Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Don't Let Them Take Away Our Christianity.

Church of the Saviour in Blood, St Petersburg, built after the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881 by (((revolutionaries))) and symbolises Russian Orthodox pride from tragedy. One of the most beautiful churches I have seen. It is a mile away from the Winter Palace which also had its problems with (((revolutionaries))).

By Rationalty (edited/transcribed by Copyright101)

February was LBGT History month and lets all ‘celebrate’ by pushing sexual deviancy to youngsters in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘dignity’. Whether German women and children are equally allowed such dignity as they are sexually abused across their country is not really discussed at all, but then again the bigger the hypocrisy the more it thrives.

The purpose of this promotion of depravity, brought in via the gay rights Trojan Horse agenda, of sexualising (predominately) white youngsters is the undermining of Christianity and the family unit as well as the manipulation of encouraging kids to become gay or transgender by making it look cool and aspirational. Our enemies are experts in the world of advertising and propaganda so they know what buttons to press psychologically in using the politics of oppression to promote homosexuality as a moral virtue. The number of youngsters identifying as gay is rising so the promotion is unfortunately working. 

 Meet Stuart Milk who is the founder of LGBT History Month. ‘Stuart is an international human rights activist, LGBT rights speaker, government relations consultant, and youth advocate. He is the co-founder and Board President of the all volunteer Harvey Milk Foundation. As the nephew of Harvey Milk, the iconic civil rights leader, Stuart has taken his uncle’s message of authenticity, example of courage and the power of collaboration onto the global stage supporting local, regional and national human rights struggles and emerging LGBT communities on five continents.

Stuart Milk, a 21st century Fagin

Just look at him! No triple brackets are needed here. At any time in our history our ancestors would have looked at him and known instinctively that he’s a wrong-un. Great novelists such as Dickens, Shakespeare, Orwell and Solzhenitsyn knew what these people were about and had Jewish characters portrayed negatively to show their very real malevolence, which Europeans would have instinctively recognised. There’s no smoke without fire after all. Milk (Lithuanian Jewish descent ‘Milchs’) as a 21st century Fagin is allowed to pervert our children and if we were to say no to this we would be hit with both homophobia and anti-Semitism. It says a lot to how far our society has been hijacked by these barbarian enemies of civilisation.

Why is there no moral filter to such insanity? Much of this is course due to the media and how it has replaced the clergy as a moral guardian. The infiltration of the media is well understood in its role to push the agenda but specifically it’s the role of the Church that does and says nothing.

The Catholic Church and the Church of England have equally been infiltrated by the ‘long march through the institutions’ and in many ways they have had more success. The Vatican II reforms of the sixties are an obvious time where the rot really set in. The sheer scale of changes that took place in that period were immense.

Over a hundred changes to the Catholic Church’s policies, service and way of thinking due to the most destructive lie Western civilisation has ever faced; the holocaust. It was due to the Church’s role in not helping Jews who were not killed in their millions that Jewish ‘converts’ to Christianity such as Johannes Oesterreicher infiltrated the Church to undermine it and bring about the conditions for the Vatican II reforms. Due to hologuilt exploitation Jews were able to worm their way into our religion and accelerate the corruption process. Until the Second World War anti-Semitism was very much central to the Catholic Church as they recognised the damage the Jews do to society and what we are living under now is testament to us losing that wisdom. Western society would never have flourished under their domination.

 In the present day we are confronted with a Church that endlessly promotes mass immigration and the gay agenda and many believe that they are trying to recruit people by coming out with these ‘trendy’ or ‘stupid’ policies. It is all about driving people away from the Church in our hour of need. We shrug our shoulders when Christianity is insulted by Jesus depicted as a transgender or a sexual poem about Mary. It’s a psychological operation to pussify the Church by emotive manipulation to make it appear as limp wristed and wet as possible so that if offers nothing to us. We therefore abandon Christianity and thus our tribe, and so we are further weakened to more assaults. We are so embarrassed by the state of the Church we don’t care and don’t always recognise these insults are part of the process to fulfil the protocols aims to destroy our religion. We must not let them. The Marxist heretic Francis calling Trump unChristian is an example of this as the destructive element within the Church that likes to piss off Christians and push them further away. I mean Giles fucking Fraser and Chris Bryant for Christ’s sake.

Within the Church of England the Prime Minister appoints the Archbishop of Canterbury and of course there’s a political agenda so Rowan Williams calls for sharia law to be recognised and Welby pushes gay marriage. UK Column has provided information that Welby sits on an ‘interfaith’ organisation, the (((Woolf Institute))) which is funded by oil rich states and George Soros to subvert our religion and civilisation. That coffin dodging freak just gets everywhere.

I have a very pragmatic relationship with the Church. I don’t believe in God. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle on that one. I don’t believe in biblical dogma and teachings. Why on earth would I allow myself to be dictated to by enemies of our people who hold us to such ridiculously high standards? As though morally we are commanded to constantly turn the other cheek while they take advantage of us and rob us blind. The Church gave me a great education and I intend to pay back that practical application of knowledge by doing what I can to defend it. Of course I am outraged by the perpetual attacks (ISIS against Christians in Syria, Happy Holidays in the place of Merry Christmas, Christian migrants attacked and no one caring, Coptics beheaded, pathological altruism promoted as a virtue fooling Christians to believe they are being morally good by working as slaves helping immigrants, the list goes on and on). At this particular time when the people desperately need spirituality, morality and tribalism we must embrace the Church. Doesn’t mean we have to believe in God. All the gay priests, the Pope and agent provocateurs must be ignored and eventually removed. Don’t let evil people like that destroy our culture. It is the foundation of 2000 years of Western civilisation, the most beautiful buildings humanity has ever created in our cathedrals and churches, inspired so much philosophy and ideas that have contributed so much and provided the means for a stable structure with the self-replicating family unit of a man and a wife and their offspring. Many Muslims and Jews don’t necessarily believe in God as their religion is often a cover for the in group mentality that was indoctrinated out of us and they are very much tribal groups working together against us. We must restore the tribal nature of Christianity to unite us against them.

The film "Omen III" is a very fitting metaphor for where we are now and I don’t know whether it was intended as an allegory of Jewish power. The Devil, Damien Thorn, uses power, wealth and manipulation to achieve his ends as a rich billionaire coming towards the end of an insidious plan. I am reminded of the part in the film where Damien, the epitome of the oligarchical collectivist, is mocking Jesus and telling him of his scheme for the unaware public. Jesus weeps when Damien leaves the room in utter disbelief of the Anti-Christ leading his people away from him towards their doom. Don’t let them get away with it!

A Soros type mocking our Saviour. From the Omen III

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