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The Scourge of "Pseudo"

Most readers of this blog will be familiar with the left's quite brilliant use of semantics and sophistry, often completely ignoring the facts and data in favour of clever wordplay. Examples include erroneously appropriating virtuous sounding words like "liberal" and "progressive" for themselves and branding their opponents as suffering from various "isms" and "phobias" that are suggestive of mental illness. One of the most pernicious examples of the left's cunning use of language is their use of the word “pseudo" as a prefix to any academic work or idea that contradicts their world view. In particular, "pseudo-science" and "pseudo-intellectual". The Oxford English dictionary defines Pseudo as:

1. Not genuine, a sham.

2. Informal, pretentious or insincere.

Therefore, by the mere application of the prefix "pseudo", the left believe that they can instantly discredit anything they disagree without engaging in any discussion of the substantive issues. As always, they adopt this dishonest approach because the facts are not on their side. It is enough to cause one to suspect that their movement might be led by people with unusually high levels of verbal intelligence. However, facts will beat sophistry every time.

The left frequently use the term "pseudo-science" to dismiss out of hand any scientific evidence relating to racial differences between human populations. They will haughtily dismiss all of the data as irrelevant ab initio without even taking the time or trouble to address it merits. However, it is the left's shibboleth of universal human equality that is without scientific foundation. The notion of human racial equality does not come from hard science. It is a sociological and anthropological theory that gained traction for political reasons shortly after World War II. In 1948 the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) issued a proposal calling for the
 "general adoption of a programme of dissemination of scientific facts designed to bring about the disappearance of that which is commonly called race prejudice" 
They knew the answer they wanted before they even asked the question. This was not science. It was an exercise in propaganda.
UNESCO issued no less than four statements on race between 1950 and 1967, drafted by such luminaries as (((Morris Ginsbeg))), (((Claude Levi Strauss))). The 1950 statement was drafted by sociologists and anthropologists and included some truly startling, and entirely unsubstantiated, claims such as:

"Given similar degrees of cultural opportunity to realise their potentialities, the average achievement of the members of each ethnic group is about the same".  
The 1950 statement caused such an outcry among biologists and geneticists, who had not been invited to contribute to it rendering it scientifically invalid, that a revised statement was issued in 1951 which was far more reasonable in tone.

"Most anthropologists do not include mental characteristics in their classification of human races. "When intelligence tests, even non-verbal, are made on a group of non-literate people, their scores are usually lower than those of more civilized people." However, overall, available scientific knowledge provides no basis for believing that the groups of mankind differ in their innate capacity for intellectual and emotional development."

i.e. there are measurable differences in intellectual capacity between the races but that, at that point in time, they were unable to unequivocally state that these differences were due to genes rather than some other factor such as culture or education.

Since the end of World War II the unsubstantiated theories of (((Franz Boas))), that all differences between human populations are due to culture, and that no culture is better than any other, have become the only acceptable opinion to express in any western University. The chilling effect of this brutally enforced false consensus is that scientific discussion of racial differences has become a potentially career ending taboo in academic circles. Most biologists and geneticists who value their livelihood avoid mentioning the word race altogether preferring to talk of "population groups" and "genetic ancestry makers" but it amounts to the same thing. Any scientific data, however valid, which departs from this orthodoxy, is branded "pseudo-science" negating any need to engage with it on its merits. This is the antithesis of the scientific method.

Of course, the reason why establishment left is unable to discuss race in a fact based and scholarly manner is because there is no hard data which supports their dogma of universal racial equality. All they have to offer is well meaning platitudes and a variety of canards, red herrings and straw men which are embarrassingly easy to rebut. 

1. "Most scientists agree that there is no such thing as race". Yes. They avoid the word race and use less incendiary terminology like population groups instead, but it means the same thing.

2. "There is greater variation among the members of each race than between the races". This is true, but it is utterly meaningless. The fact that a white Olympic sprinter can run faster than an obese black asthmatic or that a black university professor is more intelligent than a white retard does nothing to change the different averages of each group. These outliers are already included within those averages.

3. "All human beings share more than 99% of their genes". This is true but, again, it is totally meaningless. We also share 98% of our genes with chimpanzees and 60% of our genes with chickens. Tiny differences in genetic code can create huge differences in outcome.

4. "Black people have higher rates of criminality and lower educational attainment due to their culture/environment". This has been disproved by countless twin adoption studies, but it is irrelevant in any event because whether their deficiencies a due to genetics or culture, or a combination of the two, the fact is that they exist. 

5. "No race is superior to any other". A classic straw man. Few people claim that one race is superior to another overall. Each race is adapted to the environment in which it evolved. Each race is better at some things and worse at others. Difference does not imply overall superiority.

6. "Race is only skin colour". See the numbered points below.

Racial egalitarianism and blank slate theory are virtually fact free. They are an exercise in obfuscation and whataboutery. They themselves are examples of pseudoscience on a par with astrology and creationism. All the racial egalitarians have is, "Everyone is the same because we say they are. Dissent against this point of view will not be tolerated". By contrast, the hard data supporting biological racial differences is voluminous and overwhelming. Examples include:-

1. Forensic scientists can discover a person’s race from their skeletal remains with over 80% accuracy and from their DNA with over 99% accuracy.

2. Every IQ test and public examination ever conducted in any country show the same stratification of the races.

3. Black women have narrower hips as black babies are born with smaller heads/brains.

4. Every finalist the Olympic men's 100 meters since 1980 has been of West African ancestry.

5. Certain parasites can live on some races but not on others.

6. Transplanted organs from member of another race are far more likely to be rejected by the recipient.

7. Certain diseases only affect, or are more prevalent in, certain races.

8. The races have diffrent brain sizes.

I could go on all day, but I'm sure you get the point. This will be familiar stuff to most of the Morgoth's Review regulars, but this article from Radix Journal sets out a useful summary for newcomers to the topic.

It is nothing short of astonishing that the entire academic establishment of the west should reject all of this hard data as "pseudo-science" when they cannot disprove any of it, but they base the whole of the modern orthodoxy on race upon UNESCO propaganda and the works of Franz Boas which have already been comprehensively rebutted.

This would not be such an important issue if it was just a matter of crusty old professors talking among themselves, but the entirety of western government policy is based upon this baloney. Countless billions have been wasted, and continue to be wasted, on the impossible task of trying to make black and brown life outcomes the same as white life outcomes. We could be on Mars by now if the money we had wasted on this nonsense had been more productively spent.

A close cousin to pseudo-science is "pseudo-intellectual" which the left and the academic establishment, which are in practical terms the same thing, use to describe any thinker who they disagree with but are unable to rebut. It is frequently used in relation to highly intelligent race dissidents such as Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer. No need to deal with their substantive positions, just call them "pseudo" and hope they go away.

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