Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Lies, Denial & Narrative Collapse: The Liberal Response to Orlando

In the early hours of Sunday morning Omar Mir Seddique Mateen called 911, and declared his allegiance to ISIS, before going into the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida armed with an AR15 rifle and a pistol. He held the occupants hostage for three hours, during which time he shot over one hundred of them, killing fifty, before a SWAT team stormed the building and he was shot dead by the police. Among considerable competition, this was the worst mass shooting in US History and the 44th Islamic terror attack on US soil since 9/11. Islamic terror attacks are now so commonplace that they are met with a roll of the eyes and a shrug of the shoulders rather than the outrage such atrocities deserve. Muslims killing and blowing things up is about as shocking a a dog barking. It's just what they do. 

Of far more interest than the attack itself  is the media and commentariat's attempt to shape the narrative in response to yet another massacre in the name of Islam.  We are all used to the liberal hand wringing and pleas that "this has nothing to do with Islam" that follow these events with such regularity that you could set your watch by them. However, this one was different. The victims were homosexuals and the vast majority of them were non-white (they had been attending an event celebrating Latino Gay Pride weekend when they were slaughtered). One of the left's pet victim groups had attacked another. How would they attempt to square this circle? 

Well, first, they crossed their fingers and hoped that the massacre had been committed by the mythical violent far right extremist. 

Of course, within hours it was revealed that Liberal Christmas (or should that be Winterval?) had not come early, and the attacker was in fact the muslim son of an Afghan immigrant. The father had links to the Taliban and the son had been investigated by the FBI under suspicion of involvement in Islamic extremism/Jihad. How would the liberal narrative shift to accommodate this development, particularly when it appeared to confirm everything that racist Nazi bigot and general embodiment of evil, Donald J Trump, had been saying about the dangers of Islamic immigration? 

Well, Omar was born in New York. The mere presence of Omar's mother on US soil on the day that she expelled him from her uterus was enough to make him as American as apple pie. He wasn't an immigrant therefore Trump's proposals to curtail Islamic immigration would have done nothing to prevent this attack. Completely missing the point that the fact that the children and grandchildren of muslim immigrants are more prone to radicalisation than the original immigrants   is hardly an argument in favour of immigration or the likelihood of muslims ever being successfully assimilated. 

Then we had the sleight of hand and the obfuscation, This wasn't an Islamic terror attack. It was a homophobic terror attack. Just because the gunman himself had declared allegiance to ISIS and reportedly shouted Allahu Akbar during the attack didnt't mean he was motivated by Islam. Oh no, he was just a common or garden homophobe who felt compelled to murder after being repulsed by the sight of two men kissing. In fact, he had more in common with right wing Christian bigots than the majority of decent compassionate muslims who are impeccable in their tolerance of gays and other minorities. We even had the bizarre spectacle of ACLU Lawyers blaming the Christian right GOP for inspiring the attack.  Compare the left's refusal to accept Omar's self declared motivation with their zealous drive to purge all trace and memory of the Confederate States of America after Dylan Roof was pictured in the vicinity of a Confederate flag.  

And then, we had the piece de resitsance of narrative shift. It was reported that Omar had visited gay clubs in the past. He wasn't a muslim crazed to the point of murder by the blood soaked ideology of his faith. He was a poor homosexual grappling with his sexuality. He wasn't able to be true to himself because he grew up in a nasty right wing religious household (Boo!) where the father's harsh homophobic remarks were enough to make young Omar's life a living hell, driving him to the point of murderous madness. The problem isn't Islam. It is the lack of tolerance of gays among all religious groups. Problem solved. Move along. Nothing to see here.  The fact that no member of any other religion has ever actually gone out and murdered fifty gays is an inconvenient detail that can easily be brushed aside. 

One benefit of this whole sorry episode is that we now finally know who features higher in the liberal victim hierarchy and it is unequivocally muslims. Gays have been unceremoniously thrown under the bus. Better that the killer be thought to be a crazed closet homosexual than a devout muslim. Better that homosexuals lives should be put in real physical danger than that the left's plan to flood the west with muslims should be abated. The left do not care about the welfare of gays. Decadent openly homosexual lifestyles are simply not possible in countries with significant muslim populations. Gays will go back underground or they will suffer violence. They will get no help but lipservice from the left.  

We on the right knew that this would happen, and we know that it will happen again. We know that the easiest way to prevent a tiger from killing you is to not invite it into your living room. We care about our people, even the gay ones, and want to keep them safe from harm. We will not endanger them by rolling the dice on their futures with insane social experiments. Events such as Orlando were unknown in white Christian countries until we started letting the muslims in. We know what has changed and we know what the problem is. The best test of a hypothesis is its success at predicting future outcomes. Our hypothesis is sound. We will be proved right again and again and again.  The liberal narrative is collapsing so fast that it is hard to imagine that anyone but the most committed true believers has any faith in it anymore. Sooner or later, the gays, the feminists, and the multiculturalists will come running to the maligned hetero white man to protect them from the hell they have created and put things back to how the used to be. I only hope they do so before it is too late.


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