Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Join The Big Push Now!

One week out from the US election and camp Hillary is in disarray, the latest revelations of missing emails and yet more corruption and a new investigation by the FBI is starting to take its toll in the polls. But this is no time for complacency, Trump is not assured a win, the fact is we need everybody we can muster, whether living in the US or not, to engage the liberals, especially American liberals, on social media and to capitalize on the latest Clinton scandal. 

 The aim is to use memetic warfare to wear-down and disorientate liberals by pointing out the lunacy of supporting Hillary, they won't vote for Trump, but with all the issues surrounding Clinton they might decide to just sit at home instead of voting at all. The Daily Stormer has developed a clever collection of memes along the lines of Hillary winning and then America sending their newly empowered feminist/diversity army into battle against the Russians in Siberia, it's insane, but that is essentially what a Clinton victory will mean. These memes and many more can be found here and here.

  Most of these memes are ''Normie Friendly'' so you can post them on pro Clinton groups on Facebook or Twitter using your real avatar.

 The comments sections of liberal left newspapers or You Tube won't allow pictures but you can simply make an account and begin explaining that whatever people think of Trump, he's less likely to send American girls to lay siege to Moscow on behalf of Global Finance. As always, the left's weakest point is their subservience to Global Capital.

 I don't usually write posts on the need for people to go out trolling, but the fact is we need a concerted effort across all forms of social media with the sole aim of promoting confusion and defeatism within the liberal left, to sow doubt and make them take a step back and reconsider. As noted above, Hillary's support has already taken a nose-dive, we need to whittle it down as much as possible.

 It's important to remember that the Clinton campaign will have invested millions, perhaps tens of millions, of dollars in employing people to hold the line against the counter narrative, they know how important a presence on social media is, we, that is to say the kind of people who read blogs such as this and You Tube channels which cover similar ground, we ( the Alt-Right) are Trump's presence on the internet to a large degree.

 Nobody wants to be sitting around on the 9th after a Hillary victory, wondering if there was more we could have done, I implore everyone who reads this blog to to spend some time over the next week posting anti-Hillary memes and arguments. As noted above, she is leaking support, we have to maximize the damage.

Feel free to use the comments section of the blog to organize trolling and share information. Here are a couple of posts I made on debating liberals on Twitter, here and here.

  And here's hoping that after next week we're blogging about Trump taking a wrecking ball to Globalism and not lamenting the end of the world. 

We're in the thick of it now, folks

Hail Victory! 

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