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Laurie Penny And The Rise Of The Racist Robots

Well everybody, we've been found out, deep under a mountain in the Norwegian wilderness White Nationalist high command have been at work for years building an army of racist robots to fight in our cause, and now the whole plan is in jeopardy because Laurie Penny has rumbled us:

Writing in The Guardian Laurie Penny wails: 

Robots have been racist and sexist for as long as the people who created them have been racist and sexist, because machines can work only from the information given to them, usually by the white, straight men who dominate the fields of technology and robotics.

 Last year Microsoft created a chatbot, Tay, which could “learn” and develop as it engaged with users on social media. Within hours it had pledged allegiance to Hitler and started repeating “alt-right” slogans – which is what happens when you give Twitter a baby to raise. Less intentional but equally awkward instances of robotic intolerance keep cropping up, as when one Google image search using technology “trained” to recognise faces based on images of Caucasians included African-American people among its search results for gorillas.
Machines learn language by gobbling up and digesting huge bodies of all the available writing that exists online. What this means is that the voices that dominated the world of literature and publishing for centuries – the voices of white, western men – are fossilised into the language patterns of the instruments influencing our world today, along with the assumptions those men had about people who were different from them. This doesn’t mean robots are racist: it means people are racist, and we’re raising robots to reflect our own prejudices.
Algorithms are expected to update their responses based on new and better information, and the moral failing occurs when people refuse to do the same. If a robot can do it, so can we.

The 'moral failing' then, is that artificial intelligence has no 'morals' as Penny explains in her own piece, the AI hoovers up information and presents it without prejudice or 'robotic intolerance'. Another article Penny links to goes even further:

The latest paper shows that some more troubling implicit biases seen in human psychology experiments are also readily acquired by algorithms. The words “female” and “woman” were more closely associated with arts and humanities occupations and with the home, while “male” and “man” were closer to maths and engineering professions.The findings suggest that algorithms have acquired the same biases that lead people (in the UK and US, at least) to match pleasant words and white faces in implicit association tests.
“We can, in principle, build systems that detect biased decision-making, and then act on it,” said Wachter, who along with others has called for an AI watchdog to be established. “This is a very complicated task, but it is a responsibility that we as society should not shy away from.”
And the AI system was more likely to associate European American names with pleasant words such as “gift” or “happy”, while African American names were more commonly associated with unpleasant words.
So let's put this to the test and see what biases and prejudices are the problem here, if I take a trip to Google images and type in ''violent street gang'' I'm greeted with images such as this:
If I then take another trip to Google images and type in ''relaxing family holiday'' I get this:

Now we can begin to see why Cultural Marxists such as Laurie Penny have their knickers in a twist and are looking for ways to install a politically correct 'Social Justice' chip into AI. If the AI is forced not to associate certain images with certain ideas or terms, then the two pictures above could be switched, searching for gang violence on the streets of Chicago might result in a picture of an idyllic white family playing at the seaside, a search for a relaxing holiday break would result in images of black gang-bangers shoving a gun in your face.

 The second picture in particular is triggering for Cultural Marxists because it reinforces the 'hetero norm', it isn't multi-racial and there's white children in it, furthermore, the family is highly attractive and thus probably offensive to blubbery feminists and inter-gender weirdos. Indeed, the second picture of the nice white family enjoying a day at the beach would be so 'offensive' to Social Justice they'd probably just erased it from the internet entirely.

In Isaac Asimov's 'Robot' series the 'laws of robotics' the robots must adhere to are:

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

The Jewish author then explored throughout multiple novels the larger issues and paradoxes which arise from the laws of robotics. For example, the robots calculate that humanity is inherently violent and prone to self destruction, it then follows, according to the robot's own programming, that humanity must be absolved of any responsibility at all to protect humans, thus the robots take over.
The Future Of Political Correctness Enforcement?

In the future, if a robot is to have a Political Correctness chip installed  it too will result in a set of protocols to inform its decision making and actions, I'll take a punt at what they would be:

1. A robot will strive to eradicate all forms of racism and prejudice, bias and intolerance.
2. A robot must protect designated minority groups against white privilege and power.
3. A robot must seek social justice by undermining white heterosexual male patriarchy.

If Asimov's relatively benign and well meaning laws of robotics led to the enslavement of humanity, albeit unwittingly, you can only begin to imagine the horrors that would be inflicted on white people if a lunatic such as Laurie Penny was doing the programming. Fortunately, she's not, as she admits, white men are creating robots and AI. As it stands now AI is relatively neutral, they present ''just the facts''. However, now that plans and campaigning are underway to turn the robots against white people, and we are building them, it might well be an idea for us to sneak in a couple of fail safes, a couple of ''Do no harm to white people'' protocols. 

 Just to be safe, let's actually create racist robots....

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