's most popular shows, the Great British Bake Off, crowned this year's winner as Nadiya Hussain. To get an idea of how popular this show is, last year it was the third most watched show surpassed only by two World Cup matches.

Best British baker in all of Britain, Nadiya typifies the English rose

This is a massive propaganda victory for the Jews. To people who are not racially aware it sends the message that invaders in headscarves are "just as British as us", if not "more so" according to both "left wing" and "right wing" newspapers.

From The Guardian comes the article "Nadiya Hussain has won so much more than the Great British Bake Off". It contains the following assertions:

That an Asian Muslim woman in a headscarf can win a thoroughly British competition proves that ‘Britishness’ is broader than some would like to think
Nadiya’s appeal is quite simple. She is the quietly brilliant girl next door, and someone you want to be mates with. As wholesome as GBBO itself, she is what we might define as “quintessentially British”. Deeply humble – tick. Self-deprecating – tick. Unintentionally funny – tick. Good at Victoria sponge – mega tick. Or as one fan simply tweeted, “She’s just so flipping lovely.” 
Sorry Remona but the Jews have lied to you. This isn't what being British means. Nor are the defining values of Britishness "tolerance, inclusion and diversity" - that's a Jewish lie too.

Nadiya’s popularity has demonstrated how the vast majority of people in Britain embrace diversity and inclusivity, and are certainly not going to dismiss her based on religion, race or attire. That an Asian Muslim woman in a headscarf can win a thoroughly British competition proves that “Britishness” is a broader and more open concept than some would like us to think. It proves that whether you choose to wear a headscarf, a turban or a bowler hat, Britain is not limited by homogeneity but strengthened by diversity.

"Strengthened by diversity" indeed. That'll be why ethnics self-segregate, block vote, instigated a radical Islamist takeover of several schools in one city, agitate that White people are racist, agitate for "more diversity" aka fewer White people and gang-rape young White girls. Diversity is strength!

I recently heard a British Asian Muslim say we should be grateful to our “host” community. I know what he was trying to say, but I had an issue with it. We are not guests at an afternoon tea. We are the hosts, laying the table spread – Nadiya is testament to that.

Absolute bullshit. If it weren't for Jews and traitors you would all be living in the third world shitholes your people built.

Anyway, who is this woman to tell us what being British is about?

Remona Aly, who is clearly not British, tells us what Britishness is

The "right wing" papers have the same message. Here is the Telegraph (which was reliably fairly right wing until American Jew Jason Seiken flew over, sacked everyone and replaced them with Jews, non-Whites and SJWs) with the article "Shock! Horror! Nadiya, a Muslim woman, might win the Great British Bake Off"

She’s the face of today’s Britain: authentic, honest, creative, emotional, heartfelt and honest.

That's not what Britain is. That could literally describe anyone anywhere.

These racialised attitudes infect the Government’s rhetoric – and lead to politicians describing refugees as a ‘swarm’ or talking of immigrants who come to work here and who contribute to the economy as a strain. (Theresa May’s latest speech is a case in a point).
By limiting Muslims’ collective identity to that of their religion - and then linking us all ominously to terrorism through guilt by association - is how the Government gets away with making schools and universities police our thoughts. It’s how Muslim charities can be ignored at the Conservative Party Conference.

Whinge, moan. And how would a Christian charity be received in a Muslim country? And if you dislike the talk of immigrants as a strain (and btw, love, 50% of Muslim men in this country are unemployed and 75% of Muslim women) then you, Nadiya and everyone else are quite free to piss off to any of the many Muslim countries that should be your homes.
Shelina Janmohamed, another invader who believes she has the right to define Britishness

All of this is a massive smokescreen anyway to the fact that, as well as not being native to the British Isles and having no right to be here (as no one ever voted for massive immigration), the majority of "British" Muslims only watch the Muslim cable channels and reject all aspects of British life. They would not appear on a kuffar television programme and the idea of a Muslim woman going on a kuffar show and mixing with kuffar males would appall them.

Given that again and again polls show the majority of Muslims want to live under Sharia Law, that huge percentages hate the West and believe terrorism is justified etc (the percentages are even higher for young and second and third generation Muslims), it looks pretty obvious that most "British" Muslims are nothing like Nadiya. It is a fact that when Muslims move into an area one of the first noticeable signs is that gardens and the frontage of homes to to seed. Often front gardens will immediately be concreted over for more parking space for family members but even if a Muslim did take to gardening, hobbies in Islam are haram, because they are seen as Satanic distractions from thinking about Allah. 

