Tuesday, 22 November 2016

We Are The Children Of The Sun: Richard Spencer's Alt-Right Speech

Richard Spencer's recent speech at the NPI conference, complete with ''Hail Victory, Hail Trump!'' and a wave of fascist salutes, sent the 'lugenpresse' into full ''They're here! it's happening!'' meltdown. 

I even noticed some people within our own circles expressing some dismay and so I thought I'd post the whole speech for everyone to listen to and see for themselves what all of the fuss is about. The speech itself is excellent and deserves to be viewed in full. Spencer is on fire when he answers the left's hysterics of wishing to not ''normalize'' Donald Trump or the Alt-Right. Spencer asks of the left ''What is normal?''. He's using the left's relativism against them. 

 Is it 'normal' that our governments silence us as they flood our countries with killers and religious nuts?

 Is it 'normal' that the American military has whole armies stationed in Europe to ''keep the peace'' while thousands of European women are raped by Muslims?

Is it 'normal' that the only moral position which can be held by the Western media and political establishments is one in which Europeans are demographically erased while being demonized as they dwindle away?

 Spencer and some of the other big hitters of the Alt-Right were purged from Twitter one week before this conference, and when you watch this you can see why, it's a damning indictment of our 'elites' and a call to arms, to victory, and a vision of a better tomorrow for our people. However, given that Twitter has silenced Spencer I feel obliged to do my bit by highlighting his speech here. 

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