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Help! My Girlfriend Is Racist!

I recently happened to come across this discussion on a forum, just when you think the White race has reached its lowest ebb you come across something like this. You think we have tumbled to the bottom of the pit and landed sharply on the concrete floor only to have another trap door open, and you are then confronted with, an even deeper level of despair. It's all on display here, the moral signalling, the self loathing, the ''Liberal Poker'' meaning, when one drone offers up his Anti Racist credentials another pops up and has to go further ''Try talking to her'' is met with ''Oh God no, dump her, think of your future children!''.  It simply isn't natural to behave to like this. Truly, Anti Racism is worse than the Black Death.

submitted 6 hours ago * by BlanketedStatement
So I've been dating my girlfriend for a year. We lived together at one point but had to move out for financial reasons. Part of me wanted to break up then because she was always getting on my nerves, we didn't and things have been going much smoother now that we live apart ( we moved in together way too soon because I was living in an apt with a horrid living conditions).
Lately however, she's gotten a lot more hostile with Muslims, specifically Arab Muslims, and it bothers me a lot. She was already pretty racist towards black people and I've been trying to work with her on that. Her mother is much worse about it so I'm starting to think it's not going away and I don't think I want to argue with my children one day abot why not all black people are lazy.
I can't tell if I sound like some whiney SJW or something.
Tldr: Racist girlfriend's got me down.
Edit: Fixed some typos( I can't believe you all could understand me), thanks everyone, I think I know what I need to do. Edit 2: Wow someone brought the down vote brigade o.O

[–]JuniperBeans 13 points 6 hours ago 
It'd be a dealbreaker for me.

[–]TheAngryPenguin23 9 points 6 hours ago 
She's racist, that would be a dealbreaker for me.
Also, it sounded like she drove you up the wall just from living with her. What kind of future do you see with her? Are you going to live together? Not exactly a good sign if things go smoothly only when you aren't in the same house together.

[–]BlanketedStatement[S] -1 points 5 hours ago 
Yeah but I thought that might have been because we moved in too soon.

[–]1IsNotTooHappy 7 points 6 hours ago
Whiney? God no. Any bit of racism is too much racism.
For me, I would never keep a racist person in my life let alone date them. With racist people, it is usually just the tip of the iceberg. They tend to be an ignorant, stubborn and angry bunch with next to no self awareness. Those are my most hated traits.
I guess if you wanna keep this relationship afloat, I would try to have a rational discussion about it and see if you can get her to see the light. Have you done that? If no resolve is found, you could perhaps if she can simply keep her racist thoughts to herself and not mention them around you.
If she can't at least do that, then she clearly has no respect for you, which wouldn't surprise me given her mentality

 [–]BlanketedStatement[S] 0 points 6 hours ago 
I have, and she will shut down the conversation with "I don't care"

[–]flaming_goldfish 2 points 5 hours ago 
Shut her down. Just tell her what you feel quickly and concisely, that you can't be with someone who is ignorant. May seem harsh, but if you're planning a future with her, it may get worse and it may affect your (future) children.

[–]BlanketedStatement[S] 0 points 5 hours ago 
I also don't just want her to keep her racist thoughts to herself, I want her to NOT believe these things. She doesn't even know any Arab Muslims, I happen to know several, a white Muslim, and a black one who is my mentor at work. They are all very nice people!

[–]flaming_goldfish 2 points 5 hours ago 
Yeah, exactly. Prejudices don't go away simply because they're kept silent. Plus, even if she doesn't say anything, you'll still always know that she has these thoughts.

[–]ofthrees 1 point 5 hours ago 
if you want a girl who doesn't believe these things, you apparently need another girl. because SHE does. and she's never going to NOT.

Oh, I see, it's just racism is nothing more than a rejection of maladaptive utter faggot

[–]1IsNotTooHappy 0 points 5 hours ago 
Once communication brraks down on an important front, the relationship becomes toxic. You either need to find a way to open that communication again or go see a therapist together.

Aside from that, you just put up with it and continue living in a toxic relationship, which many people do due to lack of confidence to persue a healthy one.

[–]arcxiii 3 points 6 hours ago 
Prejudice can be a hard thing for someone to turn away from, especially if they grew up hearing it all the time. It sounds like you've had a lot trouble in this relationship already. Racism would be a deal breaker for me. Only you know if it's one for you.

[–]BudongHerder 2 points 6 hours ago 
If she was just parroting her mother, rather than believing it herself... that would be something that potentially could be worked through. But it sounds like she is a full-on racist herself, so it isn't going to go away. Do you really want to stay with someone with that much hate?

[–]fuckicant 2 points 6 hours ago 
I don't think I want to argue with my children one day abot why not all blacks people are lazy.
Fundamental difference in values, believe me you are not having children with this woman. After your 1 year with her, has her views changed ? A racist can be educated, a 32 year can change, but it can't take that long.

[–]BabaOrly 1 point 6 hours ago 
It's super depressing to me to think that your feelings would be considered SJWism. You're definitely right and she is definitely wrong, and if she's not willing to change and change quickly you're going to have to end it. This will result in you having to teach your children that their mother's racism is unacceptable.

[–]BlanketedStatement[S] 2 points 5 hours ago 
Oh god, I didn't even think about that. I'd have to sit down with my child every time she(the mom) said something racist and explain why she's wrong. Or get into an argument I front of the child.

[–]bitchypants 1 point 5 hours ago 
Truthfully, everyone is racist and/or prejudiced in some way. Human beings are conditioned to be suspicious of the "other." The problems start when people either 1) refuse to acknowledge that they have prejudice (thereby letting it impact their decision making and opinions, see "colorblind") or 2) they trust their instinct (literally, an instinct) because they just know they're right.
So obviously the fact that she's openly racist is a real problem, but it's also indicative of a complete lack of self reflection and critical thinking. I wouldn't hang around, personally.

ETA: not judging you, but it's a strange world we live in when "social justice warrior" is an insult. If I hated people who fought for social justice, I'd at least keep my stupid mouth shut.

[–]ofthrees 1 point 5 hours ago 
eh, i disagree with everyone being racist and/or prejudiced in some way. i'm not. my mother isn't. my stepfather - despite his MANY MANY FAILINGS - wasn't. the vast majority of my friends aren't. there's no suspicion of 'other' among any of us. there actually are people out there who judge others based on who they are and what they do, rather than what they look like. your assertion that everyone is racist might say more about you and your own internal dialogue than it does about anyone else, to be honest.
(though i definitely agree with your second paragraph, and your third.)

[–]ultrapwnd 1 point 6 hours ago 
You should think if you want your potential kids to be racist, or if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who views people of other races/religions as inferior.

[–]ofthrees 1 point 5 hours ago 
i'm kind of surprised you even hung in there with the anti-black shit, to be honest. especially considering she apparently comes from a family with the same shitty views.
you're correct to worry about the impact on your future children.
i'd be out.

[–]sagittamusic 1 point 3 hours ago 

Stop trying to fix your gf. She's racist, that's who she is. Recognise it for what it is, a terminal illness. Dump.

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