Local imams police Muslim communities so if someone is seen to be engaging in hobbies like gardening or baking cakes their family will be notified and shamed, and there will be extreme pressure on that person to the point of threats to disown them unless they stop. Nadiya apparently grew up in London but now lives in Leeds. Living away from her "community" is why she is able to do things most "British" Muslims would not be permitted to do as most remain within the same insular and self-policing "community" their whole lives. This is a huge reason why painting her as representative of Muslims in Britain is completely bogus.

The programme was clearly engineered to have a non-White winner

Rather than them having chosen the best contestants to put on, they did what I had suspected from the beginning that they would do to ensure the "correct" outcome of a non-White winner - they chose the best non-White contestants and filled the White slots with colourful characters rather than particularly good bakers. The reason why I knew this was the case from the outset was because the White contestants were mostly fairly awful at baking and so had clearly been chosen because they had tattoos, were bodybuilders or came from unconventional or "quirky" jobs, or had careers that the media class considered right-on and trendy.

Not sure what is British about a third of these people

Of the eight White contestants, one was a travel photographer turned househusband (politically correct) and personal photographer to the Dalai Lama when he visits the UK (very trendy in left-wing circles) and one was "a professional musician, who has toured the world as lead singer of his band" (this apparently counts as part of a "representative mix of Britain" - maybe if you are a left winger working in arts and media...). The latter had the bonus of being a fedora-wearer with tattoos to give the whole "bet you wouldn't have him pegged as a baker!" vibe, and indeed he turned out to be utter rubbish so was the first to be kicked out.

Shock horror that non-British people outbaked this British man who was quite clearly one of the best bakers Britain has to offer. Thank goodness we let immigrants in to show us how baking is done.

There was a child welfare officer who volunteers with deprived kids after work (being a child welfare officer is a marker in the UK of being left-wing) and a pensioner who was entered by her daughter and until recently "didn't even know how to boil an egg". Both women were very bubbly and talkative so that is a likely reason they were chosen rather than any particular skill at cooking. Another of the contestants was a prison officer (considered an "unlikely profession to be a baker") who had previously performed ceremonial duties at Buckingham Palace in the Coldstream Guards (example of what the producers would have considered an "unconventional" career) and another contestant was a female bodybuilder ("quirky", politically correct in that it "defies gender expectations"). Finally there was a 19 year old assistant at an art gallery and student-in-waiting, the profile of the sort of person who the show would more likely have had on in years past, and a firefighter from London who... well I'm not sure why they had him on really as he was fairly mediocre and didn't talk much, either.

I highly doubt that any of these people were even nearly the best White people they had applying and I have outlined the reasons I think they were chosen. Without the constraints of having to choose people with quirky backgrounds for their non-Whites, the producers' ethnic quota was filled by a West Indian accountant, an Indian doctor, a Filipino nurse and a Bangladeshi mother-of-three housewife (while White women are pressured into having careers to pay for brown women to have lots of children to replace the Whites).

Anna Beattie, executive producer and originator of the Bake Off concept, said the matter of casting on the BBC show was a natural process, where contestants were picked based on their ability to “bake and talk”.

In an interview with the Guardian, Beattie explained that from thousands of applicants this year, around 150 were invited “to bake to camera, in front of us”, because few people were good at baking both bread and cakes, and even fewer could bake and talk simultaneously.
She said producers on the show also discarded the “wannabes” – those who seemed keener on celebrity than baking. They then thought about “trying to get a representative mix” of Britain.

So a third of Britain is non-White, is it? Considering one of the White contestants was Lithuanian this brings the total count to only 58% White British. Don't get too ahead of yourself in the White genocide, Beattie, you'll give the game away! What's disappointing is that among the key personnel of Love Films there don't seem to be any Jews. Unfortunately though, as the media and arts elite gatekeepers are Jews, Whites who are allowed into the fold are all left wing and very politically correct - that is, subscribe to "Jewish values" - so that the show was run by White traitors is not too surprising.

The last 4 seasons each featured 2 non-Whites which was really over-representation of the number of non-Whites in Britain (and certainly a huge over-representation of non-Whites who bake) but clearly the producers are in a hurry for White people to die and be replaced by more diverse and multi-cultural humans so they have sped up the procedure in their casting. The result is a massive propaganda victory for the Jews and globalists who are committing genocide on us - British people smile as they are taught that invaders are every bit as British as us. So come on, open the borders and welcome your enrichment.

Michelle Obama visits a British school in London that typifies the British values of tolerance, diversity and inclusion

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