Friday, 23 December 2016

2016 -TheYear We Fought Back! : My Christmas Ramble

We Won This Year! 

At the beginning of this year I wrote an article called ''Entering 2016:The Wars To Come'' 2015 had, of course, been the year of the refugee invasion which ran parallel to, and was directly responsible for, a series of barbaric Muslim terror attacks on Europeans. As we entered 2016 it was obvious that there would be yet more terror inflicted upon Europeans and that our traitor elites would show their usual contempt for our suffering which would position us, as reactionaries, into simply pointing out the howling insanity and evil of the people ultimately responsible. 

 And indeed, in 2016, 142 Europeans were slaughtered by Muslims, 1000's perhaps 10,000's of European women have been raped or sexual molested and the petty street violence and casual muggings will be equally eye-watering in number. For me personally, the image of the little girl in Nice wrapped in a tinfoil body-bag after being rundown by an Islamic nut in a truck perfectly encapsulated the betrayal of innocence taking place across the continent, I wrote about it in my ''No Country For Nice White Families'' post.

 However, as 2016 draws to a close we find the liberal's confidence in themselves shattered, they're confused and dispirited, the victory of Donald Trump and the Brexit referendum which was itself foreshadowed by the murder of Jo Cox has made them understand just how truly despised they are by massive numbers of white people, and both we and they, know that white people are responsible for their defeats in 2016. They've even coined the term ''White-lash'' to describe the undercurrent of European dissent, which is itself being spearheaded by the surging 'Alt-Right' White Nationalist movement.

 2016, then, has been both a year of tragedy and a year of triumph. In the 8 years I've been dedicated to the cause of saving European people from obliteration I've never known a year as productive as 2016, we learned that we can win. We learned, as I wrote in my post ''Nothing Is Written'' that anything is possible for our people if we only have the will. 

 Right now the Globalist schemers are licking their wounds, they'll be having high-level conferences and summits, but whatever they roll-out, whatever they try and peddle, we know it will just be more lies, more self interest and deceit which will have to be exposed and ridiculed. They still run the world, they are still insane, messianic supremacists and amazingly, quite possibly Satanic!. There are countless battles to come, there will be more tragedy, more Europeans will die because of their plotting. But what we saw in 2016 was that the beast can bleed, and as Arnie said ''If it bleeds, we can kill it!''.

 The Shutdown Is Here

The Great Globalist beast is now in the process of lashing out and here in Britain that's taking the form of drastically decreasing the area open for discussion by imprisoning people, to be specific for anyone criticizing Jewish people, whether as individuals or as group with certain goals and interests. As can be seen in the previous post

I think the response to this is to be more subtle, to raise our game, the idea of being an 'edgy hero' for a day and then spending 2 years in jail for sending merchant Tweets and being deliberately antagonistic seems to be utterly futile, especially when we already have ((((ways of getting around it)))).

 If what we are doing is ideological guerrilla warfare, then running towards the enemy gun turrets in broad-daylight wearing a flashing siren on your head is quite mad, when you think about it. 

The Awkward Money Question.

There's recently been some discussion in the comments on the subject of donating money, and indeed, there's been an increase in people sending donations to the blog recently. Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who has donated, it's really appreciated no matter how little. I tend to shy away from sending 'thank you' mails to people who've donated because Paypal does not seem to offer an anonymous service and I do not want to intrude on somebody's privacy or get somebody in trouble. I do not, for example, want to have a person have to answer to a spouse why they have donated money to a ''Hate Blog''. Perhaps I'm mistaken on this, I simply don't know what the protocol is. But at any rate, I'll take this opportunity to offer my warm thanks to everyone who donated.

 The issue of donations has never been an issue here because I'm not financially dependent on this blog, but this does mean I have to spend enormous amounts of time in a poorly paid day-job and that means I can't produce as much content as I'd like to. This issue is gaining increased prominence across the movement and YouTuber 'The Aryan'' has produced a video outlining in some detail a crowd-sourcing idea which would see viewers or readers donate small sums for Alt-Right content. We shall see....

 Finally, I'd like to wish all readers, the regulars in the comments, and all our friends and allies across the Nationalist movement a very merry Christmas. When we gorge ourselves and enjoy the company of our friends and family this Christmas, stop for a second and genuinely appreciate it, and be in no doubt....''We will triumph in the end''...

Merry Christmas from Morgoth's Review!

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