Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Will Anyone Remember Jodie Wilkinson?

Some idle speculation on a recent murder in my home town.....

On Monday a murder took place here in the North East of England which has left many of the locals, myself included, somewhat baffled. Newcastle and the North East are 'rough' and relatively poor but murder is exceptionally rare, and the manner of Jodie Wilkinson's murder must qualify as unique, according to the BBC:

 ''Jodie Wilkinson, 27, died in hospital after being attacked by a group of up to 11 men in the city's Stanhope Street on Monday afternoon, police said.
A 25-year-old man who was with her at the time was also injured and needed hospital treatment.
Police said those arrested, a man aged 43, two aged 25, and three others aged 22, 20 and 18, were being questioned.''

 So Jodie Wilkinson was walking through a busy street in broad daylight with a male friend when she was attacked by 11(!) men who stabbed her to death. And this is all the information the police and local media have thus far released. At least 6 men are still on the loose, but no descriptions have been given to the public.

 Furthermore, the area where the murder took place is well known to be 'troublesome' and like so many other parts of England is lathered with CCTV cameras, yet no footage of the killers is available.

 From the perspective of 'normies' in the North East this whole case is bizarre, nobody here has ever known of 11 men attacking and stabbing to death a woman in the middle of the day, a domestic fight can get out of hand, a couple of rival gangs can fight and somebody might get stabbed, but this is something else....something alien. And 'why' people are asking, why is the identity of the perpetrators not being released during a manhunt?

 Needless to say, the area, Arthur's Hill, which is Newcastle's West End, has become rather more vibrant in recent years, the local newspaper reports:

 ''Residents claim gangs of youths are causing anti-social behaviour in Arthur's Hill, while others have been victims of abuse and assault''
 Residents in the street where tragic Jodie Wilkinson was stabbed and killed have spoken of an area rife with violence and anti-social behaviour.
 “It is very scary and outside my house there has been lots of violence. It’s shocking.
Mabhava Avuluri, owner of the Black Sea Convenience Store, said: “There have been around 30 teenagers hanging around the shop at night.
 “People, especially older people, are too scared to come out. They don’t want to walk past these people - it is getting worse.
  “We are also using CCTV in the area to help identify and take action against offenders and we are using the recently introduced dispersal orders in order to ban troublemakers from entering the area.
The problem is those CCTV cameras are useless if the faces of the criminals could upset ''community cohesion'' and thus not made public!. To understand the 'demographic changes' you simply need to watch this video for a few seconds of the local primary school which is overwhelmingly non-white and actively boasts of the 40 languages being spoken there.

Newcastle as a whole is still one of the whitest cities in England, being around 88% white, but nevertheless, the day after Jodie Wilkinson was killed, 18th October, the names on the Newcastle court register looked like this:

Browsing the local newspapers reveals that Jodie Wilkinson did not have an easy life, at a young age she became involved with drugs and petty crime, eventually ending up homeless. 

One of the reasons areas become minority white so quickly is because when a certain percentage of Asians and Africans move in many of the whites who can flee do flee, the properties will then see their value plummet, which encourages yet more whites to flee and immigrants to buy the property, they then rent out the property to other immigrants and collect the welfare money for the rent off the government. Sometimes whites end up in these areas, alone, vulnerable and atomized, it's a life of fag-ash, cheap cider and the brain-rot of daytime telly.

 Outside is a cross between Mogadishu and Kurdistan. No help will come, there are no community leaders or outreach officers for you, that would be hate and racism. So alone they stew, eyes down on the way to the shops, ignore the taunts of Muslim men, pretend not notice the way the Africans are looking at your behind if you're a woman, or stare you out if you're a man. Make it back safely with a fiver on the electric top up and a tenner on the gas, luxury, you'll have heating on tonight, switch on the telly and some posh shithead waxes about 'inclusion' and 'tolerance' Ha! wankers.

 There's another element to this which I'll skate over delicately, Jodie was, in appearance, what we might call a ''Tomboy'':

A woman who looks like that walks past a diversity buffet of Somalians, Turks, Pakis, Iranians and Afghans, some remarks are passed back and forth..etc. This is what the local press are calling a ''dispute''.

 An Englishwoman is knifed to death in broad daylight and the news cycle is already moving on, the Twitter feed is a wasteland, the Google searches pitifully few. 

I'll remember Jodie Wilkinson, I'll remember that an Englishwoman slept on the streets as the government housed and fed hundreds of thousands of aliens and I'll remember the societal indifference and neglect, confusion, embarrassment and loathing which both created her and, in the end, destroyed her.  

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