Tuesday, 8 November 2016

U.S Election Special

The US election is finally upon us. A billion God Emperor memes, and even more anti-Trump hit-piece articles in the MSM, the Republican party shredded, Hillary's seemingly endless list of crimes and dodgy dealings, The Wall, the ban on Muslims...it's all led to this, we're here.

 As with the Brexit referendum it's worth having a 'live' post up which can be updated as news comes in, along with adding any vids or Tweets of interest as the drama unfolds.

 This is the schedule with UK times included:

 00:01 ET (05:01 GMT, Tuesday 8th)
The first results are announced - possibly in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire

06:00 ET (11:00 GMT)
Polling stations open in east coast states and election day proper underway

18:00 ET (23:00 GMT)
The first polls close in Indiana and Kentucky, two traditionally Republican states

19:00 ET (00:00 GMT, Wednesday 9th)
Polling stations start to close in the battleground states of battleground states of Florida and Virginia, as well as Georgia, South Carolina and Vermont. The first state projections will be made based on exit polls

19:30 ET (00:30 GMT)
Polls close in the traditionally Republican West Virginia, as well as two other swing states: Ohio and North Carolina

20:00 ET (01:00 GMT)
Polls close in a host of states. Two of them, Pennsylvania and Michigan, are big target states. Other states where polls close are: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Texas

21:00 ET (02:00 GMT)
Another flurry of activity when polls close in Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming. Colorado and Wisconsin are both swing states.

22:00 ET (03:00 GMT)
Poll closes in two swing states, Iowa and Nevada, plus Arizona, Montana and Utah. Utah could be interesting because Mormon and ex-CIA operative Evan McMullin has polled well.

23:00 ET (04:00 GMT)
Earliest possible time the election will be “called” for either candidate by US TV networks. It's also the time the polls close in California, a Democrat state with the most electoral college votes of any state (55), as well as Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Red Ice Live! The main Alt-Right broadcast of the elections:

Styxhexenhammer666 (Well regarded Libertarian analysis)

Sky News Live:

Alex Jones 52-Hour Election Day Trump vs Hillary 2016 Coverage:

Trump's Final Rally:
 Bill Maher's Final Desperate Warning to America! 

Haaretz calls on all Jews to vote against Trump:

Jews Must Not Vote for an American Tsar
 Have we forgotten so soon? Until recently, the Jewish people had spent much of our existence under the rule of men like Donald Trump. Now that another one is on the ballot, our history demands we reject him.
Also posted by Haaretz:

I thought this a rather powerful image, the guy will have lost his arms in the Zio-Wars...

David Duke:
Sargon takes down some dopey lefty. Good video.

Daily Mail:
 Clinton CANCELS New York election night fireworks display - and her electoral college lock falters"

* Hillary Clinton's campaign has called off its planned election night firework display over New York's Hudson River

* Latest projections show Clinton's iron grip on the electoral college has faltered with both Fox and CNN saying she is NOT sure of 270 votes

* It was reported that the two-minute fireworks display could start as early as 9.30 pm local time, only 30 minutes after the polls close in New York

Is Donald Trump Unstoppable? | Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux:

The Telegraph has a live feed up which contains the following:

 In this election the percentage of voters who are white is expected to reach a record low of 69 per cent. In 1980, when Ronald Reagan won, that figure was massively higher at 88 per cent. Believe it or not in 2012 Mitt Romney actually won a larger proportion of the white vote than Reagan did. But Romney lost because America's growing Hispanic population voted against him. With only 69 per cent of voters being white, Mr Trump would have to win that group overwhelmingly to reach the White House. Looking down the road, as the Hispanic population grows further, the challenge will be even harder for the next Republican presidential nominee. In reality, the party has only one option. From now on the white vote will never be enough and it has to win over Hispanics. Cue Marco Rubio 2020.

So the press are open about changing demographics resulting in whites having reduced political power as other groups vote as a block, but they still insist that it is ''racist'' and wrong for whites to seek ways to stop this happening! 

A random sample of women voting for Trump I pulled from Twitter:


The Amish are coming out to vote! Pennsylvania is ours! #AmishUprising

Voting Issues: Some Trump Voters Reporting Ballots Switching To Clinton

Results Coming In:

Trump takes Kentucky and Indiana, Clinton takes Vermont..........

We Won!

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