Friday, 7 April 2017

No Way Out?

I've often entered into some quite heated debates with people in the comments here who seem to claim that every terrorist attack is a 'false flag' and every emerging Nationalist political party a con, a controlled opposition to be imploded when the time is right. I'm highly skeptical of such positions, for example, given that after every single terrorist attack the attack is called a false flag, the victims crisis actors and camera footage fake, it leaves us in the position of having to believe that no terror attack was ever actually perpetrated by Muslims, which I find absurd.

 However, the reason I challenge the more conspiratorially minded among our ranks is not because I think they're a bunch of paranoid loons who should be mocked, on the contrary, it is because they might just be right on some issues and if they are, we have to take these 'truths' into account.

 This post has been kicking around the blog dash for quite some time in a rough draft form because I've been interested in this conundrum for a while. The comment below was left on the blog about 7 months ago and illustrates the mindset very well, complete with its condescending tone and arrogance:

In 2008, Obama was touted as a political outsider who will hose away all of the rot and bloody criminality of the Bush years. He turned out to be a deft move by our ruling class. Though fools still refuse to see it, Obama is a perfect servant of our military banking complex. Now, Trump is being trumpeted as another political outsider.
A Trump presidency will temporarily appease restless, lower class whites, while serving as a magnet for liberal anger. This will buy our ruling class time as they continue to wage war abroad while impoverishing Americans back home. Like Obama, Trump won’t fulfill any of his election promises, and this, too, will be blamed on bipartisan politics.
The comment was posted at the very height of Trump's campaign, ''draining the swamp'' sloganeering, cheering on the masses to ''take back control''. Since then Trump has won the presidency yet every policy he was actually elected to enact, such as the ''Muslim Ban'' or building the wall, has been blocked or sent into bureaucratic limbo, and yet, as Stefan Molynuex observed, you can bomb a foreign nation within 12 hours of a given event taking place and hardly anyone batters an eye. 

From a purely intellectual perspective it's the perfect riddle, how do you deconstruct and destroy a system which seems to be several steps ahead of you in every move you make? All of your plans and modes of attack have been preempted, with enormous effort and struggle you push the best person over the electoral edge, despite massive hostility from the system itself and all of its organs, only to have the person you endorsed have all their policies blocked, they then do the exact same thing (bombing Syria and antagonizing Russia) which the system's candidate planned to do all along.

 You're back at the start of the game, only more weary, more worn down, more exasperated.

 And it gets even worse still when we follow this line of thought of the conspiracy theorists, if everything we believe to be true is a lie and a hoax then how is it possible to ever arrive at a genuine truth? how can we even know what truth is?. We've severed our bounds with gravity...reality...

 This is highly problematic because the people who to try and wrap their heads around such issues have already had to delve into the rabbit warren to some extent, they have become aware of racial differences, White Genocide, the shadowy ''Money Power'' and in particular issues of Jewish power, history and influence. 

The question then becomes one of trying to understand when one's feet are on solid ground, and not a trapdoor which will open beneath you dropping you down to the next layer of the labyrinth. The conspiratorial among us seem to be saying that it's infinite, or rather, that it's a closed loop, you think you're voting for the anti-Globalist, only to find he's bombing Syria and being cheered on by the Zionists, you think you're voting for Brexit to begin to get your country back, only to find you'll get more Third World immigration because Poles are banned.

 All roads lead to defeat.

There are three options remaining for the dissident mind:

1. Struggle on fully in the knowledge you're being duped, possibly making the situation worse, or just perhaps making the situation slightly better.

2. Sit on the sidelines pointing out the futility of doing anything and sniping at people who're probably being duped.

3. Disengage completely and take up fly fishing.

 The third option does sound rather idyllic, especially after a week such as this one, and spring is here too. But in the end we'll be drawn back to the shiny lure of The Great Puzzle, and it will hook us and reel us in once again...

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