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Race Is Only Skin Deep...Right?

Some of the most frequent, and stupidest, points we come up against are the leftist cretins who say things like "What difference does it make what colour people are?" or "You think melanin causes crime?" or similar contemptible idiocy predicated on the assumption that race really is nothing more than skin colour. That, by some miracle, the end result of 75,000 years of divergent evolution in isolation from each other was that all of the members of the human family should arrive at the exact same end point, save for a few surface features for the filtering of sunlight. This is, of course, nonsense.  The "race is only skin colour" meme is the cornerstone of the egalitarian liberal's world view. Successfully attack that and their whole belief system comes crashing own.

Setting out a detailed summary of the genetic basis of 75,000 years of human evolution is beyond the scope of this blog. Instead, I intend to provide a selection of information which proves the biological reality of race. The bulk of the information in this blog is drawn from two books, Phillipe J Rushton's Race, Evolution & Behaviour, a pdf of which is available here, and Nick Wade's excellent "Genes, A Troublesome Inheritance" which is available from your favourite bookshop or torrent site. For the sake of brevity I am not going to link to the relevant scientific study for each point made in this article. If you are interested in reading further, they all come from one of those two books, both of which I highly recommend.

Homo Sapiens arose in Africa 200,000 years ago. Around 70,000 years ago a small band of a few hundred humans left Africa and went on to populate the other continents. Every human being alive today, who is not a Sub Saharan African, is descended from this small group of a few hundred souls. There is more genetic diversity within Sub Saharan Africans than there is in the rest of the human race combined.  A Norwegian is more closely related to a Chinaman, or an Englishman to an Afghan, than one African is to another. This is hardly surprising given that the first two thirds of our evolutionary history were spent in Africa.

The physical differences between human populations are the easiest to prove, and the best starting point for someone who is new to, or positively hostile to, the subject of racial differences because they are measurable and irrefutable. Establish these physical differences, and it is only a short step to the racial differences in IQ and behavioural traits.The dominance of negroes in certain sports is a good starting point as it does not involve any overt claims of white racial supremacy.

Every finalist in the Olympic men's 100 metre race since 1980 has been of west African ancestry.  80% of the winners of major long distance running events since 1980 have been from the 0.6% of the world's population who are East African  West Africans are among the worst long distance runners and East Africans are among the worst sprinters, with whites lying somewhere between the two for both disciplines. The most committed anti racist might argue that blacks excel at running because they train harder and have fewer economic opportunities so focus on sports. However, this cannot explain why negroes from different regions of Africa excel at different disciplines. Evolutionary biology can. West Africans have longer limbs compared to their trunks, higher bone density and more fast twitch muscle fibres. They also have smaller lung capacity which is excellent for getting oxygen to the blood quickly for a burst of speed, but poor for endurance. This explains why West Africans excel at any sport requiring short, fast, bursts of high activity but tend to be poor at sports involving endurance.

The converse is true of East Africans who have lighter frames, lower muscle density and larger lung capacity making them excellent at endurance events but poor at producing short bursts of high energy. Almost all American blacks are of West African ancestry, which is why they excel at sports like American Football and basketball which require short bursts of high energy. However, their high bone density makes them poor at other sports like swimming. Whites, on the other hand, have more slow twitch muscle fibres, which are used for strength rather than speed causing whites to dominate sports requiring pure strength such as weight lifting, field events and "The World's Strongest Man" contests.

We can only speculate as to the evolutionary processes which produced these differences. It may have had something to do with Africans' need to escape fast predators and catch fast prey, and the Europeans' need to move heavy rocks and logs in order to build shelters and ships.  In any event, it is near impossible to deny that the different races excel in different sports as a result of their different physiologies. Stefan Molyneux has made an excellent video on race and sport which is available here.

The physiological differences between the races are not restricted to the skeleton and musculature.The average brain size of the three principal races differs significantly, with the East Asian average being 1346 cm3, the white average being 1347 cm3 and the black average bringing up the rear at 1267 cm3. Black women have narrower hips than white women because they give birth to babies with smaller craniums. These are measurable scientific facts that are beyond dispute.

 As a result of these clear physiological differences forensic pathologists can determine a person's race from their skeleton with 85% accuracy, and from their DNA with over 99% accuracy. There are parasitic lice that can live on Polynesians but not on Europeans. There are many diseases and genetic conditions that only affect certain races.  East Asians have differently shaped teeth to the other races, known as Sinodonty. The precise gene behind this adaptation is known an is explained hereHumans who live at high altitude have specific genetic adaptions to suit that environment. I could go on all day, but I hope I have done enough to establish that the races are physically different from each far more profound ways than skin tone and hair texture.

Once we have established the physical differences cause by divergent evolution, it is a small step to establish that divergent evolution has also caused intellectual and behavioural differences between different population groups. The data on race and IQ is so well established.that racial egalitarians cannot contest the data, and are restricted to attempting to explain it away through risible nonsense such as cultural bias and stereotype threat.

More nuanced is the issue of race and behaviour. It is widely theorised, not least by Professor Rushton, that blacks favour an R reproductive strategy, involving producing the maximum number possible number of offspring,  whereas whites and Asians favour a K reproductive strategy, producing fewer offspring but committing greater resources to their upbringing (see R vs K). Prof Rushton's book details a number of measurable criteria which support this hypothesis. Blacks reach puberty at a younger age, have their first sexual experiences at a younger age, are more promiscuous, have a much higher rate of STDs, higher rates of illegitimacy, less active parenting from fathers an so on .All of these phenomena are observed in black people all over the world irrespective of the country or culture they live in.   

The different rates of criminality between the races are well established and beyond sensible argument, with US blacks being incarcerated at seven times the rate per capita of US whites. Of more interest is the cause of this increased incarceration. The cause is not poverty as poor whites have much lower levels of criminality than poor blacks. The most likely causes of higher levels of black criminality are increased testosterone, black testosterone levels are typically 15% to 20% higher than those of whites, much higher rates of the MAO-A enzyme and the HTR2B gene which are linked to increased aggression an violence (see Wade chapter 3), lower average IQ, higher rates of illegitimacy, poor impulse control and inability to defer gratification. Stefan Molyneux has made another excellent video on this subject which is available here

By necessity, this piece is broader than it is deep. My primary goal was to provide an overview of the biology of race and provide links to more detailed sources for those who are interested in the subject. I cannot recommend Rusht
on, Wade and Molyneux highly enough. They have been the doors to many a race realist's epiphany. I apologise to those among M Rev's uncommonly well informed readership who may already know all of this, but this is stuff that everyone on the Alt Right needs to know. Our objections to mass immigration are not about religion or culture, or "British/American values". They are about race and we should not be ashamed to say it, especially when armed with the data to support our claims.

Blank slate  notions of racial equality and the interchangeability of all mankind are the fiction upon which modern leftism is based. The issue of racial equality is the egalitarian left's achilles heel and it is the issue upon which we must attack them. The time for debate is over. The evidence is in. The races are fundamentally biologically different. To argue otherwise is to be anti-science, anti-evolution and wilfully blind of the obvious truth. To admit people of inferior races into your country is to diminish the quality of your country's population and weaken your country. The left have no response to this beyond their worn out old battle cry of "You can't say that. That's racist. I'm offended" which even middle of the road types are now wise to and heartily sick of.

Let us fight with right on our side. No sensible person can argue that the races are not significantly different from one another. If accepting the clear and unequivocal truth, as revealed by scientific data, makes me a racist then I am proud to be one. 

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