Friday, 30 December 2016

The Year Of The Beast And The Illusion Of Permanence

You'd have to have a hard heart indeed not to be mildly moved by the poetic tragedy of Debbie Reynolds dying just a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher. And just days before the passing of Carrie Fisher, George Michael's heart gave out one last time. A few days after Donald Trump was elected Leonard Cohen passed away prompting (((Jonathon Freedland))) to write in The Guardian ''Trump’s world is too dark – even for Leonard Cohen''. At the beginning of 2016 we lost Starman David Bowie and at the end we lost Star Wars's Princess Leia, and in-between the western political landscape was under a seemingly relentless populist revolt.

 In the liberal mind, then, 2016 has become a by-word for defeat, misery, death and failure:

. One buttercup on SJW central Buzzfeed sniffs:

The year has seen some dark times with the death of Prince, the whole Brexit thing, the loss of Harambe, among a whole bunch of other bad vibes.
Now with Donald Trump being elected as the President of the United States, people believe that 2016 is most definitely the WORST on record.
And people really just can’t handle how bad the year has gotten.
And another on Twitter:

Interesting that these people are more upset about a dead monkey than the victims of Muslim terror attacks but we'll get back to that later...

If this melodrama isn't enough, people on social media are now referring to the year 2016 as being a conscious entity with malicious intent, 2016 is no longer simply a date represented by numbers, but a satanic 'force' maliciously hacking and slashing away at liberal preconceptions and certainties:

No population in human history has ever been as fully immersed in a socio-political-cultural system as western 'citizens' are today. The System provides them with everything from their moral compass to their entertainment, their political opinions to their sexuality. They work for The System and in return the The System takes care of their every whim, provided they never truly question The System. These people like to imagine themselves as 'open minded' but in actual fact they crave stability and continuity, certainty and permanence above everything else. 

 2016 was the year when they learned that The System was not omnipotent and did indeed face threats and hostility, and what's more, The System was struggling to cope with it. But that was merely in the realm of politics, surely their entertainment, pop culture, would live on and thrive as always, yeah, sure, the Brits just rejected the EU but there's always Hollywood, there's always a rerun of Empire Strikes Back to watch with that warm and cosy 'buzz' it has. 

Pop culture compliments the political sphere perfectly because its even less prone to rapid changes or threats, it's always there after an Islamic terror attack and it will still be there when Donald Trump is sworn in, and yet...

 Princess Leia simply isn't supposed to die! George Michael was never supposed to actually have his 'Last Christmas'. 

 Non of the events of 2016 were supernatural, they weren't 'satanic'. The Brexit vote, Trump and the rise of the Alt-Right were all manifestations of other people's will defying The System, however, if they are to be seen as acts of evil does that not then mean The System is Godly?. It's hard not have scorn and contempt for these 'Blue-pilled' normie liberals, even their laments and protestations are weak and controlled. Why, for example, lament the death of Harambe the ape but not the people rundown and shot or blown-up by Muslims?. The reason is, of course, that they know The System frowns upon such discussions of Muslims, like Goldilocks they choose the porridge that is just the right temperature, to name acts of Islamic terrorism as being part of an evil trend is too hot, so lament a dead ape instead.

 Never have people been so cocooned from reality, what they refer to as 'satanic', is simply real life intruding into their unreality. The latest Star Wars movie ''Rogue One'' even has a young 19 year old Princess Leia created through CGI effects, The System will stop time itself in order to pacify and coddle the modern western audience into believing they live in a world where nothing will ever really change. 

But Princess Leia still died, and Hillary still lost.....

Right now, on social media, YouTube channels and blogs there's a fierce ideological war being waged, can the Jewish led ''Alt-lite'' succeed in blocking the Alt-Right from entering deeper into mainstream discourse? similar wars are being waged on the left, yet the great mass of docile westerners know nothing about it. Like a sperm whale and a squid battling in the darkest depths of the seas, it goes almost entirely unnoticed.

 Jonathon Bowden remarked that to the ideologically minded the masses are not much more than a sack of potatoes which can be picked up and moved from place to place on the whims of the victorious side. All you need to do is give them a sense of certainty and permanence as you change the entire philosophical and moral nature of the world around them.

 It seems incredibly callous to state it as boldly as that, but it's a pretty sure bet that's exactly how our masters see us..... 

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