Monday, 24 April 2017

SS Britannia: The Example Set by Saint George

ss 13

Radio Aryan
April 24, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal are back with a new episode of SS Britannia devoted to St George, in honour of the Saint’s day on April 23rd. George’s father served with distinction in the Roman army and when he died, his son was offered the chance to follow in his father’s footsteps. After fighting with the imperial guard and in the Persian wars, George set up the Nestorian church in Persia. After the war he settled in Beirut, giving his name to the Bay of St George and soon after, travelled to Britain where he saw his old soldier friend Constantine, the son of emperor Constantius Chlorus and the British princess Helena, giving rise to the Irish sea he travelled through being named after him and his heraldry being adopted by Lancaster.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Laurie Penny And The Rise Of The Racist Robots

Well everybody, we've been found out, deep under a mountain in the Norwegian wilderness White Nationalist high command have been at work for years building an army of racist robots to fight in our cause, and now the whole plan is in jeopardy because Laurie Penny has rumbled us:

Writing in The Guardian Laurie Penny wails: 

Robots have been racist and sexist for as long as the people who created them have been racist and sexist, because machines can work only from the information given to them, usually by the white, straight men who dominate the fields of technology and robotics.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Corruption Of Emily Marshall

Louise Rosealma AKA Moldylocks AKA Raunch Vag Rosie, once known as Emily Marshall, is quite possibly the most memed person since Donald Trump.
 As soon as one meme hit social media another was rolled out to replace it, the moral conundrum of a grown man smacking a woman in the face was instantly buried when the ''1000 Nazi scalp'' revelation came out, this was then followed by the revelation that ''Louise'' was not always the Anti-Fa zombie of the Berkley brawl, she'd been a nice, pretty girl once. Then came the first of yet more bombshells, she had a site stuffed with pretentious ''art'' featuring herself standing naked next to trees and rocks, then we discovered she'd gone the whole hog and done full gynaecological tier shoots,  legs akimbo...and even that wasn't enough, she was doing ''Hairy Porn''!.

 Watching Louise's week was like watching an old roadrunner cartoon with Louise as Wile coyote, after being punched off the cliff she hit every rock on the way down, only to land on a springy branch which catapulted her back up to the top for the fall to begin all over again.

Monday, 17 April 2017

SS Britannia: Soldiers on the Battlefield

Radio Aryan
April 17, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal co-host a new episode of SS Britannia, this week discussing a range of issues surrounding traditional gender roles. First off though is some commentary on the recent Alt-Right clash with antifa terrorists in Berkeley and the capitulation to these same terrorists by the university in which Richard Spencer was due to speak. The Oath Keepers did a good job at Berkeley helping to defend the patriots and by all accounts the antifa got a good pasting, despite turning up to the protest armed with knives and M80 flash grenades. There is one particularly good shot of Nathan Damigo punching a highly paid prostitute (porn star) who had boasted of going to the protest in order to claim 100 nazi scalps. This degenerate slut was once a promising young student, but a few years at university was all it took to persuade her that having sex for money on film was the best way to fight the evil patriarchy.

Friday, 14 April 2017

How Many Raped English Girls Is The Economy Worth?

There are some rumours going around in our circles about Theresa May, quietly, cautiously, they whisper discreetly, could it be possible, is it feasible that Theresa May might not be fully signed up to the Globalist master plan? she gave us the full Brexit and it looks like she's going to try and curb immigration, the cobwebs have been blown off the Tory plan to reduce numbers to the 10,000's and she signals toward a mild populism.

 Time will tell, but it's a depressing sign of the times when we can become excited because the Prime Minister is not explicitly trying to eradicate the native British population.

And yet even Theresa May's rather pathetic attempts to ride the populist tiger are too much for The Independent who've now started up a petition against May's proposed immigration reduction. In cahoots with ''Open Britain'' a new Left Wing think tank, they're attempting a rearguard action, the racists, bigots and little Englanders got Brexit, but we can't have reduced immigration too, that would be outrageous.


