Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Free Lawrence Burns

I was recently sent this post and asked if I'd put it on the blog to help keep the plight of Lawrence Burns in the public eye. As many readers will be aware, there's been a dramatic increase in the number of our people being locked up in recent weeks, and non of the cases are more baffling and troubling than that of Lawrence Burns.....

On Friday the 16th of December a young man by the name of Lawrence Burns was remanded in custody. What was his crime? What demonic, unforgivable evil did this young man commit? After all, the judge described the crime as ''serious'' and therefore he had no choice but to throw him prison – to take away his freedom right before Christmas – to send a message to the British public that this man's actions will no longer be tolerated in our liberal democracy.

His crime (?): Mr. Burns was remanded for ''inciting racial hatred'' – it is my intention in this article to articulate that his imprisonment is not a result of Mr. Burns' criminalality but of a sick, anti-White System that opresses any White person who stands up for the interests of their  own people.

Lawrence came to the attention of the British Police due to attending a couple of demonstrations by the now banned National Action. An idealistic young man, Mr. Burns had concluded that his people were at risk due several factors such as widespread looting by the international banking system, Muslim grooming gangs targeting the most vulnerable sections of our socitey, the cutural syphlisis spewed out by the mainstream media that undermines all healthy values and replaces them with them decedence – he is that type of guy. He cares.

3 years ago, a Muslim police officer who attended the court case and smirked at and harrased young Lawrence all throughout the trial, hacked into Lawrence's private Facebook account and claimed Lawrence's repeated polemics against outrages such as the Muslim grooming gangs was, in fact, inciting racial hatred. This well-paid police officer then exercised his position within the police force, informed the relevent authorites, and got Lawrence treated as a terrorist; where he had to endure repeated raids to his house by obtusive thugs who mascuraided as police but were in reality moronic boot boys for the anti-White System.

Lawrence's second crime was ''hate speech'' at a memorial for the Natural Law philosopher David  Eden Lane who died in an American gulag in 2007. The speech was done in 2015 and Lawrence's ''crime'' was to desribe how every racial group should abide by the laws of nature and look out for their own interests. He also said the globalist sysem was parasitic and a disapropinate amount of people who the control the levers of power within this system are Jewish.

Big deal, right?

They sent him to jail.

During Lawrence's trial that took place between Monday the 5th and Friday the 16th of December the true, vulgar nature of the anti-White system revealed  its hideous face for all to see. Every day during the trial, Cambridge News produced a series of hit pieces against Mr. Burns where they threw the usual leftist shaming language at him such as calling him ''racist'', ''anti-Semitic'' and an ''Islamophobe''. Not satisfied with their lies and distortions, Cambridge News went one step further and did the unthinkable: they published his address!

Cambridge AntiFA – like the organization all across the world – self-define themselves as ''rebels'' against the System, but have supported every top down cultural shift that has occurred since their inception. Supporters of multiculturalism, gay marriage, illegal immigration, BLM terrorism, and, as the Rotherham demonstration proved, Muslim grooming gangs, when the mainstream media started to hound Mr. Burns they mobilized in the System's defence, and began a hate campaign against him that in a sane society would have lead to these bottom feeders' imprisonment.

Armed with knowledge of his whereabouts, these traitors followed him out of court several times during the early stages of his trial, and threatened to ''do him'' at his house. Not a man of their word among these pond-dwellers, they later took down these threats from their Facebook page but when Lawrence informed the police of the danger he was in when all of this was happening, he was met with nonchalance by the so-called defenders of law and order, forcing members of the British nationalist community to step in and act as his bodyguard for the rest of the trial; as explained in Lawrence's interview on Radio Aryan with Sven Longshanks.

Lawrence is now in prison awaiting sentencing in January and his case is clear evidence we're living in a tryanny. We must, therefore, accept our current situation, and accept the anti-White System is cracking down on dissent in all its forms; as can be seen with the imprisonment of Joshua Bonehill, Lawrence Burns, and Paul Golding, and the trials of Jack Renshaw, Alison Chabloz, and Paul Pitt. We mustn't, however, give up, as the election of Trump in America, the vote for Brexhit in Britain, and the rise of nationalism in Europe shows these clampdowns of the anti-White System are the actions of a cornered rat fighting desperately to keep itself in power – our time is coming, Free Lawrence Burns.

by Shaun De Moray

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