Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Matalan - Made for Modern Families.

Plenty of juicy Agenda in this offering from Matalan. Lots of quick fire editing making it a masterclass in the Ludovico Technique.

So much in this one I didn't grab stills. It's relentless!

0:00 Mixed race mother and daughter.

0:02 Pregnant white girl she is alone [isolated]

0:03 White dad with new baby.

0:04 White stepdad with two white stepchildren.

0:05 Older white man [weakness] alone [isolated]

0:06 Black man and two daughters [dependable father figure] plus kids artwork [high parental investment]

0:08 White man and daughter but he's wearing stupid pink shorts [doofus/effeminate]

0:10 Black grandmother and (mixed race?) grandaughters [caring family]

0:11 White aunt & niece.

0:12 Older white woman [infertility] alone [isolated]

0:14 Crazy white chick alone [isolated]

0:16 Three white teens [siblings] but look wtf is this? Yes, girl in the left is missing an arm [infirmity, weakness]

0:17 Assorted white kids.

0:20 Cousins, a couple of black kids and then some white ones [mixed family]

0:22 Mixed race mother and daughter.

0:23 Bizarre mixed family. Mystery meat on the left. Is he dad, older mixed child, adopted? Plus six children.[same family]

0:25 White woman, non-white hubby with child. [fertility, parental investment, mixing]

0:28 Single white women [isolated] Pictured minus head but half dressed in sexy undies. [sexual availability of white girls]

0:30 Lone white woman [isolated]

0:31 Lone white kid [isolated]

0:32 Two white kids.

0:34  Lone white girl [isolated]

0:35  Lone white girl [isolated]

0:36 Black dad, white mum, three kids [mixing, parental investment, fertility] Also being sold as middle-class by clothing, activity.[responsible, high value].

0:37 Lone white kid. [isolated]

0:38 White mum and two white kids [implied single parent] Boy has his back to mum and sister [negativity]

0:40 An actual two parent white family with two blonde daughters! What the hell?! But they are depicted squabbling so a negative spin is added.

0:45 Lone white woman with green nails [isolated, sexual availability]

0:47 Two white kids messing around [siblings] but the boy is acting toward the girl in a manner designed to alienate us.

0:51 Lone white girl [isolated]

0:52 Three children, two white one black [siblings]

0:53 White boy and girl. Or maybe she's something else?

0:53 White boy, his mum and . . . her mum? But no sign of any men. [single parents] Also some implication of lesbian couple although the voiceover says 'generations'. Remember folks its what your brain sees that's important, less than the specific words heard. (Both women have wedding rings)

0:54 White baby, her dad and his . . . er. . . dad? Again we're told ''generations'' but what seems we're being sold here is some sort of gay couple of differing ages. (Passive/aggressive Agenda™ in it's all in your perverted mind! The script says baby, dad and grandad)

0:55 Normal white family with three kids! [fertility] In fact the sort of people Matalan are actually trying to sell stuff too.

As I said, waay too many shots to cover for this one, you'll just have to click through the video. What's the overall impression? The great thing with this ad is there are so many images we can get a broad sweep of  The Agenda™ being pushed into our faces.

Black and mixed race families are generally shown as larger [fertility] and happier [high value]. Black/mixed race kids are never depicted doing anything that could be perceived as negative behaviour [high value].

Whites are more likely to be shown as single [isolated] and with smaller families [infertility] and the white kids are more likely to be depicted alone and/or behaving in ways that send out subtle, negative signals. [low value] Also white girls are often depicted alone [isolated, sexual availability] Only whites are implied to be gay [weakness] and there is even a white girl missing half an arm. [weakness]

Edit: Images kindly supplied by Katana.

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