Monday, 10 April 2017

SS Britannia: Red Lines in Syria

Radio Aryan
April 10, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal are back to captain the good ship SS Britannia into new unchartered territory, this week mainly heading for world war three. Donald Trump and his response towards Syria is still the main talking point for everyone, with Richard Spencer demonstrating against it and people accusing Trump of betraying them and crossing red lines. But why are brown people in Syria the red line and not White people in America? Shouldn’t we really be cutting him a bit of slack? He hasn’t started a war in Syria, all he has done is bomb an empty piece of desert after warning both Russia and Syria that he was going to be doing so.

Friday, 7 April 2017

No Way Out?

I've often entered into some quite heated debates with people in the comments here who seem to claim that every terrorist attack is a 'false flag' and every emerging Nationalist political party a con, a controlled opposition to be imploded when the time is right. I'm highly skeptical of such positions, for example, given that after every single terrorist attack the attack is called a false flag, the victims crisis actors and camera footage fake, it leaves us in the position of having to believe that no terror attack was ever actually perpetrated by Muslims, which I find absurd.

 However, the reason I challenge the more conspiratorially minded among our ranks is not because I think they're a bunch of paranoid loons who should be mocked, on the contrary, it is because they might just be right on some issues and if they are, we have to take these 'truths' into account.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Yorkshire Forum: Alex Davies, Steve Frost and Graham Hardy

Radio Aryan
April 3, 2017

Alex Davies gave his most inspiring talk yet at the recent Yorkshire Forum on Saturday April 1st. His speech was about unity in the movement, something we hear a lot about, but is it really beneficial to have alliances with groups that adhere to lower standards? Will that not mean that your own organisation gets dragged down to their level? If we believe in natural law, then we believe that struggle and competition are necessary in order to strengthen us. How then can we be promoting unity at all costs, which means compromising instead of competing?

Alex explains why we need to hold each other to the highest standards, rather than lowering our expectations in order to increase membership and his speech was full of examples to prove his case, from personal observation at various protests and demonstrations. His genuinely original presentation was met with much approval from Forum attendees and no questions were necessary afterwards.

Speech by Alex Davies

Yorkshire Forum: Alex Davies – The Strong Man is Mightiest Alone – YF 040317 AD

Download (25:06)

Steve Frost from British Movement gave a fascinating presentation on the British Union of Fascists and the support they had in the north of England and in Yorkshire in particular. Steve’s personal interest in the subject matter and early acquaintance with original BUF members made this speech particularly interesting, especially the references to local landmarks and the huge amount of support that Mosley had in the North.

Steve’s passion for the era and for Nationalist history kept the audience captivated and enabled him to elaborate on certain aspects afterwards in the question and answer session. He also drew parallels with attempts to silence the fascists back then with today. The same ethnicity that network together now to ensure Nationalists have problems distributing materials and securing venues were doing the same back then, only the BUF had enough support in Yorkshire to put a stop to their scheming on more than one occasion. Steve recounts some of the successes that the BUF had in overturning bans on their flyers being distributed in local markets and the level of violence the activists had to put up with from the Left, which once even included shots being fired at the leader’s car.

Speech by Steve Frost

Yorkshire Forum: Steve Frost – The Blackshirts in Yorkshire (Before Endeavours Fade) – YF 040317 SF

Download (42:17)

Graham Hardy has been involved in British Nationalism for decades and his speech described the ups and downs we have had over the years and attempted to highlight areas that could do with improvement. As always there were calls to get representatives from different parties all around the same table, which is something that happens at the Forum meetings. The problem is not with getting people around the same table, but with getting groups to stand down when more than one Nationalist party are standing in the same area for election.

Speech by Graham Hardy

Yorkshire Forum: Graham Hardy – The Current State of British Nationalism – YF 040317 GF

Download (21:10)

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Friday, 31 March 2017

The EU And The Rape Of Europa Myth

As Britain triggers ''Article 50'' and begins to leave the European Union I thought the time was right to take a closer look at something rather odd about the EU, or to be more specific, the EU's enthusiasm for promoting the ''Rape Of Europa'' myth as one its primary symbols.

