Friday, 27 January 2017

BBC Question Time On Trump's Presidency

So the God Emperor has ascended to the throne and now comes the time of plenty as our liberal masters have to deal with it as a fact of political and cultural life. The American liberal elites have been pummeled by Trump and his supporters for 18 months and many of us here in Britain could do nothing more than offer our support from the sidelines. Our own liberal masters were somewhat shielded from Trump while he was merely a Republican candidate, but no longer, now they too have to deal with it and we, like the Americans, get to watch them squirm and virtue signal and panic.

 Question Time is the BBC's ''flagship'' political discussion programme and is infamous for infuriating the long suffering white British, normal people, with it's inherent liberal bias, cherry-picked audience and utter lack of self awareness. We shall never know how many flat-screen TV's have been smashed because of QT, how many slippers, wine bottles and fists put through expensive Hi-Tech equipment because of the unmitigated horseshit belched up by our liberal elite.

 I'd long since given up on the programme but last night was different, I knew that last night they were going to have to address Trump, The Wall, Pussy Grabbing, banning Muslims, illegal immigrants and the fact that, outside the EU, we, or rather, they, were going to have to keep on the right side of Trump despite passionately loathing him.

 In short, this was going to be a special treat indeed.

 So let's take a look at who is supposed to be a fair representation of the British public and their opinions...

*James Cleverly: An ethnically African or half-caste man representing the Conservative Party.

*Diane Abbott: The ludicrous and seemingly ubiquitous African representing the Labour Party whose name is synonymous with ''car crash interview'' and ''train wreck debate'' and literally struggles to put a coherent sentence together.
*Angus Robertson: A Cultural Marxist Scot representing the (not in the least bit) Scottish Nationalist Party.

*Susie Boniface: A ''journalist'' who writes for the far left tabloid the Daily Mirror.

*Geoff Norcott: A comedian who is introduced as the ''only conservative voting comedian in Britain''.

Mercifully, the Trump question came first, a half-caste woman asked:

 ''Should our government turn a blind eye to Trump's controversial policies in the interest of renewing our special relationship with the U.S?.''

This begs the obvious return question of ''Controversial for whom?'' certainly not the American public who voted Trump into office. But the QT panel don't care about the American people any more than they care about the British people and everybody unquestioningly agreed that Trump's controversial policies were an issue.

 The ironically named James Cleverly gave a rather bland answer, Theresa May would carefully raise any objections to the Fascist Trump, but in private, discreetly.

 Black Nationalist Diane Abbott, speaking as if in slow motion with a mouth full of mashed potato, reeled off a litany of Trump's most heinous PC infractions, from being a pussy grabber to ''banning all Muslim''. Watching Diane Abbott trying to speak in plane English is like watching a python swallow a goat, but in reverse. 

Abbott wasn't even too concerned with Trump's actual policies, what she was most bothered about were his ''values''. 
 According to Diane, Trump's values are totally at odds with her/our? British values and we simply can not sell out to the devil. According to Abbott somethings, our ''British Values'' are worth more than trade deals.
 So British workers can go to hell, they can lose their jobs and sit in poverty, what really matters is not giving in to somebody who disagrees with Diane Abbott's own values. And she was rewarded with rapturous applause!.

 Meanwhile Susie Boniface chips in with a pussy grab gag relating to Theresa May's meeting with Trump. She then moves on to call Trump a ''crazy oompa-loompa'' and warns that history will not be kind to May if she doesn't stand up to Trump, who Boniface thinks will need to be removed from the Oval Office by military force. The real issue, according to Suzie Boniface, is that Theresa May does not play out the role of Neville Chamberlain by appeasing Trump, yes, that's right, Donald Trump is literally Hitler...again!.
The QT Panel Describe The White House Post Trump

Never mind, at least we still have the ''only conservative voting comedian in Britain'' left to go. Geoff Norcott could've played a blinder here, as the token ''Right Winger'' he could have taken this opportunity to lance the bubble of these sanctimonious liberals and scored a goal, he could have brought the house down and bleary eyed Brits across the land would have screamed ''Yes! go for it Geoff!''. 
 Instead Geoff mocked Trump for being thin skinned, a moronic claim, the problem these people have with Donald Trump is that he doesn't care what they think or say about him. But Geoff then goes further still and suggests that Theresa May should earn Donald's good graces so she can say ''Come on Donald, can you dial down the Hate Speech a bit?''.

 That's what passes in Britain as a Right Wing Edgelord, a token Tory who advocates that our Prime Minister squirrel her way into Trump's affections so she can try and assimilate him into the PC liberal collective.

Out of the lot, Angus Robertson came at the Trump question most skillfully, though let's be honest, the competition was truly pathetic. Robertson's primary concern was Trump's support of torturing terrorists, in actual fact Trump has given way to the U.S military on the issue, but fair play to Robertson, at least it is an issue. Unfortunately Robertson later went on to whimper about xenophobia as well, so he lost whatever respect he gained in the eyes of normal Brits watching.

 The first segment of QT was rounded off by a homosexual man blaming Obama for Trump because Obama wasn't liberal enough(!) in regards to homosexuality(?), and a Muslim of some sort who tried to sneak Israeli settlements and Palestine onto the table but the panel didn't appear to understand his point, strangely, and the topic was swiftly ''moved along..''

The general tone and atmosphere of this panel of liberal intelligentsia was one of horror, loss, confusion and fear.

In Saul Alinsky's (Yes, he is) ''Rules For Radicals'' rule number 3 advocates:

 “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.''

Question Time regularly features guests who are so politically correct they can't even admit that Islamic State is Islamic, indeed, they will attack people for making the assertion that Islamic State might well be Islamic. And now they have to deal with Trump who is banning whole countries full of people from America because they're Islamic. This is way...way! outside of the London liberal safe-space. This isn't ''Our Values'' at all.

 Not once did the panel address the fact that Trump had won the election fair and square, they can't, because that would be to admit that their values had lost out to Trump's values, or indeed, that other people actually had a different set of values and priorities than they do.

 The astonishing thing is...these people are utterly alien to me, according to Diane Abbott a man from Northern England such as myself, should have the same values as Diane. But I have nothing whatsoever in common with a privately educated black Nationalist who acts as a cheerleader in demographically replacing the English people. On the other hand I would quite enjoy a few beers with Hank from Alabama or Chuck from Mississippi. 

 At the same time I have no doubt that Diane or Suzie would sit more easily around a table with (((Rachel Maddow)) or Emma Watson than with any of them would with myself or Hank or Chuck. 

 In actual fact what the metropolitan liberals call ''Our Values'' or ''British Values'' simply don't include me, they don't include the majority of the native British people. Their values, their world view, not so long ago encompassed all of the Western World which is why their attitude to Trump is one of such horror. In effect they've watched the enemy take down a major ally, an extremely powerful and friendly citadel has fallen and the, from their perspective, dark forces, march incrementally onwards.

 They are not even trying to talk to us, the people, anymore, they're  talking to themselves.... 

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