Saturday, 6 August 2016

Five Shades Of Liberal

This week the government wheeled out plans to deploy a fully armed, paramilitary style police force onto the streets of London, and eventually elsewhere, to try and prevent Muslim terror attacks similar to that which we have seen recently in Munich, Nice, Orlando, Paris, Normandy, Paris (again), Brussels and Paris (again). 

 Unfortunately it wasn't implemented soon enough to save Darlene Horton from being knifed to death by a 'Norwegian Teen' enricher, Zacharia Bulhan, who in reality wasn't a Norwegian teen at all but a psychotic Muslim from Somalia. But the fact remains that the new imposing armed policemen are a direct consequence of multiculturalism, we need them now, we didn't in the past, mass immigration means the police are armed with automatic assault rifles and wear full battle armour, when we were an ethnically homogeneous country our 'Bobbies on the beat' were armed with flimsy sticks. 

 Shamelessly pillaging the blog comments I scored something of a hit on Twitter when I pointed this out:

Yes, it's the wrong way around

It's objectively true, a fact, to say that our police have had to become more like soldiers tooled up for a major battle than Bobbies, and that this is because of multiculturalism. But liberals don't like facts, truth, or what to most people passes as 'reality' and their reactions to it are worth noting and exploring...

The Hypocrite

Of course the liberal left would never try and use a tragedy to their advantage, they'd never, for example, use the photo of a dead boy on a beach to guilt trip Europeans into accepting people such as the Somalian who stabbed a woman to death for no reason. In actual fact there's a cruel irony in the scene of the crime, it hasn't been reported on or commented on at all by the MSM, but the knife attack took place right next to the Jo Cox memorial, whose death the liberal left never used for political gain, of course. Indeed, it's quite possible that Jo's memorial has splashes of the blood from the  Muslim killer's victim, which seems strangely fitting when we consider facilitating an Islamic invasion of Europe formed the great bulk of Jo's career.

 Accusing people of making ''Political Capital'' out of a Muslim killing people is just a desperate plea to 'shut up!' and not point out the obvious. It's a tacit admission that everything is indeed going to hell, and that the liberal left are largely responsible for it, but to point it out is bad manners. 

The Relativist

This is the most common tactic deployed by lefties in Britain, the implication is that nothing has really changed in London because London has never had a set demographic make-up. London, as the capital city, was indeed more 'diverse' than the rest of the country, but in the 19th century it amounted to some Jews, gypsies and Irish. Charles Dickens pays homage to London's 19th century diversity  in Oliver Twist, and the Jewish character of Fagin, except for Fagin, it's all White English. But the relativist would have you believe that if Charles Dickens returned to London today and witnessed a city which is 40% White and ruled by a Pakistani Muslim, he'd be fine about it and think nothing had changed.

 The aim of this dishonest garbage is to bamboozle the English, it is to say ''You have nothing to fight for because what you think you're fighting for, never existed!''. It's also a trap. Sadly, most of our people are still uncomfortable talking explicitly about race, the relativist argument dares the White person to talk about racial demographics, knowing of course that the ''Racist!'' cudgel can be unleashed and the White person beaten into submission. 

The Liar

As the liberal left narrative becomes increasingly untenable their reasoning and excuses become ever more preposterous. Their latest wheeze is to push the meme that mass murdering Muslims are simply sufferers of mental health ailments, there's a fair argument to be made that Islam sends its followers mad, but that isn't what the liberal left mean. They are attempting to remove the Islamic element completely. However, even if we discount Islam itself as a force for madness, the average IQ of a Somalian is 68! but they don't mean that either. They are expecting an IQ 68 African to behave and act as an IQ 100 White person would, and we should supply extra mental health services to make this happen rather than turn the police into shock troops to try and mitigate at least some of the ensuing carnage.

 And so the liberal left proposal is to allow our society to be overwhelmed by people biologically driven to savagery, a savagery which is then turbo-charged by the world's most barbaric religion, and then have our police confront them with little wooden sticks and cans of mace, while the mental health services try and turn the immigrants into an entirely different population. That is their reasoning!.

The Purple-Pilled Muslim

The purple-pilled Muslim is an interesting phenomenon and one can see where they intersect with certain branches of the left. The present woes of the Labour party are in large part down a hard Left/Muslim alliance who are somewhat 'Jew Wise'. This Muslim woman is far more aware of Jewish influence than most liberals. She uses the term ''Zio'' and genuinely seems to understand their shadowy power and plotting, however, she is only capable of seeing it in terms of the Muslims being victims of it. Never Europeans.

 If the ''Zio'' master-plan is ''Invade The World, Invite The World'' then the purple-pilled Muslim is only interested in the ''Invade The World'' part of the equation because the ''Invite The World'' part is of huge benefit to Muslims, and so rather than being honest about it they play a deceitful game out of self interest. Indeed, this woman is using Cultural Marxist White guilt tropes to flesh out her line of argument. 
 It's indicative of  the brutality of the game of ethnic and racial interest, this Muslim will blithely adopt or reject a given 'truth' depending on how useful it is for her group, there can never be an ''alliance'' against the 'Zios' between Muslims and Europeans because as soon as one side shows weakness, as Europeans do now, the knife goes in.
 Power is everything.

The Marxist
And finally we come to that old Left Wing dinosaur, the classic Marxist. To still be confronted with this thinking in 2016 is like a nostalgic throwback, it's like pulling on an old pair of slippers. He's correct of course, but it doesn't seem to have occurred to the Marxists that the society the rich have created is the multicultural society, and that the police are used to protect that society, to enforce it and crush dissent. But this relic of a bygone intellectual era can't see it that way, a knife wielding Somalian loon is simply an energetic member of the proletariat striking out at the bourgeoisie. If third world aliens were an actual threat to the rich or their system,  why did they allow them in to threaten that system in the first place? 

 In reality 'The Rich' have never been in a stronger position and they are quite ready to have mass terror attacks and murders, rather than a serious challenge, and the great joke is that Marxist thinking has assisted them at every step.

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