 In the Greek myth Europa was a beautiful Phoenician princess, Europa caught the eye of Zeus who promptly turned himself into a rather comely and attractive white bull adorned with flowers and petals.  An entranced Europa climbed aboard the bull only for it to whisk her away across the sea. Zeus, in the guise of the bull, took her all the way to Crete, where he raped Europa, Europa then went on to give birth to king Minos of Crete.

 So before we pull on our tinfoil hats and take a dive into conspiratorial heaven let us first take a look at how the Europa myth is being used:

This is the EU headquarters in Brussels.

Monday, 27 March 2017

SS Britannia: Usury And The Banking System

Radio Aryan
March 27, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal look at the banking system in this week’s SS Britannia, but first Subal gives us his take on the terrorist atrocity in London last week. There was a time when people would look at Islamic terrorism and ask whether it was a genuine attack, or a false flag operation designed to provide justification for a pre-arranged action, such as war in Iraq or a clamp-down on civil liberties. Back when the 7/7 bombing occurred, it was wall to wall tv coverage with special programmes on it for weeks, because the establishment wanted to get public support for a war in the middle east. Now that we seem to be getting attacked in Europe every other week though, sometimes we do not even hear about it on the national news. This is because nothing will be done to prevent it happening, instead the desire now is to normalise it and make us accept it as a part of every day life. This is why Sadiq Khan is right when he says that terrorism has become part and parcel of city life, it has done so in all the cities that have allowed Moslems to settle in them.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Values To Die For

We shall go on to the end, we shall tolerate their mosques popping up like mushrooms across England, we shall tolerate the mass rape of teenage English girls, we shall tolerate the crime and radicalism and the demographic transformation, we shall check our white privilege, and be mindful never to commit a micro-aggression against an official minority group, we shall tolerate the insults and alienation and terror, no matter the cost, we shall surrender our island.......

Well folks, there's been another Muslim terror attack in London and once again everybody is wandering about trying to figure out what our ''Shared British Values'' actually are. Words used most frequently to describe our shared British values are ''tolerance'', ''democracy'', ''freedom of speech'' (but not Hate Speech that's a serious crime), ''openness'' and of course ''diversity''. The mass media and political class have added an extra crinkle for this particular terror attack, which they usually do when London is involved, they invoke ''The Big One'', yes, the Blitz is back!. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

SS Britannia: Parables on Race - SS 032017

Radio Aryan
March 20, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal co-host a new episode of SS Britannia, this week containing some timeless wisdom in the form of parables.  First off though is a discussion on the meeting between Donald Trump and Angela Merkel, where he refused to shake her hand and attempted to talk some common sense instead, by reminding her that immigration is a privilege, not a right and that the well being of the home nation’s citizens must always come first. Foreign colonists in our lands will never be able to fit in, they will always just see a people to ravage and a land to plunder and this was proved once again by Erdogan last week, who instructed all Turks in Europe to produce five children at least so they could defeat us by sheer weight of numbers, conquering the continent for Islam.

Different races have different characters and many of our old fables and parables are trying to tell us this. Subal recounts the story of the Monkey and the King, about how if you do not kick the monkey out when he tries to get into the palace then he will eventually end up sat on the throne. We neglected to kick the foreigners out and now they are making our own laws for us and are in our own parliaments. We should have nipped the suffragettes in the bud and where we didn’t, we now have women sitting on the throne in the leading parties of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. If we want to know what Britain has in store for the future, we just have to look at what another famous female politician has done to Germany. Thankfully there are always exceptions to the rule and we hope that Marine LePen turns out to be one.

