Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How To Slay A Marxist Academic In Five Tweets

A while back I made post called 'Five Shades Of Liberal' in which I attempted to dissect the mentality of  five random liberals on Twitter. Some comments under the post suggested the subject of debating leftists and liberals should become more of a blog focus, I remembered that the other other day when I happened to run into a Marxist teacher on a ''RefugeesWelcome'' trend after they protested in London demanding we take in more! Muslims.

 One of the points I hammer relentlessly on this blog is that the left are not revolutionaries but rather an inherent part of the system, they are not outside it, they are of it and everything they do and everything they endorse further empowers the real power, which is High Finance. 

 So, the test subject here, despite his youthful appearance, is not a student but a teacher, as you can see from his profile he hits all of the right beats and ticks all of the right boxes, he's your typical middle class left wing Twat.

After some preamble and knockabout insults I see a chance to saddle up my favourite hobby horse and go for a spin, a Marxist using the term ''establishment'' has that effect...

I have absolutely no idea what he was trying to convey here, for a Marxist to argue against Nationalist thought by invoking the tendency of people and nations to gather and huddle around their lands and peoples is stupidity on a monumental scale, it beggars belief!. And Brian seems to have understood that it is.....

...Because in his next Tweet he's wrapping himself up in the comfort blanket of all Marxists, Class struggle. 
Brian is now reduced to desperately calling on the ghost of Marx to offer guidance like Luke Skywalker calling upon Yoda. According to Bri and Karl, the working classes have more of a shared ''conscience'' because they are poor. 

In theory ( theirs not mine) the working class white man and the Pakistani dole bum who spends his vast amounts of free time raping and torturing the white man's daughter, have more in common with each other than, say, the white man does with his middle class sister who lives in a posh house in Somerset. It is absolute, unmitigated garbage.

 And indeed, the Jews who devised this gibberish thought it was a bit crap too, the problem with classical Marxism was the very fact that working class whites enjoyed family, kin and hearth rather than world revolution, hence the rebooted 'Cultural Marxism' or Political Correctness, which we all know and love today.

So Brian was triggered and blocked me, I will never again be able to contact him or interact with him on Twitter again. But hang on, I'm a genuine working class white man, Brian is a Marxist academic, it is he who should be reaching out to me! it is he who should be explaining to me that my allegiance is not with my own people and Europeans in general, but with the cheap slave labour of Indonesia and Brazil, that my real interests lie in uniting with Pakis and Africans in order to overthrow the bourgeoisie. I guess it would be easier for Brian to simply import a new population from abroad and ignore me, they can undercut my wages for Global capital, but hey, what matters is Brian's plastic middle class revolutionary fantasy.

 According to Bri I have nonsensical ideas from the 1930's, he must be alluding to the time the capitalist west teamed up with the Marxist east to smash Nationalism in Europe...... 

''LOL @ Brian''

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