Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Dysgenics of Welfare

Most people reading this blog will have their concerns about the declining quality of the populations of western nations as a result of mass non white immigration. However there is another, equally insidious, cause of the decline of the quality of our population which affects whites and non-whites alike, that of government welfare.

Before the imposition of the welfare state at the end of World War II, and the increased taxation of the successful to pay for it, better off families tended to produce more surviving offspring than less well off families for a number of reasons including, nutrition, quality of housing, access to healthcare and so on. Over centuries, this led to the spreading of favourable genes throughout the population.

There is a useful analysis of this phenomenon in Nicholas Wade's excellent book "Genes, A Troublesome Inheritance". In essence, as the successful classes produced more offspring not all of those children can stay within the higher social classes occupied by their parents, so they fell down the social rankings, taking partners from the lower classes, thus spreading the positive genes they inherited from their parents throughout the population. This is how nature is supposed to work. 

During this period illegitimacy was virtually unknown due the significant social stigma attached to it. To fall pregnant out of wedlock resulted in the ruination of a woman's reputation and financial ruination if the baby was not put up for adoption.

Intro to Idiocracy

All of this changed when the left seized control of the west in the decades following World War II and implemented what was claimed to be a safety net to prevent extreme hardship, but ended up being the passport to life of indolence devoid of personal responsibility for the consequences of one's actions, the welfare state.

Now not being able to provide for a baby was no impediment to having one. Illegitimacy rates have soared. In 1911 just 4% of the babies born in England and Wales were out of wedlock. By 2010 this figure had ballooned to 47%. Women do not need to take the trouble to select a father who can provide for her children when the state will fill that role.

The heritability rate of IQ is 0.75 (on a scale with 0 being not heritable at all and 1 being 100% heritable). If the least intelligent members of a population reproduce the most, the average intelligence of that population will decrease with each successive generation. Prof Richard Lynn predict that western IQs will fall at a rate of 0.58 to 3.0 points per generation, excluding immigration, as a result of current fertility patterns. 

However, intelligence is not the only desirable trait that is more common among the more successful. Positive traits such as diligence and conscientiousness and negative traits such as criminality, addiction,and obesity are also highly heritable. Heritable diseases such as haemophilia and cystic fybrosis are becoming much more prevalent, and a much grater burden on society, as medical advances enable their sufferers to live long enough to reproduce and state welfare provides for their offspring. 

The dysgenic effect of welfare has been multiplied by feminism which encourages able women to pursue education and careers at the expense of childbearing. One third of female university graduates in the UK produce no children at all. This, combined with the massive dysgenic effects of the immigration of low IQ third world peoples, creates a perfect storm of genetic degradation and sets us up for  future that looks a lot like the film Idiocracy.

The real tragedy is that this horrific fate could easily be avoided with sufficient political will. As early as 1872, in his book "The Descent of Man", Charles Darwin realised the danger inherent in removing natural selection from humans by artificial mans, noting that "the weak members of civilised societies propagate their one will doubt that this is highly injurious to the race of man".  Darwin's cousin, Frank Galton, expanded upon these concerns and noted that, as the processes of natural selection had effectively been removed in western societies, it was necessary "to replace natural election by other processes" namely, selective breeding. 

Eugenics was popular throughout the west in the early 20th Century, with the US even going so far as to sterilise the mentally retarded. Sadly, eugenics fell out of fashion after world war two and it is now deemed absolutely taboo to be concerned about the declining state of our population far less suggest any steps to remedy it. As in so many areas, the problem is clear and the solution is clear. What we lack is the moral courage to apply the solution to the problem. 

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