The Scorpion and the Frog tells us that it is impossible for a creature to go against it’s nature even if it’s life depends upon it. This is why it is ridiculous to think of changing the behaviour of the Jew. Instead of seeking to change him, we should be learning to resist his temptations and preventing him from being able to seduce us with Liberalism in the first place. Nature will always try to revert to it’s normal state and the further we stray from the path, the more extreme the correction will be that is needed to get us back on the right track. We should have stopped non-Whites coming in the minute we saw they looked different from us, but instead we have allowed it to get so bad that we now have regular terrorist attacks on our soil and countless rapes, robberies and muggings. Either we eject the intruders, or the intruders will subjugate us.

Finally, to round off the podcast Subal explains the need for content creators in the Alt-Right to have sponsors. We need full time activists, writers and commentators and they cannot do this at the same time as working to pay for the roof above their heads. Subal thinks that if we can get just 200 regular sponsors then we can afford to pay people like Morgoth and Jez Turner a full time wage to work for us. Time is money and those of us who are not already creating but are working, could be helping in other ways by sponsoring those that are.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Parables on Race – SS 032017

Download (01:03:11)

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

White Like Us?: David Aaronovitch vs White Racial Interests

It's a curious and deeply frustrating experience to see public intellectuals, journalists and academics chat among themselves about how you, your people, do not deserve to even constitute being ''a people'' with interests, rights, to be, in effect, removed from the discussion entirely. All you are left with is to watch, to peep through the window as the powerful and not so great decide your fate and the morality within which your group should exist.

 Such were my thoughts this week when a fellow patriot sent me a message alerting me to a discussion taking place on Twitter between three Jewish men, David Aaronovitch, a far left Zionist who writes for the Times and the Jewish Chronicle. Jonathon Portes, who works for various Big Money think tanks and Globalist outlets, he was the architect of Tony Blair's mass immigration project and now spends his career developing economic based arguments for mass migration into Britain and Europe in general. The third is Eric Kaufman, a professor at Birkbeck University, London.

The story begins with the Financial Times publishing an article by Professor David Goodhart, Goodhart works with Kaufman at a think tank which has been, quite correctly, coming to the conclusion that the recent surge in ''anti-politics'' and ''populism'' are an expression of white racial self interest. Goodhart, and an upcoming book, contend that policy makers will have to accept that white people have racial interests and will warp the politics if those needs are not being met. In the Financial Times Goodhart writes:

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Essex Girls: A Minority Group The BBC Can Hate

The BBC is quite possibly the most Politically Correct organization in the world, and BBC Radio 1 is the most Politically Correct of all the BBC's stations and channels. Indeed, to simply state that Radio 1 is ''Politically Correct'' would be an enormous understatement, it would be more accurate to describe Radio 1 as the Event Horizon of the Cultural Marxist program in Britain, or as they unerringly refer to our nation, ''You-Kay''.

 It was with some dismay, then, that I listened today to Radio 1 DJ's singling out one demographic, for half an hour, and then proceeding to pillory them, insult them and joke about that demographic, I'm referring of course, to ''Essex girls''. The Essex girl is something of a meme in the You-Kay, they even have their own wiki page:
''Essex girl, as a pejorative stereotype in the United Kingdom, applies to a female viewed as promiscuous and unintelligent, characteristics jocularly attributed to women from Essex. It is applied widely throughout the country and has gained popularity over time, dating from the 1980s and 1990s.''
The creatures which present Radio 1 content are nothing if not ''diverse'' flitting from homosexual on the morning slot to black woman, then homosexual again, token white hetero followed by Asian, then another homosexual being followed by a black man. Homosexual Scott Mill's presented the Comic Relief charity special with a guest homosexual and token white hetero whipping boy Chris Stark. 

 And for 30 minutes they giggled and guffawed as they told jokes such as:
 An essex girl walks into the local dry cleaners, she places a garment on the counter "i'll be back tomorrow afternoon to pick up my dress" she says."come again?" says the clerk, cupping his ear."no" she replies. "this time its mayonnaise"
What does an Essex girl use for protection during sex?A bus shelter.
What does an Essex girl say after sex?"Thanks, lads."
Q.  How do you make an Essex girl's eyes sparkle?
A.  Shine a torch into her ear.
So edgy, so brave.

From the perspective of the Social Justice, Cultural Marxist narrative which usually forms their world view, they've committed numerous faux pas:

1. They've singled out a group, as a group and not taken into account their individuality or ''life experiences''.

2. They've ''Slut Shamed'' women and girls from Essex, thus taking a line counter to the modern feminist version of female freedom wherein a woman may behave like an absolute whore without social condemnation and or ridicule.

3. They're feeding off and into a derogatory stereotype.

 I have no idea whether white women from Essex are as promiscuous or stupid as we're told, I very much doubt it, but if they were I could critique them for it while remaining true to my values. A liberal cannot do so, they're throwing their core principles away for a cheap shot at an enemy, an enemy who probably does not understand they even are an enemy of the media class!. 

 What's interesting is that this is what passes for political incorrectness among BBC liberals, it just so happens that Essex is synonymous with Brexit, UKIP and working class whites who actually work and do not live up to the begging bowl Oliver Twist style working class white archetype which occupy leftist imaginations, that's when they pay any thought at all to working class whites. 

 Essex man is likely to be a self employed plumber or plasterer, Essex girl a dentist assistant or hairdresser, the point is they did not go through the University mind heist and do not need to beg, they're moderately free, both mentally and financially. From the perspective of the intersectional gender studies graduates and ''charity workers'' of the modern liberal left, they're an out-group who need to be brought down, a threat which has to be neutralized.

 There's nothing whatsoever politically incorrect about two queers telling each other jokes about certain white female demographics, because if that demographic returned fire they'd be up for a Hate Crime charge. As Marxists would see it, they're attacking from a position of genuine power.

 Given that Comic Relief was in aid of charity, which simply means sending more money to Africa, an Essex girl might send a cheeky Tweet to Clara Amfo, a black female DJ at Radio 1, they could say:
'Hey Clara, good luck with Comic Relief, maybe your family back in Africa will get a new well or some dysentery pills LOL!''
But that would be a Hate Crime and incitement to racial hatred.

 ''Why do girls from Essex wear knickers? to keep their ankles warm! HAHAHAHAHA''
Is 100% state approved and stamped, forcibly subsidized edginess, and you're a Far Right Snowflake if you disagree.

Monday, 13 March 2017

SS Britannia: Substitute Folk Heroes - SS 031317

Radio Aryan
March 3, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal discuss the Jewish influence on comics and superheroes for this week’s SS Britannia. Trump news has been a little short on the ground recently, so the podcast starts with a look at the Turkish race riots that flared up in the Netherlands over the weekend. This could not have happened at a better time with the Dutch elections taking place on Wednesday and any Dutchman who doubts that Turks are a fifth column after this display of loyalty to their sultan, needs his head examining. Erdogan sees himself leading a new Ottoman empire and his troops are already placed throughout Europe poised and ready to strike at his signal.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

March 4 Trump

Last Saturday I attended the March 4 Trump in Austin, Texas, one of a series of about a dozen similar marches taking place throughout America that day. These marches were entirely locally organised and self funded. The only contribution we received from the Republican party was some Trump Pence and MAGA signs. We raised $3,000 to pay for the policing and $700 for the portaloos via a Go Fund Me page. We exceeded that goal and donated the excess to the Austin Police Department, This was a genuine grass roots movement. quite unlike the AstroTurf leftist protests where professional agitators are organised, bused in and often paid by shadowy groups funded for George Soros or the Democratic Party.

There was heavy rain all day on the day of the march. This had been forecast in advance and most likely deterred quite a few from attending. It even caused me to have second thoughts the night before, but I went anyway. The march was due to commence at 1:00pm and the crowds started gathering from about 11:30am onwards. Many had traveled for several hours to get there from places a far away as Houston and San Angelo (about a 3 or 4 hour drive).

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

SS Britannia: The Right to Have Ancestors - SS 030617

Radio Aryan
March 6, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal host another edition of SS Britannia looking at a range of topics and beginning with the regular Trump update. Over the weekend a Trump rally held by the Proud Boys was physically attacked in Berkley, leaving an elderly man floored by pepper spray and demonstrators bruised and bloodied. How long will this have to go on for, before the Donald actually does something about it? These are his supporters being attacked by Left Wing terrorists and so far he seems to be doing nothing to protect them. Trump has also been tweeting about Obama wire tapping Trump Tower, but tweeting about things is something that we are reduced to doing, out of a lack of being able to do anything else. He is the president of the United States and he is in a position to do far more than just tweet about it, he could be having Obama arrested for this so why isn’t he?

Friday, 3 March 2017

What Does Adele's Popularity Say About Modern White Women?

If like me, you're frequently subjected to commercial radio, or worse still, BBC Radio 1, then it's extremely likely that you've also been subjected to the wobbly warbler known simply as ''Adele''. Last year Adele was the third highest earning pop star on the planet raking in a cool $85 Million, Alt-Right icon Taylor Swift was number one with a boy-band number two. The fact that Taylor took the top slot is a sign that not all is lost, it tells us that there's still a vast market for white beauty and a, in theory, traditional, gentle conservatism. 

So, okay, fine, but why is Adele so popular? what is it she's selling and why are so many(#not all!) western, white, women connecting with it?

Adele has found a rich vein, female heartache, loneliness, despair and anxiety, and she mines that vein relentlessly. Adele's songs are all constructed similarly, initial pain and hurt moving into a crescendo of power ballad laden agony, and you too will feel that agony as your teeth shatter to the power of her vocals.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Tale Of Two Hate Crimes

The North East of England has a local newspaper called ''The Daily Chronicle'' and this week the newspaper reported on two separate ''Hate Crimes''.  I thought it would be instructive to post both articles in full side by side so the reader can see for themselves the absolutely rancid double standards with which white people, English people, have to live. Pay special attention to the nature of the ''Hate Crimes'' and their relative sentences...or lack thereof....

Hate Crime Number 1

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Shall I Do This Full Time?

I've been kicking this post down the road for months and finally decided to just dive in and do it. The popularity of the blog increases month after month and is now running at thousands of hits per day. Unfortunately I'm shackled to the day job which drastically reduces the time I have for research and keeping up with events as they unfold in the wider world, at present I'm able to produce about 15% of the content I could produce if this blog was my job and earned me a living.

 One of the reasons I always shy away from posts such as this is a rather old fashioned working class pride, I'm self sufficient and do not need to ''beg for money''. And that's all well and good, however, it hamstrings much of what Nationalists/the Alt-Right are trying to do because while we are in the factories and on building sites our ideological competitors, who have no qualms whatsoever about asking for donations, are free to peddle their side of a given narrative, totally unhampered by day jobs.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Hope Not Hate Deserve To Be Hated

Hope Not Hate are absolutely despised by the white working class British, and they've earned every drop of that hatred many times over, they deserve to be hated, they deserve be treat like pariahs, they deserve humiliation and defeat, they deserve to be humiliated in their defeats. Not so long ago Hope Not Hate's primary concern was hunting down members of the EDL and BNP, people who committed minor infractions of forcibly implemented multicultural dogma. 
 Somebody had to keep the uppity working class whites in check as they were being demographically replaced and phased out by vibrant immigrants, and the unemployable middle class social science grads which constitute Hope Not Hate's support, were just the heroes the Globalist political class needed.

 But times change.....

Friday, 10 February 2017

The Money Masters Question

"A change of a fundamental kind has taken place in the economic structure of Europe whereby the old basis had ceased to be wealth and had become debt. In the old Europe wealth had been measured in lands, crops, herds and minerals; but a new standard had now been introduced, namely, a form of money to which the title 'credit' had been given." (Napoleon Bonaparte)

As the dust begins to settle after the seismic events of 2016 I thought it time to stop chasing the 24 hour news cycle and reveling in liberal tears and instead take the opportunity to investigate another subject, namely, money and banks. I've decided to explore this area a little, as the newcomer to the topic that I am, and opened up a new tag in the word cloud called ''The Money-Lenders'' which I'll add to over the next few weeks or months.

A recurring theme of the content of this blog is the idea that Marxists, liberals, the Left and SJW's are simply tools of the ''Money Power'' but what is the money power?. Nationalists and Alt-Rightists speak of the money power as the end of game bad guy in a computer game, the boss of bosses with the media and bought and paid for politicians acting as its capos.

Within the wider community there seems to be a reluctance to gaze for too long into the eyes of the beast and it's not difficult to understand why, to be blunt about it, economics can be a chore, it's dry and sterile, hard to understand and not nearly as much fun as creating content lambasting a feminist on Muslim rapes or a ''Nationalism for me but not for thee'' Jew in the media.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Choose Life, Choose Liberal Values

With Trainspotting 2 hitting the cinemas it's been something of a nostalgia fest for me to see the famous ''Choose Life'' monologue return into the public consciousness and now, with the new Trainspotting film, receive something of an update by including social media and zero hour contracts into its sardonic description of the current zeitgeist. 
 I'm of a similar age and cultural background to the characters in Trainspotting and recognized as much when it came out 20 years ago. Perhaps when I actually get to see the film I'll write a post on it. For now, however, I thought I'd offer my own slant on the famous ''Choose Life'' monologue as it should be updated for 2017......

Choose Life, Choose Cosmopolitan Liberalism.... 

Choose a consumer identity to make you free!.

Choose a fucking smart phone with 500 gadgets you'll never use.

Choose an Afghani brother in law.

Choose gender neutral toilets. 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Trump's Blitzkrieg Against The Globalists

Many people have been taken aback by the seemingly endless amounts of ''Executive Orders'' and major new policies being implemented by Donald Trump in such a short period of time. No sooner has one order been given than another appears, and then another. Discussion of one policy, for example the wall, begins to hit the headlines and social media, only hours later, or perhaps a day later, to be succeeded by something else, for example the ''Muslim Ban'' or a 5 year ban on lobbying. It's all rather bewildering, even to people who're delighted by what Trump is doing.

 But is there method to it? is driving so many ''controversial'' policies through in such a short period of time itself part of larger tactic? and if so what is its purpose?.

Friday, 27 January 2017

BBC Question Time On Trump's Presidency

So the God Emperor has ascended to the throne and now comes the time of plenty as our liberal masters have to deal with it as a fact of political and cultural life. The American liberal elites have been pummeled by Trump and his supporters for 18 months and many of us here in Britain could do nothing more than offer our support from the sidelines. Our own liberal masters were somewhat shielded from Trump while he was merely a Republican candidate, but no longer, now they too have to deal with it and we, like the Americans, get to watch them squirm and virtue signal and panic.

 Question Time is the BBC's ''flagship'' political discussion programme and is infamous for infuriating the long suffering white British, normal people, with it's inherent liberal bias, cherry-picked audience and utter lack of self awareness. We shall never know how many flat-screen TV's have been smashed because of QT, how many slippers, wine bottles and fists put through expensive Hi-Tech equipment because of the unmitigated horseshit belched up by our liberal elite.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New To Morgoth's Review: Fash Britannia Episode 6

I'm proud to announce a brand new feature for Morgoth's Review, the wonderful Cathy Princess has joined us and will be posting her weekly podcast show featuring guests and various Thought Criminals on here, as well as her main site. 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Woes By Any Other Name & The Information War

I really felt it my duty to post Millennial Woes response to the outrageous attacks upon him by the British lugenpresse . Woes obviously has a highly popular channel and doesn't need exposure from this blog, but it's more than that. The fact is we're engaged in an information war, what we would call the MSM, the standard liberal left leaning press, is at war with the internet and we with them. Most people reading this will be well aware of that, but the case of Millennial Woes encapsulates it, it shows on various levels the nature of the war and the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing camps.

 There's a certain symmetry between Donald Trump slamming CNN and The New York Times via his Twitter account and Millennial Woes responding via YouTube to the ghastly cretins of the Scottish press, albeit from opposing ends of the spectrum. Trump, at the highest level, can reach 15 Million people via his Twitter account, that is to say, he has a greater reach than much of the MSM who spent the last 18 months slandering and attacking him, the internet allowed him to bypass them completely and go directly to the public.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Where Does British Nationalism Go From Here?

The Excellent New Blogger, Alterorbis, whose site can be found here, gives us his thoughts on Theresa May's recent Brexit speech.....

Like myself, many of us are relatively young. For those of us who came to political maturity in the late 00s, the European question has acted like an ideological kaleidoscope. Every issue has been refracted through the prism of euroscepticism; distorting some things and softening others, rather like the walls and ceiling collapsing inwards in a bad acid trip. The country had deindustrialised? Leave the EU! We have too much immigration? Leave the EU! Abu Hamza waves his hook-hand at the British taxpayer? Leave the EU! Instead of formulating plans on how to deal with our position, eurosceptics and nationalists have been able to point to the blessed day when we part the English Channel, retreat back to our island and allow to deluge to overwhelm the oncoming horde of bureaucrats, Belgian ticket-collectors and pince-nez wearing tariff-setters.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

So Let's Play A Game Of ''Who Are The Elite?''

New Statesman journalist Julia Rampen has been somewhat triggered by Labour's far left leader, Jeremy Corbyn, because Corbyn is in the habit of referring to an elusive 'elite' that he never directly names. Who are these mysterious people who run everything but nobody names? Can we use Corbyn's cryptic hints and clues to solve this riddle?. Julia has become so interested in this puzzle that she wrote an article at the New Statesman asking us who these people are.

Now, I thought the task of the journalist was to unearth such truths and then present them to the public, instead Julia  is asking her readership to tell her the answer to the riddle. Julia even thinks playing this game of ''Guess The Elite'' or ''Who Is The Man Behind The Curtain'' would make for a fun and entertaining dinner party game at the Islington lefty media circuit.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rewiring Our Brains To Combat Hate-Think (The Movie)

It's came to my attention that a post I made last year called ''Rewiring Our Brains To Combat Hate-Think'' was recently turned into an excellent YouTube video by Aaron Kasparov. It's not just a rereading of the post but a brilliant video in its own right and well worth a watch. I have to say I'm rather honoured by this and would like to thank Aaron for what he's done here.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Black Heart Of Darkness

A few weeks ago I was out walking the fields with my dog when she bolted after a rabbit grabbing it before it managed to escape into the hedge. With her jaws locked across the rabbit's back my terrier then proceeded to vigorously shake the rabbit from side to side, breaking its spine and rupturing its internal organs, the rabbit squealed and went limp, the dog then dropped the rabbit and watched, amused with a slowly wagging tale, as life left the rabbit. The whole spectacle took about 15 seconds to play out and after I watched the dog to see if the killing had made and impact, did the dog understand what it had done? did it 'feel' anything at all?. The answer of course is no, it did not 'care' in any way shape or form, indeed, it is incapable of caring.

 The reaction of many white people to the ''#BLMKidnapping'' in which 4 blacks tortured a handicapped white man has been one of sheer incredulity at the cold barbarism of the blacks. It wasn't just the fact that these blacks were capable of such an atrocity, it was the dumb, moronic laughs and delight with which they scalped and slashed the young white man. The Muslim terrorist will behead you, but before he does so he'll chant prayers and offer you up as a sacrifice to Allah, he's aware of the importance, the significance of his act and wraps it up with a degree of pomp and ceremony. There is no pomp and ceremony to black violence, there's shits n giggles, and while it's tempting to add a ''not all blacks'' get out clause..lets face it, the crime stats are well known, the propensity of blacks to extreme violence is a fact of life.